Love Quotes Are Often Considered As The Easiest Way Of Expressing How One Truly Feels About Another Person So Check Out These 51 Cheesy Love Quotes To Say To That Special One:

Ever wondered in all honesty what drove you to genuine likeness for that special person today, ever asked this same questions over and over to ascertain in the depth of your heart the rationale behind your likeness and love between you two.
Seldom is it the answer by two different persons the same but in all honesty people are wont to fall in love often to the littlest things about each other from “the way she smiles”, to- “the way he said to me, I admire you”,or “just the way she walks” or even as trivial as “the way she acts like a child”

51 cheesy love quotes

Love is beautiful and like everything else as is a plant needs that element of constancy, that jolt and or spark of chivalry, that intimacy and bonding which is like a water every plant needs not just to live but survive.


Love as that plant is a tender thing and no amount of care is much too much for it’s growth although too much watering a plant has its effects, familiarity, monotony and cliche lines from lovers are everywhere out there that lovers share, but as true lovers it is up to you to know that despite the circumstances of this, cheesy lines could be made romantic than the obverse because even the ladies know the importance of them is or can be subsumed as love still because lovers may be dulled but love’s edges are never blunt.

51 Cheesy Love Quotes

  1. Roses are red violets are blue and I love you so
  2. Guess what I’m wearing, the smile you gave me
  3. They said I needed a doctor, I said I have you
  4. You give me wings to fly
  5. With you is like being on cloud nine
  6. If loving you was a choice, no other will be worth it’s weight to choose
  7. If you are in every heart are you in mine, there will be no room for hate in this world
  8. Your love make me believe in life there can always be happiness
  9. With you is how I came to know life is beautiful
  10. Until now did life truly show me how blessed I have been having you
  11. And then I saw you and life never seemed any better
  12. I love you and each day like a spring your love renews in my heart
  13. I want to wake up right beside you every morning
  14. One more night with you and I swear I’ve seen all of heaven
  15. Your loving me is one of the things i’m grateful for
  16. Darling, your smile is forever in my mind and memory
    Ed Sheeran
  17. Few many things gives me joy but you my love are my joy
  18. Waking up with you is the one thing I’ll never tire of
  19. I’ve often wished upon the stars for an angel little did I know you were here along
  20. You mean the world to me and your absence means I’d be lost
  21. Love is you and me together till forever
  22. I met the sea in you, it was my oasis
  23. They say life is not fair but if it’s this same life that gave me you then fair must mean bad
  24. You are to me everything this world could best give
  25. Till death do us part, I’ll love you till I can’t say the words of I love to anymore
  26. You give me reasons to believe in love
  27. I know this may be cliché but I will love you till my limbs go frail
  28. If my heart has a space then you own all of it
  29. I always despaired on true love until you prove love to me
  30. Being with you even the harder days seems easy
  31. I don’t know much but I know I love you and I will do anything for you
  32. If I could die for anyone you’d be the only option
  33. You are by far the best thing to have happened to the blandness of my life
  34. Though life has given many downs, your love is a good way to have offset all the worst part of my life
  35. I love you and though you may get tired of hearing it, I’ll never tire of saying it
  36. Just like the Sun, my love for you would never grow cold nor become old
  37. I am so in love with you that the poverty of the English Language would pale to say how much I hold you in my heart
  38. Like the destruction of Pompeii walls, you came into my heart and knocked down my walls like Mount Vesuvius
  39. In love with you so much, you are my everything
  40. I have nothing more that I’d rather have more than you I’m my life
  41. I want all of you forever and always you and I till we are grey and old
  42. Well, it was a million tiny little things that, when you added them all up, they meant we were supposed to be together…and I knew it. I knew it the very first time I touched you.”
    Sam Baldwin
  43. More than the worth of gold, you love is more invaluable than diamonds and pearls
  44. Out of all of the girls, you are my one and only girl and there ain’t no one for me in the world tonight.
    John Legend
  45. I may not always make you see it but I love you against reason
  46. If ever there’s a day I stop in loving you then death would have been better
  47. You are one right thing to undo all the wrong I’m my life
  48. Being your other half is the only thing that matters to me when all other matter smear me in the face
  49. If we never met, I would have missed you in my life
  50. And I met you and life made more sense
  51. You are like a dream which reality gave me in all of its unbelievability





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