Texting Is Still A Good Way Of Keeping Up Communication Especially With A Loved One But Most People Still Find It Difficult Choice Of Words To Say Over Text. So Consider These 50 What To Talk About With Your Girlfriend Over Text:

Girlfriend tag questions are specially selected questions which can help ease those the conversational aspect of a boy-girl relationship as well as personally helping you as a guy develop a level of appertaining geared towards making a better bonding and helping to make sure even with the availing or streamlining effect of sight even in distance, your relationship is just as strong without.

50 What To Talk About With Your Girlfriend Over Text

Without tangential reasoning being behindhand in relating your feelings to that special someone, it is a known fact that the expression of feelings with clarity and freedom articulately makes every girl love you more and scores a point more in their heart.

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All around the world there are billions of lovers as there are men walking the earth and seize the pertinence of these lines to tell her you really hold her in high esteem and love enough to include them in your text with her.

51 What To Talk About With Your Girlfriend Over Text

  1. Babe, truth is you make me believe in fairy tales and happy endings
  2. You give me reasons to wake up everyday to witness the sun in your smile
  3. A world sans you is as unimaginable as my day without food
  4. How is it God unjustly made you of all men within the space and time he made everyone else because you are above in beauty and loneliness
  5. You make me feel than luck than fate, blessed that I met you on that day I did
  6. When I’m around you, I get the butterflies in my stomach as though bursting from a cocoon
  7. You always know just how to bring the best part of me to fore
  8. You’re my perfection, my warmth, my sun without which I’m cold as the breeze in autumn
  9. Yours looks, so genuine when you smile they remind of Ed Sheeran line so well
  10. You make me feel like I am not myself every time I have to be without you.
  11. Being without you is like a dream which is in incongrunce with reality because your live is my reality but your presence, my dream
  12. You’re always in my thoughts and I thank God for that because you give me wings by mere thought of you alone
  13. I’m stuck on you like tattoo imprinted on my arm
  14. I could stay forever with you my only sight to see and never tire
  15. Forever with you and yet, it will not dare be enough
  16. I love the way you say “I love you”
  17. You make me feel on top of the world when I’m with you and I couldn’t mean that any more than I do
  18. Having to have known you as long as I have has been such a state of utter bliss
  19. If you define yourself as flawed then I must need know what flawlessness is because you are all of perfection
  20. I love you so much it would seem as though there’s no life for me apart from the love you show
  21. When I’m with you I get to understand why fairy tales were invented
  22. You mean everything good to me and I would never forget
    Knowing you as it has been the best thing that’s ever happened in my bland existence
  23. That I get to think of you is reason enough to be my happiest all my life
  24. You are not the best thing that has happened in my life, you are the only thing that matters to me
  25. If I got you, I got it all
  26. If ever I get a chance to look back on years, I’ll do nothing different if it means I’ll meet you again.
  27. I met you and life never seemed more easy since then
  28. You are more than the worth of the sun to me
  29. I love you so much I would seem a penance to live without you
  30. The smell of your skin is like the beauty of the Sun
  31. Your look so precious it’s like a blessing
  32. Your eyes are like the sun, I can never be cold when they gaze at me
  33. You make me happy that sometime I feel I’m living a dream
  34. I’ll love you next to forever to show you forever is just a start
  35. And if it happens that I’ll have to be without you, that day I’ll prefer death
  36. I knew I was in love with you but everyday I get to see why I love you more
  37. Like in a rollercoaster ride, I’ll be with you through it downs and I’ll enjoy the ups with you too
  38. Nothing’s gonna change my love for you
  39. You make me believe in true love and that with you I’d find it always
  40. One more day without and I’ll despair if life was any different from death
  41. I don’t know much the worth of your love is but I know there’s no comparison in value of its weight in Gold
  42. You give me the chills down my spine thinking of you alone
  43. One more day with you and heaven will have found its match
  44. I love you in ways words or texts will pale to tell
  45. You are my everything and without you is nothing
  46. Hearing you say the words of love to me is everything I could ever need
  47. I love the way your eyes mourn when we have to part each day
  48. I love lying next to you and could do that all my life
  49. I love loving you and I’ll do that so long life gives me chance to
  50. Mine truly are you and I’ll give my all that it may remain to forever


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