Welcome aboard mates!

This site is the home port for Richard Marcinko, the Rogue Warrior. It’s a place for like-minded people with similar interests to come together to be part of a Team, to learn more about Dick Marcinko, his books, projects, views, and have lively discussions/debates on all topics: military, Special Forces, leadership, personal topics, jokes, family, hell, even politics and religion … you name it and we’ll discuss it. Even Marcinko scoots in to express his views, share his wisdom, and possibly his war stories on the discussion Boards.

For full membership, you have the added opportunity to join in SCRAM for BS chat sessions with other Team members. Marcinko is known for dropping in (he may be one hell of a leader but he can’t type worth a damn)! Full members can also attend the Annual Muster and mini Musters. The Annual Muster is a weekend long gathering of Team members AND Marcinko! Mini Musters are gatherings held through out the year at different locations for those who can’t make it to the Annual Muster (Marcinko attends these as his schedule permits).

Pull up a chair and grab a cold one!

Welcome aboard all who bring honesty, integrity, loyalty, and Team spirit!