Keeping And Making Your Spouse Happy Is One Way Of Keeping A Happy Home And We Should Cultivate The Habit Of Showing Gratitude And Appreciation To Our Spouse As It Goes A Long Way In Making Them Or Reminding Them That They Are Loved. Check Out Our 46 Proud of Your Spouse Quotes:

Full many a time we often do the many things which may not be in the best interest of the ones we love, we often think we hold them in our best interest when we act, when we talk and when we do the things we do but oftentimes we find it is not.
It is oftentimes said that we are what we do and our fate is the result of that action and it is said we cannot truly know someone completely but that it in a sentient process till forever seeing as humans are not governed by equation or scientific inflexible explanations, we cannot help how others feel about us sometimes but many a time the onus is borne on us to really be immortal in people’s heart and leave a lasting and indelible imprint to stand the test of the vagaries of time and age.
46 Proud of Your Spouse Quotes
Spouses are ideally bound forever in love and as it is behoved to stay in good and in bad, in utopia and dystopia, in the good and the bad and though this is not often the case but who said it can’t be all of our cases if we press the right buttons and trail the right tracks and most times the ones we love do the things that make us most proud of them.
We can’t deny them the pleasure of telling them how important they are to us and the important impression they leave in us especially because some spouse clip the wing of their other half, but if you are not in that detestable Ilk of people in and want your partner which is blooming to know you are happy for them, then here are quotes to tell them that you really appreciate them in your life.

46 Proud Of Your Spouse Quotes

  1. I am the proud wife of one amazing husband whom I’ll aver any time any day if need be
  2. I love you my dear and even though you finally achieved your dreams, it only puts you in a high pedestal in my heart making me prouder of you than I was
  3. I love you my princess and even if I’ll need to rally the path of far far away land or to find the scariest beast to make you proud of me as I of you, I’ll do it because you are everything to me
  4. I am never been prouder of you in my life than I am today of you, Love you my dear
  5. I am so proud to call you my own and even prouder to be the mother of your kids
  6. I love you more with each passing day and more reason everyday I get to love you more
  7. Your love gives me wings and the liberty to fly too.
    I’m so proud and excited to be your wife my dearest hubby
  8. I’ve seen many years with you yet I get prouder of you because of what you’ve accomplished as a man.
  9. You may not have the Bieber-esque look or the Vin Diesel bod but you have the soul of an angel and that’s what I’m most proud of.
    Love you dear
  10. You’re still the same man I fell in love with many years ago, the one who’ll smile at my hackneyed jokes, the one who’ll buy me a rose without any reason just cause he wants to and the one who’ll gaze at me like he’s just seen an angel.
    Proud to call you mine my love
  11. I love you, and I am proud of you to have been in your page in history, love you my love
  12. If there’s one thing I’m proud of you for it’s knowing I married a strong woman who despite all is strong willed and determined to follow her dreams
  13. At first I despaired on our chances together as a pair but truly all you’ve shown me is behind those beauty is a woman who is not just ready to be a lover but a mother and a wife, thank you my love
  14. My family and friends were I had before you and you came and shot high in that list.
    Thank you my love for loving me as you do
  15. Proud of you and the many things by tacit we know you have help accomplish in my life.
    Thanks my love, so proud of you
  16. You are an embodiment of every modern day woman and mother and wife all in one.
    Proud of you my dear
  17. You are kind, chivalrous, smoothies and loving, I couldn’t have been happier and prouder to have a man like you
  18. You respect me as a woman, a wife and a equal and for that fact I’m happy you as a husband.
    Proud of you my love
  19. All of the reason I love you yet none makes me more proud that you are the kind of caring guy that you are.
    Love you my love
  20. I’m proud that you have proven me wrong and made me your worst nightmare your best dream,
    I love you, my husband.”
  21. So long as you are you, I will always be proud of you because the one reason I get up each morning is because there’s someone not worth falling down for
  22. Your faith in me makes me ready and proud I mean something to someone.
    So thanks my love
  23. I will always be your stalwart, your sentry, your support because I’ll always be proud to be your most loyal fan and husband
  24. Even if all the world desert you, I will be the plinth where you may stand on to reach the heights you dream of
  25. I love you, and I am proud of you every second of everyday you thrive to be the woman you are
  26. You have promised that I will have a friend forever and so I asked you to buy me a puppy. You are the most caring husband in the world, and I am proud of you.”
  27. I jump with joy in my inner being when I recall seeing you on that special day, it was the happiest I ever was and my proudest I had ever been, marrying you
  28. Bless the day I chanced on you because since that day my soul bloomed to gave found its mate
  29. You make me proud each moment I live knowing your strength makes a strong man of me
  30. I have never been prouder in my life than calling you my husband
  31. Everyday is our special day because I married you and I cannot be more proud of that decision all my life
  32. I am proud of you my love and I couldn’t be prouder to have known you as I do more importantly to have lived with you and have all your personality and belief rub on me.
    Love you my dear
  33. A good spouse you are but better yet, a good friend
  34. You are a reflection of a goodness and hard work and I couldn’t be prouder of you
  35. You are everything I could ever wish for in a spouse.
    Proud of you my love
  36. You make me want to show to the whole world the bliss I feel with you but I want you for me so I don’t want to share you
  37. In search of the pride of Gold I’ll stay and watch the rainbow with you after every rainfall happily.
    Proud of you my love
  38. You are every man’s envy and it’s only one of the reason I hold you in so much worth.
    Proud of you my love
  39. I cannot be more proud of you despite the many temptation of modern day woman you’ve been a contented wife happy in all you’ve accomplished and juggling being a mother too.
    Love you my dear
  40. I am most proud of you my wife that though in this chauvinistic world you’ve made your mark.
    Thank you my love
  41. A good wife is oftentimes a reflection of a good husband so thank you for making me the man I am
  42. Thank you my love for everything you have made possible for this family making our name soar amongst the high ups there is.
    Love you dear
  43. You, my love
    give me strength and courage to pursue my dreams and that’s the most altruistic you’ve done for me in my life.
    Proud of you my wife
  44. You, my husband and friend and partner are everything good to me in my life, thank you for treating me like a queen, proud of you
  45. I am proud to be called yours and you mine.
  46. As my husband, I love you not just for the saying of it but because you’ve given me countless reasons to


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