Never have I ever questions can be a very useful tool to have very fun conversation with your other, they depend on however you want them to be availed for discuss purpose especially when it comes to age grades as you can pick the most germane that works perfectly for you. Never have I ever questions could be thrown in sunder ways especially you serving as preamble to the speech, never have I ever and give them the floor to go on.
The points game, one exciting way is as though making a circle is to sit or stand thus then say something you have not done before using the catchphrase, “never have I ever”….. then of the person that follows have or is culpable to have faltered where you have just named, they lose points to you and then the person says something they have not indulged in too or done and so on.
By virtue of the common way it is done, you will have ten points with which your are too start or begin with from which is added or subtracted at any point in time, with scores kept at instances in whatever way you wish, the last person who has the lowest is termed the last. With many people this game is quite one to enjoy and if one had been privy of how it happened, it only makes it even the more better.
But secondly, the most hedonistic way and fun-filled of them is the Drinking Game and with this, you avail the use of drinks as point system in stead of actual points with sips of drinks taken as usual as you fail.
Everyone forms a circle and aforesaid, you begin the list as you will “Never have I ever been broke at any point in time” and if someone instead has failed in this aspect they would take turn to gulp from a drink instead and then, it passes to the next person and so on.
The truth is there is not in so much as a winner as the main aim is to have fun and especially to get drunk, the loser, (especially if it’s a person who is known for refusing drinks). Now if many people take a drink, usually the group will ask for details or some kind of story but then if no one does, then the person who says “never have I” does the drinking.

                      90+ Never have I ever Lines

  1. Ever been drunk before
  2. Ever beentTwo-timed
  3. Ever cheated in an exam
  4. Ever slept off in a class before
  5. Ever been kidnappe
  6. Ever mistaken lust for love before
  7. Ever taken drugs befor
  8. Ever lost a bet
  9. Ever followed a fantasy
  10. Ever fought in Public
  11. Ever been bullied
  12. Ever been sued
  13. Ever drunk drive
  14. Ever had sex in a party before
  15. Ever been in a cell before
  16. Ever jaywalked before
  17. Ever saw an MJ’s concert
  18. Ever stole before
  19. Ever made our with your best friend’s ex
  20. Ever witnessed a rape
  21. Ever saw a corpse
  22. Ever witnessed death live
  23. Ever reneged a promise to marry before
  24. Ever had a failed date before
  25. Ever made a public gaffe before
  26. Ever had an oral before
  27. Ever had surgery before
  28. Ever seen a very important celebrity before
  29. Ever stood up against racism before
  30. Ever had an accident being behind the wheels before
  31. Ever aborted
  32. Ever seen a fire accident
  33. Ever had a wardrobe malfunction
  34. Ever taken alcohol
  35. Ever used Codeine improperly to get drunk before
  36. Ever fought for a girl
  37. Ever had a cat fight with a girl before(if a girl)
  38. Ever had a bad experience with cops before
  39. Went two days without a bath
  40. Ever kissed someone of the same sex
  41. Ever liked Beatles
  42. Ever understood the craze about Michael Jackson
  43. Ever broken age bone
  44. Ever lit a cigarette
  45. Ever slept overnight at a girl’s place
  46. Ever been to Paris
  47. Ever had a face off with burglars
  48. Ever witnessed a street brawl
  49. Ever understood the craze about Romeo and Juliet
  50. Ever been a play boy
  51. Ever ran from home
  52. Ever driven without a license
  53. Ever indulged in cyber fraudulent schemes
  54. Ever learnt another language
  55. Ever disrespected another culture
  56. Ever swore falsely
  57. Ever kissed a random girl before
  58. Ever slept with a random guy before (if a girl)
  59. Ever been courted by someone of the same sex before
  60. Ever hated people for religion sake
  61. Ever broken someone’s bone.
  62. Ever had to cook for myself
  63. Ever completely botched a job
  64. Ever shot a gun.
  65. Ever had to hitch a ride before
  66. Ever cheated on a test
  67. Ever dined and dashed
  68. Ever fell from a storey
  69. Ever fallen in love at first sight.
  70. Ever had to visit the hospital for fear of STDs before
  71. Ever woken up stunned to be in a room you don’t know recall being into the night before
  72. Ever seen your crush making out with your rival
  73. Ever said “I love you” to someone you didn’t mean
  74. Ever hacked someone’s device
  75. Ever been trapped in an elevator.
  76. Ever sung karaoke in front of people.
  77. Ever been seen on TV
  78. Ever pressed send and then immediately regretted it.
  79. Ever patronized courtesans
  80. Ever lost to a rival
  81. Ever touched a lady’s breast
  82. Ever binge-watched a show
  83. Ever had a Deja Vu
  84. Ever lied about being celibate
  85. Ever had a cause to be ashamed of my beliefs
  86. Ever had sex with a sex doll
  87. Ever hated someone because of difference in character
  88. Ever had a signed autograph from a celebrity before
  89. Ever initiated a love affair before
  90. Ever lost myself in a party before
  91. Ever been mortified in an ATM queue before
  92. Ever were in a clique
  93. Ever followed religiously, a show


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