Ever been in that situation where you just want to grab that one salient and apt line in a message, well it goes the other way too because no one wants to indulge in perusing from you too, long lines but  rather short ones that will capture what a thousand lines would have quoth with quotes and saying to explain our feelings especially better limning out emotions and thoughts easy enough to convey and simple to understand.
Due to demands of one liner love quotes we will share here some beautiful and romantic single line sayings because in truth you don’t need hundreds of words to tell your significant someone how much you love him/her. All you need are true and heartfelt one liner to get the message across.
Here are selections of sweet and cute one liner love quotes:

                    50 I Love You Forever Quotes

  1. You light up the stars by the Sun in your eyes so well that in them is the beauty of the heavens represented
  2. My love for you is as wide as the horizon, deep as the oceans and high as the skies
  3. My love for you although have a beginning but shall see no end
  4. Waking up next to you gives me the assurance that as the angel you are, I’m assured of nothing except bliss
  5. You are the reason why I trust tomorrow cannot go wrong
  6. You light up there world in me as though before you there was only darkness
  7. You are all the world to me because without you is without life itself
  8. You leave a void in my life by your absence and that’s how I know my world revolve around you
  9. Forty years and being with you will forever seem as young and novel as today because loving you can never grow old
  10. You in my life has been the best decision I’ve ever made
  11. Though ten summers may threaten our love, with you I’ll forever be elated to ever fall
  12. Few things have meant more to me than when you came into my life
  13. come into my life, you changed the course of it like a river changes its course when it meets a new path
  14. Your love to me warms every coldness in my heart till I’m left with no choice but loving you
  15. Underneath the heavens, you and I are the best of every good thing this earth can produce
  16. The fact that you came into my life makes me my happiest that I’ve ever been in my life
  17. The fact alone that you are alive presage a better tomorrow for me
  18. There’s something in your eyes that draws me as the seas are drawn by the celestials
  19. My love for you is the reason why I go to bed smiling every night and hopeful every morning
  20. If in my heart there is space enough, you own the best part of its whole
  21. Through the years, I’ve never seen if at all a reason to think and be hopeful beyond today till you came and everything changed suddenly
  22. If my heart has a beat, it’s just a repetition of the beat from yours
  23. To find a friend is beautiful, to find a lover equally so but finding both in one as I die you is everything good I can ever get
  24. Me heart is yours to spare because it calls at your wake
  25. Everyday I wake up, my day is as destitute of joy as a drought land destitute of rain because of you
  26. You are altogether lovely in me life and without a doubt unequalled in my heart
  27. Growing old with you is as big a prospect as anything else I could ever hope from life
  28. Around your beck, God knows I’ll give it all to follow you to the edge of the earth
  29. Even till I’m old and grey, by whatever is right by you will what will forever be my bliss
  30. All of your imperfections put together are to me the definition of perfection
  31. Perdition to me is not a lake of fire but waking up in the morning and finding you absent
  32. Freedom from your heart is the words kind of freedom because I’d rather incarceration in your heart
  33. Thank you my darling for showing me true love is more than a possibility
  34. Having it’s all is a relative term because in truth we cannot truly do so but having been loved by you, I feel nothing else can topple that in my heart
  35. I praise the very day you were brought into this earth because that day sealed my joy
  36. You are all in all to me the workings of a state of utter ecstasy to the sum of infinity
  37. To love by me begin and end with you alone
  38. Love is such a frail thing, beautiful and intoxicating but with you, I promise to love despite the uncertainties of life
  39. How you got me loving you is not a mystery because my mind stood no chance once my heart said it loved you
  40. You to me are everything
  41. One of my dreams is to spend each morning sipping my sweet cup of coffee with you.
  42. There will be this one person who can make you feel that everything is okay even if the world is far from perfect and that’s you my love
  43. You are the music in my soul, the words in my mouth when there’s none to say and the reason in my life to be joyful
  44. Many thanks to the heavens for making me a creature as you because you are every man’s dream
  45. With you by my side, there’s nothing that I cannot do
  46. I may have had it all but when you came into the equation for it became a certainty that I had it all
  47. You are to me that special factor that separates a lover from a lovesick poet
  48. Being with you makes even the rainy day sunny
  49. With every heartbreak I ever had I’m most happy now because they all led me to this happiness I now feel with you
  50. I love you and that I’ll never tire in doing


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