In Search Of Some Quotes That Would Tell More About Life, Love, Nature And Many More? Our 50 Texting Quotes Contains The Best And Interesting Quotes That Covers Major Aspects Of Life.

There are many things to know of a man and a woman in love, things said and unsaid and yet cannot be ran to the full. Life is a beautiful place and here is an assortment of things to talk of beautiful quotes about life, love and many other things one can talk of. If you have ever wanted to hear of anything beautiful or read, you have just found the perfect list of messages to make your day.

50 Texting Quotes


50 Texting Quotes

  1. Full many a man knows not what he has till he loses it
  2. Life is like a big merry go round, you have to go down to go up.
  3. Ego is temporary, humanity ethereal
  4. The life of a giver is prolonged even in death, the life of a taker, shortened even if alive
  5. Many a man know the path to success but few take it
  6. Life is a sadist, it makes a story of all of us for it’s amusement
  7. Time and tide awaits no man
  8. They say when two elephants fight, the grass suffers but when fate and chance fought, I met with you
  9. True love is two hearts deciding to live as one
  10. Seldom does anyone know to give an excuse for success so why should there be one for failure
  11. Life is like a yeast, it heightens your woes but the result often is the best of result afterward
  12. People are at their most genuine in the face of pressure.
  13. Give me a man under pressure and I’ll tell you his character
  14. Little is known of God’s innateness but there is any at all that is of laud is the concept of love
  15. Full little a cause to die for but if by the minutest you find that one in a gazillion, treasure it
  16. We should not all of us be parents but if you find yourself as one, be one
  17. It is safe to say our life has been an assortment of the things we pick up as we go on, so be careful of your influence
  18. I have known few who would acknowledge a fault and even more few who would apologize for it but that would do both, is truly a beautiful heart
  19. Ten times of ten, that would despite himself think to help his fellow neighbor is a good person
  20. If you for the cause of religion give, it is as good as you have not given at all
  21. Religious people hold my deference but more are those that will do good for humanity sake, they hold my reverence
  22. You cannot love God if you don’t your neighbor
  23. I have seen many a lover but greater a love is he that caters for his neighbors affairs as his own
  24. Having to have been with you as I have been, I have come to know that despite what may come we’ll weather the storm to the happy times always
  25. When I met you, the only one thing I acquiesced to was living no longer for myself anymore
  26. If my love was placed on a Richter scale, it’ll register a 9 for my love for you is strong
  27. Nature and nurture makes or forms the sum of who we are
  28. Times may change but a principles person is one who defines change by his own actions
  29. It is expedient that there is compromise in every relationship because two people in a relationship without it have only lived a lie
  30. Happy are they who lives and care only for today but tomorrow always comes to judge our today
  31. Times can be hard but nothing is more better than having one to share the hard times with because they are the ones who deserve the good times with you
  32. The highlight of a man’s life is the day he was born and the day he finds out why
  33. I may not know all that pertains to life and love in totality but I know that finds the latter has found the best of the former
  34. Never flaunt your success but never apologize for it either
  35. Do that you have to do whilst you can because when you look back on time you’ll regret the things you didn’t do than the ones you did
  36. If you have someone that’ll still be there for you in the winter, that person deserves you in the Spring
  37. A lot of people have led lives as fleeting as the wind and weather but while it is good to live life as such, life is much better to live knowing to everything is a consequence
  38. Life is a journey so make it one beautiful enough to tell but balanced enough to go past the hard ones
  39. Learn to love and you’ll learn to do by virtue, everything
  40. In love is not all about the good times, the bad also make us who we are
  41. My love for you is strong and I will never tire of loving you if time permits
  42. We are all of the perfection in our own world if only we live by the ideals in our mind
  43. If we can chose to hate then we can love
    Nelson Mandela
  44. Make it an intention if at all to to live for posterity
  45. By any chance if love is anything good, it is that it gives the leeway to soar
  46. Love is like a fume of sighs
  47. Part of the things we need in each our lives is if we make it part of us to live one for another
  48. Kindness is a virtue but more is Love and Chivalry which births many others





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