Before the invention of automatic coffee machines, coffee percolators were widely used as they offered a simple process of brewing coffee and also adding a different texture and taste to coffee.

Top 10 Best Coffee Percolators 2017: Unbiased Review

However, there are different coffee percolators available in the market today and before making up your mind on what model or product to settle for, listed below are the best coffee percolators which are durable and also popular among customers.

10 Best Coffee Percolators Reviews

10. Coffee Gator Pour over Coffee Maker

Coffee Gator Pour over Coffee Maker

Get this easy to clean coffee maker today which utilizes a steady and slow water stream and an ideal temperature which helps to provide you with the best oils, natural aromas and flavors of coffee.

This coffee percolator is less dangerous unlike the stovetop percolator and delivers a fresher and brighter taste unlike the French press method and thanks to a reusable, laser cut filter, this percolator makes sure your coffee retains its outstanding oils and flavors.



9. Coleman 12 Cup Stainless Steel Percolator

Coleman 12 Cup Stainless Steel Percolator


Get the Coleman 12 cup percolator today and brew enough coffee which will serve an entire camp and this coffee percolator model is made to last as it boast of a rust-resistant, tough stainless steel material construction that makes sure it doesn’t get damaged but lasts for a long period.

The Coleman coffee percolator comes with a basket lid, basket, tube and a base while its side handle makes it easy and convenient to pour coffee when you’re done as well as bringing this percolator down from the grill or stovetop.



8. Black & Decker DCM600W Coffee Maker

 Black & Decker DCM600W Coffee Maker

If you need the ideal machine to prepare you a delicious cup of coffee in the morning then you should get this Black & Decker coffee maker which helps to brew coffee in no time and conveniently.

This machine has a simplified system of operation as it comes with an on and off switch which helps to kick off operation while its cord storage design ensures compact storage which helps to prevent mess from your counter as well as saving up space on your counter.

This machine also features a piece cover which offer you instant access to the removable filter basket and water reservoir while some other notable features include water-level window, drip-free sprout, non-stick warm keep warm plate and a power light indicator.



7. Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Coffee Maker

Making use of this coffee maker offers you two unique ways of brewing your coffee such as brewing a single cup of coffee or brewing an entire carafe of coffee.

Whether you want to enjoy coffee while reading your morning newspaper or taking coffee before setting out for work, you should get this coffee maker which gets your coffee done in no time.

This coffee maker model boasts of a large capacity is it is well designed to brew up to 12 cups and it also comes with some remarkable features like automatic serve and pause and automatic shut-off design which helps to simplify operation.



6. Cuisinart DCC-3200 Programmable Coffeemaker

Cuisinart DCC-3200 Programmable Coffeemaker

Making use of this coffeemaker machine ensures that your coffee doesn’t get mixed with impurities as this machine comes with a commercial style and gold tone filter and one impressive features of this machine is it automatically switches to a “keep warm” mode after preparing your coffee which in return provides you with hot, quality and flavorful coffee that you can enjoy in the morning or when reading your newspaper.

Another outstanding design is its brew strength control which allows you select from the bold coffee flavor or regular coffee flavor while some other notable features include self-cleaning, 24-hour programmability, automatic shut-off design and 1-4 cup capacity.



5. Cuisinart CHW 12-Cup Coffee Maker

Cuisinart CHW 12-Cup Coffee Maker

This unique coffee maker machine doesn’t only deliver delicious and fresh coffee whenever you need it but it also comes with certain impressive features like carafe temperature control, 24-hour programmability, ultra-convenient hot water system and brew-pause mode which helps to make brewing coffee very easy and convenient.

You will have no problem with pouring coffee from this machine as it makes use of a comfortable handle and a drip-free sprout while its gold tone filter with charcoal water filter helps to get rid of impurities which can affect the taste of your coffee.

Safety was also taken into consideration when creating this machine as it comes with a safety technology which makes sure hot water doesn’t get dispensed.



4. Faberware FCP240 2-4 Cup Percolator

Faberware FCP240 2-4 Cup Percolator

Featuring a durable stainless steel construction, this coffee percolator is made to last while its base and cool-to-touch handle allows users move this machine from the counter and stovetop easily.

Storing this machine is also very easy thanks to its removable power cord and this machine has a simplified design as it only makes use of a one-step coffee brewing process which provides you with the tasty ad rich coffee that you deserve.

One impressive design of this machine is it switches to a “keep warm” mode automatically when the brewing process is complete while its rolled edges ensures convenient and safe handling.



3. Faberware Classic Stainless Coffee Percolator

Faberware Classic Stainless Coffee Percolator

This percolator machine has a non-reactive interior design which ensures that water doesn’t absorb unwanted colors and the Yosemite Faberware coffee percolator extracts richer and fuller flavor whenever you brew your coffee on a stovetop.

Well designed to brew up to 8 cups of coffee, this quality coffee percolator also comes with a permanent filter basket which ensures there are no messy paper filters while its heavy duty stainless steel has a smooth mirror finish which gives it a sharp and elegant look. For better cleanup results, cleaning up this machine in a dishwasher is the best and only option.



2. Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

 Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

This unique coffeemaker is well designed to offer you coffee whenever you desire and it is also well designed to brew up to four cups of coffee. Making use of this machine guarantees a convenient and easy process of making coffee thanks to its impressive design and features.

Filing up the water reservoir of this machine is very easy thanks to its dual water window design and you would also be able to pour yourself a cup of coffee while you’re still brewing thanks to its brewing pause and serve mode.

Having an off and on light informs you whether this machine is on or not while it’s easy to remove basket filter can be lifted off easily and quickly for cleaning and filling.



1. Presto 02811 12-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

Presto 02811 12-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

Made using a top quality stainless steel material, this coffee maker is the ideal machine to have in every home as it prepares up to twelve cups of coffee while delivering flavorful and rich coffee.

You will be informed when you coffee gets ready as this machine comes with a light indicator while its traditional and quick-pour sprout design provides you with delicious coffee anytime you need it.

Some other impressive features include a perk tube, filter basket and a power cord which allows for easy and compact storage.





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