Would You Love To Express How Romantic You Could Be Or Show How Deep Your Emotions Go? Then These 49 Messages To Send To That Special Someone Would Be Your Guide:

As once said, thee grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.

50 messages to send to that special someone

So what do you do, what or who do you love and what do you hope for?
Is there a thing that is responsible for delivering you a joy worthy enough to make you your happiest, is there a reason you are joyful, is there a guy or a girl who makes you all the best you are then.


49 Messages To Send To That Special Someone

  1. You make today greater than tomorrow ever was all because you loved me
  2. If tomorrow never comes I’ll be happy I loved you this much
  3. With you I choose to walk the lonely, the boring and long walk of life with
  4. I forgot I lived until you came to bring me from mere existence, my love
  5. You have been all that I cherish out of life the more I see each day
  6. You for one have been my one constant reminder of happiness which will no sooner change
  7. You are all in all my heaven on earth
  8. You being you are my everything that life will never do enough to make me regret ever living so long as you do
  9. My love for you like lull in a storm is everything good in this shitty world
  10. I have seen years before you but the day you came, it bettered within days all the years before
  11. My heart wants the best of life and love and happiness and you are the only one that assures it
  12. The very least of you is worth more than whatever weight there is in gold for me
  13. Your love to me is as beautiful as the work of an alchemist turning all to Gold
  14. I love you with a love that will no sooner die and with a store so large I cannot even begin to say how
  15. Being with you purges me into a world of light as though before you it was nothing save darkness
  16. By far, you have been the best part of me I’ll forever treasure
  17. If there’s one thing I’ll one to be remembered for, it’s that I was responsible for bringing light to your smile
  18. I may not have been the one that fathered you but I bless the day he did because he gave me the opportunity to me the proudest husband ever
  19. Your love makes me feel invincible like a little babe ever in smiles and happiness
  20. You are all the condiments of joy that I will never be able to do without
  21. Days goes by not fast that your thoughts do not plague my heart so my that it’s impossible to do a day without you
  22. Your make everything good in my life and with you there’s no going wrong
  23. I love you in ways that without you the word called “love” will be vague to me
  24. Like a firefly you bring the shine to my life
  25. I may not be the most religious, may not own the best things nor am arrayed with the best ensembles but loving you means I’ll forever be sated because you are more than this all
  26. Your love is like a foreshadowing of good things to come because the only better your love to me has is the heavens
  27. I’ve found in life that what matters is what gives is that we joy for so with you no matter what I’ll stay because you give me the needful
  28. By virtue of our love, I don’t mind to be martyred so long as know I have lived and loved you
  29. Your love makes me happy so much my life is like a fairy tale just being with you
  30. I never thought it would seem this easy being in love with you and yet so hard, easy because your presence makes everything about me streamlined, hard because I pain being without you
  31. Your love has been everything I ever needed in a love before I got into one.
    Thank you for loving me so
  32. If I was a disease, then you’ll be my only cure
  33. Knowing I live for loving you has been the very reason that has brought me much joy than I ever felt
  34. You are all there is for me to live happily ever after
  35. Thank you for showing me that fairy tales exist after all because with you I experience it on a daily
  36. It’s not the amount of my loving you that counts, it’s that you are worth more than I ever will love you
  37. You are by far one good thing in this world fraught with bad
  38. Credit to whatever entity, fate or chance that brought me you
  39. Despite all there is of this earth, of fowls of the air, of butterflies, of rainbow or the skies, to me, they die, if you cease to live
  40. You may be flawed to the world but me, I’ll have perfection no other way
  41. My quill is yours too spare my love
  42. Of words never said, I owe you plenty
    Of feelings yet spent, I owe you than billions because no amount of I love you I say, they’ll pale in saying how much
  43. You are the best part of me that makes all part of me better
  44. Times and again you make me happy I’m in love
  45. Your love heals my nothingness and makes me feel something I never thought I would ever feel and that is the genuine kind of love
  46. You are a promise that it doesn’t matter if my name pass one day into oblivion so long as I love you now
  47. More of you and less of me is what makes us tango
  48. More often than not your face grants me the promise of forever in today
  49. My heart so long as it has you is never destitute of joy

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