I want love and everyone else too, Love is one genuine feeling that will never be said to the end of it and albeit we may not always feel loved as we give it, love is beautiful when given age requited. Love makes it easy to think on tomorrow and when you find one you can give anything to, you know that you’ve found a reason to love.

40+ Cute Texts For Him That Will Melt His Heart


40+ Cute Texts For Him That Will Melt His Heart

  1. It is you and you alone that gives me reason to want to go on despite the many reasons not to.
    Thanks my love
  2. You have given me countless reasons to appreciate that I ever lived and for that I love you
  3. Being with you has purged me of hate and despair and filled me with love and hope
  4. Having loved you the way I have done, I’ve always wondered if I could be loved by someone else like that but God knows I’d rather your love than anyone else’s
  5. Seldom have I known someone like you who would love like its the only thing she knows to.
  6. If loving you was ever an option, I’d never trade it for anything else
  7. More than fate or chance, we have been brought your together because as the air is for the birds so am I made for you
  8. If you and I were to represent something, I’d be the moon and you the sun and we’ll let each other shine because that’s how I feel with you
  9. You are the light in my dark, the sun in my sky and everything I’ll give my life for
  10. If my life was a fairy tale, I’ll want you only to be my happy ever after
  11. I’ve not known more persons I’d rather be with than you in my life
  12. I love you and I say this because there’s no other word will do justice to how I feel for you
  13. If loving you is a crime, I’ll always be happy to pay the price
  14. Death would be best the day I chose over you, another
  15. I love love because you showed me how to love
  16. If two people are in love they tend to think of each other even in absence and without you I’m just as miserable, lying and waiting till its time we see again
  17. If I loved you before, then I must love you to a sum to infinity now because your love is a sum I cannot represent by number
  18. If you were a carousel, I will not mind to take a plunge with you
  19. Two of us are one and that’s a fact true as gravity is tested to be true
  20. For me, the mere fact that you live means life is a fairy tale
  21. Your kiss is like an opus, I’ll never wish to say goodbye to
  22. If it was love I thought I felt before you try that I love you now.
    Your love is magic to my heart
  23. I just want to voice to the whole world your importance to me because you are all the world to me
  24. It’s amazing how without saying a word, you light up my life
  25. The touch of your hands speaks a thousand words that you’ll catch me even when I fall
  26. It may take a light year till the world crash and burn but “I love you not” from you will kill me faster than the speed of light
  27. I only want a world where you exist and I’m one where you don’t, I’ll rather not live
  28. When you gaze at me, I feel as though aurora transcending from the orient to bid me good morning
  29. I’ll love you till forever is too short for us to start with
  30. For you, I’ll never be bashful to take a plunge
  31. You are as true to my heart and me as everything else I have ever felt leading up to you
  32. Best thing to have happened to me is no less than that I have loved you and you have given me a reason to love myself
  33. For you I’ll never forget to say the words I love you because love is the only thing I’ve felt since I met you
  34. Though we cannot all the time be happy nor have the perfect story to be told but I know with you there will always be a reason to be joyful
  35. Why do I let you in my head?
    Simple, I can’t help it, you are just always there
  36. I fall hopelessly to the promise of forever with you but I never knew your kind of love was true this much
  37. All I see since loving you is like I’m invincible and your love like a sentinel guarding me
  38. I’m addicted to you like a lost cause made to feel love for a person forever.
    Good thing you love me just as much
  39. Two hearts beating as one
    Two souls entwined
    Two lovers on cloud nine
    Our tale since I met you
  40. You are as the fire that burns the desires of another to crumb in my heart
  41. You make my tomorrow beautiful to look in from today
  42. Never tired of your love shall I be forever as your and I are twain
  43. With a kind of love unbeknownst before shall I love you as though I have never loved another and this promise shall I keep so long as there is life in me
  44. Empty spaces filled me up with holes but since you, I can scarcely recall the tale because your love overrides it all
  45. I prayed for this heart to be unbroken then but now without you I’m nothing but incomplete
  46. Without someone as you in my life I’d have led a life not worth living
  47. If only you could see the space in my heart you’ll know how much you are my life support
  48. There’s a method to me and you are all the sum and difference that makes me
  49. Love hit me like a jolt of electricity, you showed me the world like I’ve never seen before and then I knew I was meant for loving you





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