Whether you are a beginner, a kid or a professional in arts, high technology 3D pens are well designed to help you improve on your artistic and creative talents.

3D pens feature plastic rods that are heated by the pen to bring out ink from the tip of the pen used in drawing fancy and creative images and one common feature of 3D pens is that they harden instantly and you can also use them in drawing objects down, sideways, up and across any angle so before purchasing a 3D pen.

best 3D pen

Here is a review on the top eight 3D pens available with their unique features:

 8 Best 3D Pen To Buy With Reviews

8. OSIR 3D Printer Pen

This product features a low temperature and a non-metallic nozzle design which helps in making excellent creation. This pen also fights against heat as it features a PLA/ABS plastic which quickly solidifies and cools into a stable structure that allows you carry out your tasks as well as not requiring additional software.

It also comes with an LCD display screen and a temperature adjustment button which ensures that you control the time and change the temperature when drawing. This pen is perfect for drawing 3D details and it is recommended for children above 8 years and adults.


7. iPeson 3D Printing Pen

This is a plastic 3d pen which comes with an LCD screen that helps in controlling temperature thereby making it ideal for artists, kids, creative individuals and hobby enthusiasm.

This pen process is a safe process as it features plastic which melts at a high temperature suitable for designing and drawing 3d objects either on a surface or in the air. This 3d pen comes with three loops for random color, PLA or ABS material and filament. Using this pen helps in selecting plastic filament and it also helps in the control of temperature and extrusion speed.


6. Professional 3D Printing Pen Kit

Using this pen helps in boosting and developing your creativity and imagination and asides being easy to use, it is perfect for use for every age and everyone.

This pen is a light and compact item which ensures that you can carry it along anywhere you go making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use and using this pen ensures safety for everyone as it consists of non-toxic and odorless ingredients. Other additional items in this package include a pen holder, small shovel and four colors filaments.


5. 3D Printing Pen Doodle Printer Pen

Using this pen helps you create fancy and exceptional 3D images and not only can you draw lines in the air with this pen but you can also build with this pen as it comes with an ABS plastic unlike other product that makes use of ink so you can make flower, butterfly, horses, toys as well as creating your very own EIFFEL tower.

This pen is portable so you can carry it along with you thereby allowing you make use of it both outdoor and indoor and it also comes with a power bank for extended use. One unique feature of this product is that it comes with an OLED screen which is better than LCD screens because you can adjust filament type and temperature on the OLED screen. This pen comes with a well-designed control which allows you design and create without feeling tired.

Other additional features of this pen includes a ceramic nozzle instead of copper nozzle because copper gives off much heat which could be harmful for your kids and it also feature an auto-shutoff option which turns off this pen few minutes of non-use.


4. AtmosFlare 3D Pen Set

This is a stylish 3D pen that features a special ink and an attractive blue LED light which allows for easy drawing and you can also draw vertically by moving the tip of this pen and squeezing it vertically.

This pen is well designed for use on buttons, non-sticky materials and coins which helps to improve your imagination and you can also create solid sheets of material by drawing on either curved or flat surfaces. You can easily clean this pen from your work area and your hands after use with hand sanitizer, baby wipes and even cleaners and soaps.

One unique feature of this pen is you can draw thicker shapes and thin lines over the top of your already finished work. This can be done by applying a little layer of ink and allowing to settle and once it gets settled, you can make it thicker with the light.


3. MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen

Using the MYNT3D professional printing 3D pen is perfect creating a remarkable 3-dimensional print, doddle and sketch images and this pen also comes with an adjustable feed that allows you control flow and speed for desirable control of material when drawing.

With this pen, you can adjust its temperature from 130 degrees to 240 degrees which allows for desirable fine tuning and it also features an OLED large display which allows you check the temperature of material needed to help you get varieties of effects.

Other additional features of this product includes A/C adapter, ABS plastic filament of about three colors and a comfortable and slim touch style.


2. 7TECH 3D Printing Pen

This Ver.2015 3d pen makes use of 1.75mm PLA or ABS filament which replaces ink with plastic in drawing 3d objects and this pen can also be used in tracing images on paper as well drawing or designing in the air.

Using this high quality pen helps to boost your imagination and brings them to life and you can also regulate temperature, extrusion speed and filament with this pen.

One unique feature of this pen is that it features an advanced clogging system which fights against jamming thereby helping to maintain this product and it is ideal for use for adults and children above eight years as well as for creative lovers, hobbyist and artists.


1. 3Doodler Create 3D Pen – with 50 Plastic Strands, No Mess, Non-Toxic (Sapphire Blue)

This product is well designed to help increase your imagination and bring them to reality and it is specially designed for decorating, building, fixing and even crafting objects.

This pen features an improved drive system which allows for a smoother and quieter operation and some of its newly improved features include ambient light bar, intuitive and simplified controls. Using this pen allows you draw both horizontally and vertically and it also features variety of plastics which are non-toxic, safe and leave no mess.

This is the only 3D pen to feature changeable nozzles and it also gives of heated plastic that hardens instantly thereby allowing you draw and design in 3D either on paper on in free air. This pen can also be used as a gift for everyone and it is perfect for crafters, professionals, hobbyists and artists.


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