If you’re a lover of music and you enjoy listening to quality and real sound then going for a quality stereo receiver today would help improve sound quality, allow you tune to your favorite radio stations whether you are at home, at the office or even in your car.

Top 10 Best Stereo Receivers 2017: Unbiased Review

There are several stereo receivers available on most online stores but not all of them live up to expectation and for this reason we present to you the best stereo receivers which is worth every amount you’ll spend as well as delivering excellent and fine sounds.

10 Best Stereo Receivers Reviews

10. Pyle Wireless Audio Receiver

Pyle Wireless Audio Receiver

Making use of the Pyle audio receiver provides wireless streaming ability or your home theater and speaker and you can also send music from your Smartphone while its in-built Wi-Fi technology receives the audio signal.

The Pyle wireless audio receiver works with all Wi-Fi enabled speakers and it also provides wireless ability to connected speakers. It is compatible with personal computer, tablet, Android, Smartphone and iPhone devices and connecting to external devices is made simple as all it requires is for you to download its free app and get started.



9. Car Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Multimedia Receiver

Car Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Receiver

Purchasing this receiver requires a professional to carry out the installation setup and one advantage of this receiver over other receivers is it allows you take and make calls thanks to its wireless Bluetooth design.

Its AUX-in connection is quite handy which allows for easy installation to a portable device and with the touch of a button, you can get access to preset scan and station seek, 18 preset station and its AM/FM radio. One exciting feature of this device is its beautiful touch screen which makes watching movies and videos fun and easier for any user.


 8. Kenwood In-Dash Bluetooth Car Stereo Receiver

Kenwood In-Dash Bluetooth Car Stereo Receiver

The Kenwood car stereo receiver comes with a detachable faceplate, variable color illumination, adjustable subwoofer level, wireless remote control, bass boost, digital clock, equalizer, Aux and USB ports with an in-built Bluetooth technology and one interesting feature of this car stereo receiver is it helps to prevent dust from entering the CD door thanks to its dust cover.

Making use of this Kenwood car stereo receiver also allows you take calls and dial numbers on your Smartphone and another exciting feature of this device is it allows you select the color you want this receiver to illuminate in.



7. Indigo Low Latency Wireless Bluetooth Stereo

Indigo Low Latency Wireless Bluetooth Stereo

The indigo low latency stereo receiver features low latency and high fidelity circuitry design which delivers unmatched audio sync and great audio quality and making use of this stereo receiver allows you stream music wirelessly from your computers, tablets and Smartphone.

Add Bluetooth capabilities to your DVD/CD, MP3 players and TVs using this device and thanks to its simple switch, you can easily switch from the receiver mode to the transmitter mode.

A full charge provides up to 11 hours of use thanks to its portable in-built battery or you can connect using a USB power source for steady-on application.



6. Onkyo TX-8020 Stereo Receiver

Onkyo TX-8020 Stereo Receiver

If you’re looking for the best stereo receiver to power your audio from your turntable, Blu-Ray player, TV and CD then you should get the Onkyo stereo receiver which delivers sounds with hi-fi quality, natural and sweet mid-range, unique dynamics and precise timing for all kins of music. One notable feature of the Onkyo stereo receiver is it comes with treble, bass and balance controls and it boasts of a 50+50 watts power which serves to power this device.

This stereo receiver is well built to handle demanding loads as it features low impedance drive and high current with a discreet output stage circuitry and for better sound performance, connect a pair of speakers to your TV or media players and enjoy an impressive and full scale performance.



5. Sony STRDH550 5.2 Channel 4K AV Receiver

Sony STRDH550 5.2 Channel 4K AV Receiver

The Sony channel 4K AV receiver helps you bring the excitement home and it also allows you connect easily with your iPod and iPhone. Enjoy multi-layered sound quality with HD digital cinema sound using this Sony receiver while an auto calibration design makes setting up this device easy.

This quality receiver is well designed to handle all components with a 4K resolution pass through and 4 HD inputs and it also boasts of 725 watts of power. This receiver features a flexible HDMI connectivity which allows you connect with your TV and Blu-Ray and it also supports high resolution file playback using its USB design.



4. Yamaha Natural Sound Stereo Receiver

Yamaha Natural Sound Stereo Receiver

Enjoy clean and pure power as the Yamaha natural sound stereo receiver boasts of 100 watts of power and you won’t have to worry about resonance as its ToP-ART technology helps to get rid of it.

This stereo receiver comes with a built-in power management which shuts down this device when necessary and it works very great with personal media players and the SIRIUS Satellite radio.

One notable feature of this stereo receiver is it boosts stereo listening so you can listen at low volumes which in turn allows you enjoy the quality of your music at all levels and this receiver also boasts of a Bluetooth wireless technology which allows you connect and stream music from your portable devices, mobile devices as well as your personal computer.



3. Yamaha R-S500BL Sound Stereo Receiver

Yamaha R-S500BL Natural Sound Stereo Receiver (Black)

The Yamaha R-S500BL stereo receiver boasts of an ART base and ToP-ART technology which provides protection for audio signals against vibration and noise.

This stereo player features a pure direct design that makes use of the quickest signal route to deliver pure and high sound with low transmission losses and low noise.

One unique feature of this quality stereo receiver is its iPod dock port which allows you connect with an iPod video or iPod so as to enjoy impressive sound quality while its 40-station AM/FM random access preset tuning is another eye catching feature of this stereo receiver.

Making use of this stereo receiver provides support for zone 2 and it also comes with two high power output and 75W power.



2. Amazon Basics Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Receiver

Amazon Basics Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Receiver

This quality audio receiver allows you stream and play music from any device with a Bluetooth enabled design and it receives music even at 30ft away so you have to worry less about docking away your Bluetooth device.

This audio receiver is quite popular among customer as it boasts of a Bluetooth 4.0 A2DP technology which delivers low energy consumption rate. Users would find this device easy to operate as all it requires is for you plug in, pair with a Bluetooth enabled device and play.

It also comes with a user manual which shows you or teaches you how to make use and setup this device.



1. XO Car Stereo Receiver with USB Port and SD Card Slot

XO Car Stereo Receiver with USB Port and SD Card Slot

The XO vision car stereo receiver offers you full audio control and it also supports playback of your favorite music from the removable storage device through an SD card or its USB port. Connect to your MP3 player and other media players using its AUX-in design and it delivers exceptional and quality sounds at a maximum power of 80 watts.

Other important features of this top class stereo receiver is 4 channel audio output, half size DIN depth, pre-amplified lineout and a digital FM tuner with 18 presets.





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