On most occasions, the quality of your hair is an attribute people tend to take a closer look at and having a poor or frizzy hair gets you labeled unattractive. However, not taking proper care of your hair also damages it structure and when cutting down on spending heavily in salon then you should get a hair straightener today which are quite simple to use, safe and also offer protection to your hair’s scalps and follicles.

Top 10 Best Hair Straighteners 2017: Unbiased Review

Our best hair straighteners review will guide you through the best products that would not only care for your hair but this review would also make sure you end up with a quality and reliable product.

10 Best Hair Straighteners Buying Guide

10. xtava Gloss Factor Hair Straightener

xtava Gloss Factor Hair Straightener

Featuring a one inch titanium plates and fast heating technology which heats up in few seconds, this hair straightener allows you select between three different temperature setting which is ideal for normal hairs, delicate hairs and coarse or thick hairs and you can also store and transport this item easily as it comes with a zip travel case that is resistant to heat.

Creating waves, curls and making sure hairs are straight are done easily using the Xtava gloss factor hair straightener thanks to its rounded plate edges and it also comes with an automatic 60 minute shut off design which makes it safe for use.

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9. xtava Pro-Satin Infrared Straightener

xtava Pro-Satin Infrared Straightener

Get this hair straightener today and offer your hair the shine it deserves as this product boasts of a unique infrared technology while its 2-inch wide ceramic tourmaline plate makes it quite easy and less stressful to use as well as helping to get rid of surface tension.

Making use of this product also guarantees healthy hair, less frizz and locking in moisture thanks to its infrared heat technology which goes deep into the hair cuticle and you will get that salon quality and professional hair results each time you make use of this product.



8. BaBylissTitanium Straightening Iron

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron

Making use of the BaBylissPRO mini straightening iron guarantees salon quality and professional results each time you make use of it. It also features the benefits of ryton material construction and ceramic/titanium plates housed in a compact and convenient size which makes it the ideal hair straightening accessory for every girl.

This item boasts of an outstanding heat retention power and lightweight design which delivers smooth hairs and also makes it easy to use.



7. FemJolie Hair Straightening Brush

FemJolie Hair Straightening Brush

Give yourself a shiny and natural hair look as this hair straightening brush boasts of an innovative technology which delivers an anti-frizz and anti-static operation and it comes in a versatile three in one design which include; a hair straightener, hair brush and detangling comb which makes it the perfect road trip and travel accessory.

This hair straightener is effective in scalp treatment as it produces negative ions and silicone heat-proof while its adjustable temperature settings for thick, fine and long hairs makes it the perfect hair accessory for every girl.



6. BaBylissPRO Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron

BaBylissPRO Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron

Good conductor of heat and optimal stability are some of the key features of this hair straightening iron as it boasts of an ultra-thin design and it produces negative ions which delivers fast locking and straightening of hairs.

This product comes with large 5-inch plates which ensure wide hairs also get straightened as well as enhancing effectiveness, flexibility and speed and also getting rid of hand fatigue.

You will find the product quite easy to use thanks to its lightweight design while its Ryton material construction makes it resistant to heat.



5. Remington S9520 Ceramic Hair Straightener

Remington S9520 Ceramic Hair Straightener

This product guarantees salon quality and professional results each time you make use of it as it boasts of the combination of real crushed pearls, top class ceramic coating and an innovative technology and you will get the much desired silky and smooth hair thanks to its temperature lock and digital controls.

It however delivers a smooth glide eight times higher than other low quality products thanks to its pearl infused plates while its automatic shut off technology makes it safe for use.



4. HIS Professional Digital Hair Straightener

HIS Professional Digital Hair Straightener

This is a solid and durable product that comes with 100 percent ceramic tourmaline plates together with a remarkable infrared heat technology which works effectively in straightening dull and frizzy hairs and thanks to its well shaped design, you can easily curl and flip hairs into simple and unique styles.

However, it is necessary to note that you must hold down its power button for it to heat up and power up while other notable features include; heat and bottle pouch which serves for storage, Argan oil in conditioner bottle and free heat glove which helps to protect the hands from heat.



3. CHI Original Flat Iron Hair Straightener

CHI Original Flat Iron Hair Straightener

This hair straightener makes use of an impressive technology plus tourmaline ceramic with even distribution of heat which helps to produce large amounts of infrared and negative ions which provides you with the ideal style as well as reducing static.

Making use of this product offers your hair an attractive shine and leaves your hair silky and smooth therefore making it the ideal hair straightener for all kinds of hair. You can also wave, curl, smooth, bend and flip easily using this quality product.



2. Remington Anti-Static Hair Straightener

Remington Anti-Static Hair Straightener

Make use of the Remington S5500 digital hair straightener today and get a salon quality and precise style of high heat locks and it tends to eliminate fly-away and static up to fifty percent thanks to its unique anti-static technology.

You will enjoy a relaxed and peace of mind knowing that you are safe using this product as it boasts of a sixty minute automatic shut off design which ensures maximum safety while some of its controls that helps to simplify operation include; LCD screen display, intuitive button and a swivel cord.




1. HIS Professional Hair Straightener

HIS Professional Hair Straightener

If you are looking for the ideal product to transform your dull and frizzy hair into sleek and straight locks then you should get the HIS flat iron today which is specially designed to flip hair and flatten iron curls beautifully and its 1-inch plate offers you total control no matter the type of hair.

Making use of this product doesn’t use up much of your time or even creates mess as it comes with an impressive swivel cord and fast heating technology while its well shaped design provides a firm and comfortable grip. It also features solid ceramic coils and plates which help to maintain even temperature.





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