Best Baby Carriers for HikingFor hiking lovers with a new baby to the family and you are faced with the possibility of taking this baby along on a hiking adventure but you probably don’t know the best baby carrier to make use of.

The time of stiff carriers has passed and there are numerous models to select from that ensures your baby safety, protection and also very convenient for use and without taking much of your time, let us show you the top five best baby carriers for hiking available on Amazon.

Reviews Of The 5 Best Baby Carriers for Hiking

5. MiaMily Hipster Plus Swiss Brand

MiaMily Hipster Plus Swiss Brand

Safety was taken into consideration when designing the MiaMily hipster carrier as it features duaflex buckles and self locking YKK zippers which ensures your baby stays firmly attached and it can also be adjusted easily from the back to the front thanks to its three way lock buckle design.

One advantage that comes with making use of this quality carrier is it fights against rubbing and back pain as it provides maximum comfort during use and it is also well designed to fit all sizes and shapes as well as supporting babies from aged three months to three years.


  1. Sturdy enough to go on hiking trips and other outdoor adventures
  2. Very secure and safe as it features various multi-angled positions
  3. Quite comfortable during use


  1. Its zipper at the seat and belt side tends to scratch your kids thigh


4. Baby Back Pack Cross Country Carrier

Baby Back Pack Cross Country Carrier

Featuring a weight of 5.1lbs, the baby back cross country carrier is an extremely lightweight but tough carrier as it is made using top quality aluminum frame material and one impressive feature of this cross country carrier is it boasts of a retractable canopy which ensures your baby stays protected from rain and sunshine.

Using this carrier ensures you feel secure, comfortable and cool thanks to its lumbar padding, hip belt and padded straps and it is suitable for kids aged six months to four years. It also features an extra large back pocket and multiple pockets which provide space for storing diapers and other important items.


  1. Well built as you can hike up to 8 miles while carrying a six month old baby
  2. Lightweight which ensures comfort during use
  3. Top quality and works as advertised


  1. Not suitable for people with height 5”2”


3. Ergonomic Baby Carrier for Infants and Toddlers

 Ergonomic Baby Carrier for Infants and Toddlers

Featuring three positions such as the facing in, sling and exploring position, this top rated carrier is ideal for nursing, monitoring the way your baby breathes and also for outdoor adventures. And thanks to its zip down design, this top quality carrier ensures that your baby remains cool by boosting relaxation and ventilation.

Safety was taken into consideration when designing this carrier as it is made using top quality and harmless fabrics which goes delicate on your baby’s skin while its wide shoulder and wide lumbar straps helps to get rid of pressure and make you feel comfortable during use.


  1. Made using top quality and extremely soft material which makes the baby feel comfortable
  2. Putting down its air flap also makes this carrier breathable for your little one
  3. Durable buckles and straps which ensures safety and comfort


  1. Baby tends to feel unsafe in it and starts to cry
  2. Wide seat which isn’t ideal for any baby


2. Ergobaby 360 All Carry Positions Award-Winning Ergonomic Baby Carrier

Ergobaby 360 All Carry Positions Award-Winning Ergonomic Baby Carrier

This Ergobaby all carry positions award winning carrier is highly recommended for nursing mothers nowadays as it guarantees easy breastfeeding and it also comes with a tuck-away hood which provides maximum coverage from sunlight and rain.

Thanks to its custom-fit design, this carrier can be adjusted easily to fit small sized and large sized bodies and it also boasts of multiple carrying positions which makes it suitable for infants and also grows with them.

Maximum support is guaranteed when making use of this carrier as it boasts of an easy to adjust bucket which also ensures you carry your baby in a comfortable position while its extra padded design ensures proper weight distribution evenly throughout the body.


  1. Easy and comfortable to wear
  2. Helps to get rid of back aches and pains
  3. Very simple and durable


  1. Mesh design tends to irritate your baby’s skin


1. Deuter Kid Comfort 1

Deuter Kid Comfort 1

One impressive feature of the Deuter kid comfort is its innovative AirComfort back system together with a flexible spring and mesh panel ensures enough ventilation for your little one and it also helps to get rid of heat build-up which tends to irritate your little one.

Another impressive feature is its VariFit system which ensures you adjust this carrier to your own convenience and this innovative system allows for swapping the carrier from mother to father without removing the child first.

Its sturdy handle makes lifting this carrier quite easy and it boasts of a microrip nylon and super polytex material makes this carrier quite durable and long lasting.



  1. Lightweight and comfortable for use
  2. Comes with enough storage space for saving diapers and other valuable items
  3. Its lightweight and comfortable design allows for long hours of hiking


  1. Doesn’t provide maximum back support



However, some factors you need to consider when selecting a baby carrier for hiking includes the size of your baby, freestanding design, storage options, type of frame and foldable design.

You are rest assured that every type of carrier listed in this review offers all of this factors so that you and your baby stays safe while you hike as well as making the experience an enjoyable one.


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