Being a member of the Rogue Warrior site is a "privilege" and not a "right". "Privilege" means ... it’s an advantage, right, or benefit that is "not available to everyone" ... meaning ... we are all here with the "stipulation" that we won’t abuse the site or our fellow Team members. Just because someone paid for Full membership does not give them the "right" to be a member unless they abide by the same expectations that apply to all Team members.


Now hear this... we are all Team members here! Everyone will be treated the same... with respect! The "Chain of Command" is: First, Board Administrator and Dick Marcinko, Second, All Team Members! Personal attacks, slamming, causing trouble or harassing Team members will not be tolerated. We enjoy heated discussions, different opinions, or just plain BS but if a storm starts brewing, the administrator or Marcinko will decide if a "CEASE FIRE" (End of Discussion) is necessary. Once they call a "CEASE FIRE", that thread or topic is considered "DEAD/CLOSED" and stops immediately! To continue would be disrespectful to Marcinko and other Team Members. If you want to continue the discussion AND have willing participants, take it elsewhere.


  • First offense, a "reminder"
  • Second offense, a temporary suspension (1 week)
  • Third offense, suspension from RW Site (one to six months)
  • Fourth, is permanent removal OR a one YEAR suspension

If long term or permanent removal becomes necessary, the offender forfeits his membership, all membership benefits and rights. They will not be permitted access to the site and will not be refunded membership dues.

Membership Agreement

By becoming a member of and logging in, we understand fully, and agree to abide by and honor the "Site Goals", "Code of Conduct" and the "Violation Consequences". We anticipate changes will be made to this site from time to time. By our continued use, we are stating our agreement with these changes. If the Board Administrator or Dick Marcinko believes the "Code of Conduct" has been violated, the offender will accept the consequences as deemed appropriate by the Administrator or Marcinko, which may include long term or permanent removal. Any questions should be directed to the Administrator and/or Dick Marcinko PRIOR to logging in and becoming a member.


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