Fun questions are her to help you have fun or stoke the fun in your conversation because as we have highlighted people are always what their sum of conversation are about and we cannot deny that a well concocted conversation and relationship depends mainly on how they have form a very good intimacy between each other.

Here are just that kind to help you asking the right questions which are sometimes solemn in tone but in effect are to make you have a worthy conversation as is the most important.

                 70 Fun Questions To Ask A Girl

  1. Do you worry sometimes you won’t live your dream life
  2. The funkiest song you ever danced to
  3. Have you ever hit it up with someone after a first date before
  4. How would you see the idea of love at first sight
  5. Do you think the philosophies or life really define life or it is just an hotchpotch of randomness and luck
  6. Do you think you haven’t done enough to deserve a more befitting life
  7. How well do you think you’ll make a good wife than a career woman
  8. Do think there’s more to you left untouched the world does not know
  9. Have you ever contemplated suicide before
  10. Do you think you deserve more than life had given to you
  11. How well do you trust yourself in the presence of an adverse influence
  12. Do you believe every woman should have the and discretion of abortion
  13. How often have your ideals of life impeded your common growth
  14. Do you think feminism can ever not segue into extremism
  15. Have you ever needed a surgery before
  16. What gets you lost in reverie the most
  17. Do you think there could be a tint of good in bad
  18. Have you ever had advances from a pronounced prostitute before
  19. Have you ever been drunk on wine by conniving friends before
  20. Have you attended the Olympics before
  21. Have you ever spent a monthly salary in a sitting before
  22. What’s the worst thing you ever done on a dare you lost
  23. Have you ever skipped a class for a party before
  24. When did you have your first kiss
  25. What’s the worst line you ever gave a girl you took on a date
  26. Have you ever dared someone you on something you would not dare trying before
  27. What’s the one thing you believe in but just don’t know how to explain in words
  28. Do you believe in living for the moment
  29. What’s the one thing you would not dare try that your friends do
  30. Do you believe in the idea of the end of the world
  31. Have you led a lie before
  32. What makes you happy most about yourself
  33. What if you had a wish today, what would you spend it on
  34. How would you cope sexually if all the persons of the opposite sex are wiped off the face of the earth
  35. What inspires you the most to follow your dream
  36. Who would make in your celebrity clique of five in which you are to be one
  37. How do you plan on living if you were told you’ll have to do that without internet for 3 years
  38. Who do you think you’ll like to make your wildest fantasy with
  39. Do you believe that one sided love can ever yield something good at the long run
  40. Is there anything you’d give everything else for in your life
    What scares you most
  41. Birthday anniversary you loved the most
  42. Have you ever shot a gun before
  43. What would you do if you were liked by someone of a different sexual inclination
  44. Is there a lesson you learnt from the your pasts relationship you still repeat every time again
  45. What do you hope to accomplish in the next ten years
  46. Is there a thing you know you’ll regret but still cannot stop yourself from having
  47. What till now is your greatest addiction
  48. Have you ever been caught cheating before
  49. Do you worry sometimes you will end up only chasing the wrong things about life
  50. Number one thing you will never try even on your death bed
  51. Do you think you can ever love a person 15 year older than you are
  52. Do you believe in the afterlife
  53. What’s fun defined by to you
  54. What’s the best thing you ever did out of love
  55. Can your worst enemy now ever make it as your best friend
  56. Would you beat the stereotype to ask a guy out
  57. Would you ever dare to dare someone to kiss you
  58. How often do you muse on your future
  59. What’s the most intrepid you ever dared
  60. Would you like to be remembered but die young or relatively forgotten yet live long
  61. Would you rather be a happy husband or a happy father
  62. Wisdom or Money?
  63. How would you do things differently if you were of the opposite sex
  64. What’s your wildest fantasy
  65. What’s the craziest thing you ever wish you could try
  66. How long has your longest kiss taken?
  67. Do you think your life would make for a good and didactic Hollywood story
  68. Have you ever had to beg to be loved before
  69. By whom would you not care for mortification all because of your soft heart towards him/her
  70. Do you believe in forever-in-love


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