We were not born nor made to be alone and this is beyond truth itself as it carries a good number of message as to reason we are the way we are. Mankind is born to relate with kinds as himself and this includes especially, one of the opposite sex and sometimes when we get with the kinds we would want to know about we are often lost for words and that’s the more reason these here is the reason for this list as it has it all.

These list will let you in on insights regarding your friend and have more knowledge especially about him. Here are the questions that you can ask him;

                  60+ Personal Question To Ask Him

  1. Has your heart ever flown at a pace like a fiery footed steed just by seeing someone before
  2. Have you ever had a failed kissed with someone before
  3. Have you had a cause you thought you could die for before
  4. How much do you think is right for couples to have sex a week
  5. How would you feel if you were reborn again.
    Would you have made all the decisions you made now
  6. Do you think Mother Nature is truly flawless
  7. Have you any sibling you like less more than the rest
  8. How many female friends do you think is best to have
  9. What is the one thing that makes you the more like your family over everyone else that will be missing in your life if they were not there
  10. Have you ever had suicidal thoughts
  11. Have you ever made out passively with anyone before
  12. Do you believe in Freemasonry
  13. What have you hated most that you ventured into blindly before
  14. Have you ever fallen in love with someone that you believed you’d marry at the end before
  15. What was your greatest mortification of yours childhood
  16. Do you think there is marriage in heaven
  17. Do you think there is a social system in heaven
  18. Do you think there is a truth in all of history
  19. A rover’s way or a committed relationship?
  20. What time is best for settling down for you
  21. Do you think you are deserving of loyalty in your life
  22. How well have you been good in your life
  23. Do you believe in religion
  24. How well an esteem do you place on the existence of God
  25. Do you think you have what it takes to impact good virtues as a father to your children
  26. Has anyone ever treated you more like a trophy than a person
  27. What do you think you would have loved if you lived in the 80’s
  28. Why do you think they say money is not everything
  29. What do to you hope the future would turn out like
  30. How do you spend your me-time
  31. Have you ever cheated before
  32. Have you had a one night stand before
  33. Have you ever wished you were destined to be something outside yourself before
  34. Have you ever cursed your parent in your heart before
  35. Have you ever been made to believe in religious lies before
  36. What is the greatest lie you have been fed
  37. Have you ever two-timed before
  38. Can you tell someone to desist from masturbation
  39. Have you ever been blind in love before
  40. Have you been a side bae before
  41. What do you think about marriage
  42. Have you ever been the fool in a relationship before
  43. Have you ever patronized a courtesan before
  44. What was the thing you wish most for
  45. Have you had a French Kiss before
  46. When have you ever been your worst
  47. Have you ever been sued before
  48. Have you ever doubted the world would ever come to an end as is believed
  49. Do you often you owe it to yourself to be good and not some being in the sky
  50. What do you think about homosexuality
  51. Do you think you are good
  52. Have you ever been cheated on before
  53. Have you ever had the privilege of being in love before
  54. Have you ever failed in a relationship before which was by virtue of your fault
  55. Have you ever believed in ghost before
  56. Have you ever been depressed
  57. Do you think you would have been better off with another family
  58. What’s the most mortified you ever felt
  59. Have you ever drunk to stupor before
  60. At what age did you lose your virginity
  61. What makes you happy that should not
  62. When last did you have the thought of nostalgia so much that you wish you could just back into the past
  63. Do you think you could ever take an oath with someone


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