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Before getting started with the topic of today, first, let’s talk a bit about the consumption of water and why is it the need of the hour that we all realize that drinking water is necessary for us and our body.

A Step By Step Guide To Choose The Best 1 Liter Glass Water Bottle

1 Liter Glass Water Bottle

You see we all know the fact that our body is 70% of water and there is no chance that you should ever go a day without drinking water because if you are going to dehydrate your body, it is then going to come with reactions that you’ve never even thought of.

In fact, it is a proven fact that not drinking enough water starts the development of certain infections and diseases in the body and this obviously is something that no one wants.

Now if you ask people why they don’t drink water then they will probably tell you that they forget to drink water or they don’t find enough to think or remember about drinking water.

This actually is a very very common thing and even this happens to us too that there comes a time when we are so busy and indulged in an activity that we forget that our body is asking for water.

However, if you are someone who also has this problem of forgetting to drink water then we have a solution for you and the solution is to carry a water bottle with you whether you are on work, whether you are on a trip and even if you are travelling through flight, you should always have a water bottle with you because that is the one thing that will constantly remind you to drink water.

Today in this article we are here with a compilation of some of the best 1-liter glass water bottle.

Yes, you read it right, here we are going to tell you about glass water bottles only because the other material such as plastic is not good for your health as it comes with several chemicals in it and we all unknowingly consume those chemicals when we drink water from the plastic bottles.

The Best 1 Litre Glass Water Bottles Of 2018

1. Justfwater Sports Glass Water Bottle 32 oz

Justfwater Sports Glass Water Bottle 32 oz

The Justfwater sports glass water is unique in design and the thing to be appreciated about it is that this bottle comes with a clear borosilicate glass that is the safest material for water consumption. Another good thing about this water bottle is that it comes with a protective sleeve that protects the glass from breaking if it falls.

Speaking of the borosilicate glass, this glass is famous for its chemical stability, it has a very low expansion rate and the best part about this material is that it comes with a high-temperature resistance which means that if you put hot beverage inside it, it will stay hot for a long time and if you put cold water inside, I will be staying cold for a longer duration.

You see there are times when certain water bottles have a very narrow and small opening and it comes difficult to put ice or fruits inside the bottle but with the Just water bottle,  you don’t have to worry about the opening because it is pretty wide and you can easily put whatever you want inside.

Another reason why this bottle is great is that it comes with no cadmium, BPA or BPS inside that can be dangerous for your health. In order to wash it, you just have to take the protection off and then put it in the dishwasher to wash away all the dirt.

Easy to use, easy to clean and extremely safe, these three are the main factors that describe this amazing sports water bottle. So, why are you waiting now? Get your hands on this glass water bottle and we assure you that you will love the quality with which it comes.

2. bkr BEST Original Glass Water Bottle

bkr BEST Original Glass Water Bottle - Premium Quality - Soft Silicone Protective Sleeve - BPA Free - Dishwasher Safe

The bkr water bottle, also pronounced as the beaker water bottle is another amazing high-quality bottle that gives you the opportunity to stay healthy and drink clean.

The glass used to make this bottle is super fly and the bkr company always makes sure that they are providing quality material to their customers. The best part about this bottle is that it comes with a silicone protective sleeve that helps you in protecting the glass if the bottle ever falls to the ground.

The silicone sleeve not only protects the glass in fact, it provides insulation to whatever beverage is inside. Also, the cover of the bottle is so soft and strong when it comes to grip that there are very less chances that it will ever fall off your hand. As far as the cleaning process is concerned.

Well, this bottle can easily be cleaned with the help of a dishwasher and you won’t have to remove the silicone sleeve too because the sleeve is also safe for dishwashing. But if you want to remove the sleeve then you can because it is pretty easy to take off and slip on the sleeve back once you’ve done all the washing.

The bkr water bottle is highly recommended for someone who is ready to invest a few more dollars on something that is high in quality and safe for use. So, if you are ready for some extra protection and extra quality then we suggest you get the bkr bottle for you and start living a healthy life by consuming the proper amount of water on daily basis.

3. 32 Oz Glass Water Bottle Silicone Sleeve

32 Oz Glass Water Bottle Silicone Sleeve Leak Proof Lid 1L Time Markings Measurements BPA Free For To-Go Travel At Home Reusable Safe For Hot Liquids Tea Coffee Daily Intake Drink - Xtremeglas Hydrate

The xtremeglas water bottle is unique in design and extremely safe too. The reason why it made it up to number 3 on our top 4 water bottles list is that the quality with which it comes is exceptional and especially the appearance of it is something to be appreciated.

The best part about this water bottle is that it comes in different colors and you can choose whatever color you like with complete ease. The glass used to make this bottle is of high quality and it is made extra thick so that it can stay sturdy and strong if it falls.

Speaking of dropping the water bottle, you won’t have to worry about the glass breaking because this bottle also comes with a silicone sleeve that is there to protect the glass and again, the glass inside is already very thick so the chances of damage are pretty less.

This bottle is large in size but it can fit only 1 liter of water inside so this can be helpful for you if you wish to monitor your daily water intake.

The opening of this bottle is medium wide and yes you can fit things inside easily. Moreover, the mouth of the bottle is leak proof as it is made up of stainless steel so again, you don’t have to worry about any damage to the bottle and to yourself too.

The only thing about this water bottle is that it is a little expensive but if you are ready to invest a little more in something that is high in quality then yes, you can opt for this bottle for sure and we assure you that you won’t regret spending even a single penny on it.

4. Swig Savvy Glass Water Bottle

Swig Savvy Glass Water Bottle – 20oz / 32oz Break-resistant Borosilicate Glass + Silicone Protective Sleeve. BPA-Free Durable & Stylish

If you are someone who wants a 100% pure drinking experience then yes the all new and innovative borosilicate glass water bottle is for you.

The best part about this bottle is that it is break resistant so you don’t have to worry about the drops and falls because this bottle won’t disappoint you with the quality and the performance.

The another amazing thing about this bottle is that it comes in a very unique and catchy style like the bottle looks quite appealing to all the other ones that we’ve mentioned earlier. With it, you will be able to enjoy a complete plastic free experience that means no chemicals and no other harmful substances going inside your body.

High in quality, good material, good in looks and above everything this water bottle is cheap in price too. So, don’t wait for any further and get your hands on this masterpiece as soon as possible before it goes out of stock.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

These are the best 4 glass water bottles of this year so now pick any one of the above-mentioned bottles and place your order right now to get the bottle delivered to your doorstep. We assure you that you won’t be disappointed with the quality at all.


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