Believe it or not, be the debonair, be the guy with the fat pocket, be the guy with all the swag, but without being able to engage long in a conversation with someone will get you nowhere as conversations are a great part of our lives and without which no lasting bond or relationship can form, ask Juliet and Romeo, be it sensual or platonic, every thing revolves around having a well structured conversation that can drag for hours and still not seem tedious.
Interesting Questions To Ask A Girl
Here are many conversation starters for you tailor made to help you in whatever way you wish to gear a conversation;

             70 Interesting Questions To Ask A Girl

  1. How would you feel if you found out that you had a twin sibling all along
  2. Have you ever French kissed before
  3. Have you ever seen a dead body before
  4. What makes you happy that should not
  5. Have you ever led someone on before
  6. What do you see your future as looking like
  7. Do you think you’ll make a better wife than career woman
  8. Do you believe in Ghosts
  9. Who’s your favorite Grecian mythology character
  10. Ever caught an endemic flu before
  11. Have you ever thought if this world hasn’t been predicated on an hoax before
  12. Have you ever felt the butterfly-in-the-stomach feeling before
  13. Michael Jackson Or Lionel Richie
  14. What makes you funky the most
  15. Have you ever faked a test result before after flunking it
  16. What is your greatest regret ever
  17. What’s your most hidden sexual fantasy
  18. What do you think about the growing list of pedophile case last year
  19. Sam Smith or Ed Sheeran
  20. Have you ever had a blood oath before
  21. What makes you sad most about your past
  22. Who or What is your greatest bane on earth
  23. What would you do for fun if social Jesus was not an option in your life
  24. Grammy’s Night to Oscar’s
  25. Best Country song you ever heard
  26. Have you ever faced a gravel before
  27. Do you have any worst thing you ever experienced that no one can ever be privy to
  28. If you were face to face with God today, what is the one thing you’ll ask him
  29. What’s your greatest wish unfulfilled
  30. Whatever we your greatest wish fulfilled
  31. Do you think even the most callous prisoners deserve to be treated well behind bars
  32. What’s your take on euthanasia
  33. Have you ever thought how living without internet for a month would be like
  34. Do you think we are predestined
  35. Kool and the Gang or Beatles
  36. Can you confidently say you are a good person
  37. How much is too much you regarding following a dream
  38. Do you think you deserve the best chance to live based on the way you have lived
  39. Do you think one person can change the world
  40. What is the one thing that can make you contemplate murder
  41. Your best costume you ever wore, what inspired it
  42. What’s the toughest you’ve ever seen of life
  43. Ever cheated on a science project before
  44. Favorite Christmas movie you saw
  45. Favorite Christmas song you ever heard
  46. Favorite Christmas memory
  47. Has there ever been a time you cried because of a guy before
  48. “Best things in life are free”, What’s your take on this
  49. What’s the worst that ever happened to you
  50. What’s the worst that can ever happen to you
  51. Have you ever kept on in a relationship because of emotional blackmail before
  52. Do you think there’s a heaven
  53. Is there something you’ll happily be martyred for
  54. What was your greatest birthday present
  55. Ever had a faltered relationship that was your fault
  56. Do you think life is truly unfair as they say
  57. What do you think of the new world order conspiracy
  58. Do you believe there’s something that can forever be hidden
  59. If people die, where do you think they go
  60. Body goals and why
  61. Can you marry just for money
  62. Have you ever had a much older boyfriend before
  63. Fine guy or Rich and hideous
  64. What’s heaven on earth to you
  65. When last did you have a bad sex
  66. Your love language?
  67. Do you believe in hexes
  68. What makes a man perfect to you
  69. Have you ever had a fire incident before
  70. Have you ever called the cops before
  71. What makes a perfect day for you


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