Many reasons are why lovers fall in love. To one it is so simple a thing as her beautiful inside, to others her warmth, a moment shared or something more inexplicable.

Many have said enough of the hands of Fate in love, many has proclaimed live a mere happenstance whilst others are happy to not give much thought about how, it’s really catchy to get to relate to your lover what drew them to you most and the other way round too.

70 Things I Love About You

Love is such beautiful a thing and with all the billion lovers in the world, the world seems not to get the fill of them because love itself is a subject that brings to life others and nothing is better than having to expressly tell that lover that you love them and really catch their attention with the well written lines

Those magical words that he said listlessly, that first gaze, the times when you are not all in the right shape of mind and just an act from him was all it took, the dinner dates, the chivalrous deeds he employed with you and even the slightest bit of care he showed that escalated in your heart that made you love him more.

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To be in a relationship you ought to have shared moments as that and being able to indite them in words is the trick to a romance gone well. This list of 70 works perfectly fine and it’s what you could possibly need to get that one you love into the right romantic mood as you feel.

70 Things I Love About You

  1. Because you make me feel I mean something to someone
  2. Because you fill me with hope
  3. Your body
  4. Your charms
  5. Your sweet nature
  6. Your caring disposition
  7. Your kindness
  8. How you are so down to earth
  9. How you see the world
  10. Your faith in even the worst of things
  11. How you could light my world by one look
  12. Your carefree spirit
  13. The way you walk
  14. The way you look at me
  15. Because of you innocent disposition which makes me trust myself with you
  16. The way you hold me
  17. The way you say “I love you”
  18. The way you depend on me
  19. You make me feel I have a purpose
  20. The way you call my name
  21. The grace in the way you walk
  22. Because even when you are mad at me, I feel you love me still
  23. Because you are everything other girls are not
  24. The way you smile
  25. How you make me love life
  26. You are immaculate
  27. Your aura of warmth
  28. Your intelligence
  29. You are a congenial spirit
  30. Because you share my interest
  31. Your larger than life disposition
  32. Your amiable attitude
  33. You help me become my best
  34. You care about me
  35. You were there when I needed someone
  36. You showed me what love was about
  37. You know me better than anyone else
  38. You have seen my worst yet you stayed
  39. Because over the years I have come to trust you even with my fears
  40. You are smart
  41. You are beautiful
  42. You treat me like a princess
  43. You are funny
  44. You are honest
  45. You make me laugh constantly
  46. You make me smile for no reason
  47. Because you make me know what love is
  48. Because of the way you care for me
  49. Because no one I ever met can take your place
  50. Because you are my world
  51. Because of the little things you do that adds up to make me love you everyday
  52. Because of how you make me feel
  53. Your honesty
  54. Your constancy
  55. Your friendliness and liveliness
  56. Your beauty
  57. Your perfection
  58. Your ability to make me forget my woes
  59. Your childishness
  60. Your passion for life
  61. Your optimism
  62. Your demeanor
  63. Your gaiety
  64. Your idea about anything and everything
  65. The way you carry yourself
  66. The way you smell
  67. The way you care for me
  68. The way you act even in times of despair
  69. Your openness
  70. Your perfectly made figure


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