Making That Special Person Feel Loved  And Happy Is What We Desire But Most Times We Don’t Have The Right Words To Use Right? Then Check These 50 I Love You Text: 

I have often wondered why people decide upon marriage after a time, why after the vicissitudes of life, from the stage of growing up to school and then the tertiary institution, why the next thing in the chain of man’s next big thing is to want to give himself and be given to.
I Love You Text
What makes man want to be close to another and be sworn for a lifetime amidst the presages of monotony, amidst the seeming halted leeway to and for anything that it entails and amidst the many comprises, the condiment to a relatively happier home.
Is love so strong that it promises enough to sway people to fall under her (or him if Cupid).
But while I may never know, it is expedient we focus on the happenings of love obviating anything else aside it and since love is what it is, it can never be sung nor spoken of in its entirety so we can only say of the bits of this beauteous subject called Love for loving someone is the most beautiful and selfless thing you could ever do.

 50 I Love You Texts

  1. I love you and though I may say this often, never have I meant it more than when you gaze beautifully into my eyes and I fall in love twice more than I ever mean it
  2. You may be flawed but I know there’s no comparison to what the world consider flawless because in my sight, I’ll rather have no other one
  3. The poverty of language is one reason why I cannot tell you how much I love you so I end up saying “I love you my love”
  4. If there was a reason to hate then your love has cured in my that urge
  5. I love you as is you have loved me and God knows I love you even thrice as much
  6. Though my love to you is of is nothing new yet if I’m asked, “how much”, other will stand to pale I’m comparison
  7. God knows I’ll rather no one else aside you because my love for you is ethereal
  8. You are in all the best thing to have chanced upon my world
  9. The day I met you, I was not to be where I was but then you came like an angel from heaven and I told to myself “how sweet a mistake is your sight to me”
  10. You are to me the worth of all the world to me
  11. Nothing makes sense to me if without the presence of you
  12. My quill and heart is useless without you because you give them their substance
  13. I have known by far too many lovers to know that our love is stronger than any together put
  14. You are what every woman should be more so what every lover should be modeled after
  15. Days are nothing without the sweetness of your face and night nothing but penury if the days are without you
  16. My love for you is unlike the Sun, it shall not go down through the night
  17. You make me believe that love is all that need to be possessed
  18. My love for you is strong that two oxen put together cannot tear it apart
  19. We may not live in a fairy tale world but that I love you is a promise that I’ll try to make one
  20. I love you enjoy to know when I have to let you go and enough to know when it’s time to hold you so close and tight
  21. I’ll bring to you the bliss of the heavens even they they are far away
  22. What I share with you is a love that will never pass into nothingness so long as I live
  23. You are everything good in my life that I’ll never make the mistake of not cherishing.
  24. You make my today as beautiful as yesterday and that how my tomorrow has not choice but to be beautiful
  25. If there ever was a time I loved, it’s now that I’ve loved you because you are every reason to fall in love
  26. I will forever be happy that I met you when I did because you showed me the benefits of true love
  27. My little love for you is although little yet has a depth greater than the greatest ocean and height higher than the heavens
  28. I look to the width of the horizon and find no better thing to say than notice that it’s width is only a representation of extent of my love for you
  29. Long distance with you cannot be different from hell because you are my world and universe
  30. You are the reason I look heavenward each day to say a prayerful thanks
  31. You are the most beautiful music I ever head- the sound of your name
  32. You make my day as spectacular and night, most beautiful to look at
  33. When I look into your eyes, it’s like standing from the vantage of now whilst seeing the future.
  34. My love for you has no filter, it’s as real as the word called real
  35. You, my love are the best of things in my world and there’s nothing in my world compared to you
  36. Your smile is as the promise of rainbows after rain, it’s a lull in my storm
  37. You are the most beautiful mistake I ever made if meeting you was only by mere chance
  38. I do not have the slightest inclination of what tomorrow holds but that there is the reason why I love you more because in that uncertainty I find purest of love
  39. You make me fall in love every day and that’s why I chose you in this race of forever
  40. You hold my heart in thrall by the promise of your love to me that has no end
  41. The day I stop loving you that day, I stop living
  42. You are the best thing to have happened to me you and everything about you
  43. My heart is yours to steal and do whatever you will of it
  44. You make my life so easy even when life seems hard
  45. Little do people know that when I smile even in the face of my problems it’s cause I know I’ll see you and it’ll all turn right
  46. My love has no clue of the world called end.
    Is knows only the word “continue”
  47. You make me happy to the extent of flying without wings
  48. You make me believe in life and love and with you I learnt that life’s good so I owe to you all the love in my life right now
  49. You are everything I’ll never want to do without
  50. One day without you and it will seem a lifetime of punishment


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