Need to try something different to spice up your love life? Check out these 99 creative & romantic ways to say i love you differently which that special person would appreciate

Do well to note that as Shakespeare said, Love looks not with the eyes but with the Mind, so they say Love, as Cupid, is blind, while many may differ on this moot mention, it’s not of lovers to think much on it but continue to tend and dote on that lover of theirs.

99 Creative & Romantic Ways to Say I Love You Differently

Love is more the merrier, the more you love the more you want to be swept in it because it can be as ennobling to the heart, body and soul.

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Consequently writers and poets have devised ways since time immemorial, words to describe how much they love and words to show exactly that, it’s mine to bring to you these many lovely words to say “I love you” you could use for your other half to swoon her eternally.

99 Creative & Romantic Ways to Say I Love You Differently

  1. I could forever dote on you
  2. You hold me sway
  3. My heart is in thrall with yours
  4. I am enamored of you
  5. You are my devotion’s worth
  6. I revere you
  7. I admire you
  8. Your love holds me down
  9. You are my lull
  10. You are dear to my heart
  11. You are unique in my heart
  12. You are of a like to me
  13. The sum of you to me, no two sums can make
  14. I need you more than air
  15. You are my sustenance
  16. You are my balm
  17. You hold my smiling face in your hand
  18. Love is dead to me without you
  19. You are my delight
  20. You are my everything
  21. You are the colors in my rainbow
  22. My passion seed are you
  23. I adulate you
  24. I venerate you
  25. You are the birth of love I’m my heart
  26. You are my other half
  27. Your are the only one by whom I want my heart to be spoken for
  28. You are my soul mate
  29. My better half
  30. My congenial spirit are you
  31. You are my world and beyond
  32. Your are my universe
  33. My eternal crush
  34. You are my eternal sunshine
  35. You are worth all the reason why
  36. You are a dame to kill for
  37. You are my cynosure to bliss
  38. Your are my heaven above
  39. You are my haven
  40. You are all I cherish
  41. Your heart is all I can swear fealty
  42. Your are all I treasure most
  43. You are my most prized wish
  44. You are worth more to me than Gold
  45. You are like my favorite play on a repeat
  46. Your are always appreciable in my heart
  47. You are the life in my strife
  48. You are evergreen in my heart
  49. You are the colors in my life
  50. You are my heaven sent
  51. Your are my angel
  52. You to me are everything
  53. You are my most wanted want
  54. You are worth more than silver and gold
  55. You are to me of more value than platinum
  56. Your are my wellspring of joy
  57. Your are my source of joy
  58. You are my reason in any season
  59. You are my only desire
  60. I hold you with undying fondness in my heart
  61. You are my heart’s asset
  62. You are the lyrics to my heart beat
  63. You are the pulse in my soul
  64. You are like nectar to my soul
  65. I hold you with unmatched reverence
  66. My love for you is as a perennial
  67. My heart beat sings for you
  68. I can forever dote on you
  69. You are my dream
  70. You are my fairy tale ending
  71. You are my queen
  72. Your are the only one I want in thrones of my heart
  73. Your heart is my shrine
  74. A gaze at you is like a look towards heaven
  75. You are my sinew
  76. You are the reason I breathe
  77. You are the reason I love life
  78. I hold you dearer than anything else
  79. You hold the strings to my heart
  80. You are my fruition to my long-wished prayer
  81. You are my heaven on earth
  82. You are the only one I wish as my pillow sharer
  83. You are my heart holder
  84. You sunbeam my heart
  85. You are my giver of wings
  86. Your are the moon of my heart
  87. Your are my sheath of arms
  88. Your are my life’s enricher
  89. Your are my heart of hearts
  90. Your are my hearts treasure
  91. You are my island of blessings
  92. You are my treasured-companion
  93. You are the star of my mind
  94. You are my manna from above
  95. You are my kisser of tears
  96. Your lips is like my potion
  97. You are my everyday delight
  98. You are my heart’s constancy
  99. You are my gift from God

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