Messages We Send To Our Lovers Goes A Very Long Way As It Serves As Reminders To Them That They Will Forever Live In Our Hearts. Get Ready To Bring The Spark Today And Go Through The 50 Lovers Messages To Send:

Are you in love?
Have you found love?
Waiting on love?
Write of love?
Been in love and lost it?

50 lovers messages to send

\Be it what may love is the most immanent of themes there could be, love is a beauteous subject and there are not many things than when you fall in love with someone.  Being in love is every bit of the good in a lifestyle and what adds that extra to people so it you want to make that special someone feel every bit good as you feel in your heart.

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50 Lovers Messages To Send

  1. A million dollar yet I would gainsay the world just to be with you
  2. I love you and for that fact, I will not be afraid to place my hands on fire
  3. There’s a purpose to me and you are a large part of it
  4. Being me while also being sane is only because of your love
  5. If love was a song, I’d sing it with you, if love was a game, I’d play it with you but if love was a person, I’m sure it would be you!
  6. Seeing you smile gives me goosebumps like I can’t help it but smile back
  7. In the end it’s all going to be I love you and that’s what matters
  8. Because you shine just as bright as the skies, being with you makes everyday seem as morning
  9. Your loving me is like a revelation of bliss long hidden but always there
  10. You are every reason to be joyful I ever lived
  11. You are everything to do with me because love is everything that’s right in my life
  12. Before you I was happy and never knew being happier was a possibility
  13. You make this world a happy place to be in for me
  14. Being by your side purges me of my wrong because you give me reason to fly
  15. My life is yours to spare and never once is there a time your words hold less in my heart
  16. And when I met you, the whole world stood still and then and there I knew you are the one
  17. The day I met you, I knew that this is the start of something new
  18. I’ve never been more happy than when I think of you
  19. You grant me life brimmed with love and ecstasy each time I think of you
  20. You are all the world to me and without you there’s nothing close to the love I feel now for you
  21. If my life was a mistake them meeting you has made that mistake the best my parents ever made
  22. You make the best part of me and the best part of me is what you make of me
  23. Ten years may pass and winters give way to autumn and all the seasons but for you, my love will always stand in constancy
  24. The day I met you was when I knew life finally have a place for me
  25. I’ll give heaven and earth just to find a place in your heart
  26. You, my lover are the one best thing that in a thousand years I’ll never rue
  27. The angels sang a song of laud by virtue of our love the day we met
  28. Heaven may be alone in beauty and wonder but you, my love, are just as much as regal in brilliance
  29. If there ever was a day I loved you less, it’s only going to be next to never
  30. You are what the definition of a lover should be modeled after and I’m most proud to be spoken for by you
  31. With you, I feel impossibility is just another form of exaggeration
  32. Seldom have angels graced the earth, seldom have love in its purest form visited and seldom have anyone found it but with you, I get all these three in one
  33. I may not have done all the right things in the world but having been loved by you, it feels like I’ve been bless though undeservedly
  34. You are the most amazing thing to have happened to me
  35. Not in a thousand years will there be a kind like you because you are just what perfection means
  36. I love you not because I cannot find another but because I cannot find anyone better
  37. Your love is like magic, purest in act and unbelievable in sight
  38. If loving you has a price I’ll pay the price to full of it
  39. You make me so happy that happiness seems my forte to wield
  40. You are a part of me hard to separate easy to see
  41. If there ever comes a day I see life auspicious without you then that day I wish to cease to exist
  42. You are all and more in me, more than the worth of a thousand years combine
  43. A day with you is a sight more precious than a butterfly bursting from its cocoon
  44. I’ve scarcely loved to the depth as I now love you but God knows I love you to the sum of infinity and will no sooner love you less
  45. You are all the world in its best, to me combine in bliss and happiness
  46. I love you in such ways that the call of the word ‘go’ and I’ll jump to you no matter the depth or height it is
  47. My love for you is nothing like the weather, it’s constant in all constancy and truth
  48. Nothing compares to you, not at least in my heart and sight
  49. You Love makes me feel invincible as though there’s no touching the surface of my confidence when I’m with you
  50. I couldn’t bear a day on earth being without you not the least your death, by God, death will be best if you cease to exist





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