Hey! is there that guy/girl that catches your attention each time or that one who you long have had a thing for that maybe already is your friend and favorite person but not to the level of a kind of relationship beyond the platonic.
Almost everyone not amoral and to the level of dating have a crush and most times we just want to know more about them but almost all the time we are marred by our taciturnity that precludes us from taking that bold step.
Well, this list is just what you need to get more information about that guy/girl you adore so much as it is carefully penned especially for that sake, so all you need do is be man enough to walk up to him/her and you gat all you need for a very interesting conversation that will drag on long and fruitfully.

                 60 Questions To Ask Your Crush

  1. How do you view marriage
  2. Best memory ever
  3. How do you like your man/woman
  4. Have you ever been led on blindly before
  5. What makes you, you
  6. Your best evergreen song
  7. Have you ever told a crush you liked them before
  8. Love or Sex?
  9. Your best friend?
  10. Best memory of high school
  11. What makes you happy to be of your own sex
  12. Have someone ever played on your emotions before
  13. Are you the Ed Sheeran kind of person or a Lil Wayne
  14. How long would you hope to live
  15. What do you think of when you think of the future
  16. What is the most indelible someone of the opposite sex ever left on you
  17. Do you believe in religion
  18. Do you believe in God
  19. Do you believe in love at first sight
  20. How long has your longest hug taken?
  21. Love or Sex?
  22. Hip Hop or Blues
  23. How much would you be worth in cash if you could be asked
  24. What makes you your saddest
  25. Have you thought of owning a sex doll
  26. How long have you ever been at intervals without sex
  27. What makes a perfect couple for you
  28. What’s the most sensual thing you have ever done outside the bedroom
  29. What is the definition of a good time to you
  30. Have you ever lived a lie before
  31. What makes you horny for someone of the opposite sex
  32. Would you ever consider housewifery for someone you love if they asked
  33. How often do you think about the future
  34. What would you like to be remembered for when you die
  35. Do you think relationships are overrated
  36. What is your worst day defined by
  37. What would you do if you saw yourself falling in love with a guy who doesn’t love you
  38. How would you like to be known for being a happy mother/father or a happy entrepreneur
  39. Number one in the Forbes List or Number one in your son’s life
  40. What is the best legacy till like to be remembered for
  41. Do you believe in true love
  42. What would you do if you were shown the person you were destined to wed and you don’t like him or her
  43. Your best movie
  44. Your best friend that started not so
  45. Have you ever been in an unrequited position of love before
  46. What makes you happy about your body the most
  47. Have you ever had feelings for a professed friend before
  48. When do you make out time for yourself
  49. Have you ever been blinded by lust before
  50. Do you often think of your future spouse
  51. How do you conceptualize your future spouse
  52. Do you think there’s truth in the eyes
  53. What’s the lamest love story you ever heard
  54. Have you ever been passive in a relationship before
  55. What if you found out you were HIV positive, who would you think would be the cause
  56. What if I told you I love you, would you be able to date a guy like me


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