Looking For the best dolls for 2 year old babies to buy? Take a look at our reviews

A lot of girls and boys have a huge interest in playing and caring for baby dolls and due to the different types of dolls available in the market, parents find it difficult to select the best dolls that would excite their kids.

Best Baby Dolls for 2 Year Old

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Some of the most popular baby dolls include American Girls Dolls, Cabbage Patch Kids, Disney Princess dolls and lots more but this review will guide you through ten of the best baby dolls for 2 year old kid that will also enhance and have unique impacts in them.

10 Best Baby Dolls for 2 Year Old To Buy with Reviews

10. VTech Baby Amaze Peek 

Your baby can peek-a-boo with this interesting doll and this doll features four buttons which helps your baby in learning familiar songs, counting, learning body parts as well as nurturing concepts.

This VTech baby doll also comes with a timer which plays child-friendly and cheerful melodies for about fifteen minutes as well as featuring up to 60 exciting songs and phrases. Your baby can also pretend to be nurturing this doll as it also comes with a water bottle and this doll also requires 2 AA batteries to function.


9. Baby Alive Luv n Snuggle 

This doll is specially recommended for your little girl as it allows them experience fun and love of real babies. This baby-alive doll is a cuddly and soft doll which allows your daughter cuddle her and also care for her and this package also comes with a fun accessory which is necessary for care and comfort as well as a blanket which serves for sleeping purposes.

The thumb of this doll goes straight into its mouth similar to that of a real life baby and this will in return teach your little girl all it takes to be a mommy.


8. VTech Amaze Learn to Talk and Read

One of the interesting features of this doll is that it repeats and learns every word your baby speaks and this also puts a smile on your baby’s face or your baby can read to her from three vocabulary books that features over 70 household objects, foods and animals which also come included in the package.

This doll also enhances role play in your baby as it also comes with a bottle and a pacifier which encourages your child to nurture her doll and it features four buttons together with putting the pacifier and bottle in the dolls mouth gives your daughter an enjoyable and happy experience.


7. Carolle Calin Charming Pastel

This is considered as the perfect baby doll for your little baby and it features a soft body which allows for cuddling and its portable and lightweight size enables it to fit perfectly in your baby’s arms.

This doll has vanilla scented vinyl skin, soft to touch, open and close eyes together with a beautiful one piece pajama makes playing with this doll a memorable experience for your little one and will remain a favorite play toy that your baby will love for a very long time.


6. Melissa and Doug Mariana

This doll is created to help enhance a sense of wonder and imagination in your kid as well as helping them discover their purpose and passion. The Melissa and Doug Mariana baby doll has a perfect size which makes it very lovable and huggable and its pretty brown eyes and beautiful molded plastic hair will certainly wow your little kid.

This baby doll is well designed to sit like a real baby and it also comes with a Stylish and removable rosebud clothing. This dumb can also suck on the pacifier that is also included in the package or suck on its thumb.


5. Melissa & Doug MINE 

Your little kid will enjoy playing with this pose-able baby doll as it is well designed for cuddling and is also great for bath-time play. Annie as it is popularly called can sit comfortably on her potty chair, drink from her bottle and close and open and eyes and this doll also comes with pink neatly trimmed self stick diaper as well as a pacifier which she can suck on.

The Melissa to love Annie baby doll comes dressed in a stylish flowered and gingham outfit, matching bonnet as well as underpants and this doll promises to be a perfect companion for your little baby.


4. Gund 59033 

This is a pretty looking doll made from the highest polyester blend and it also features polka dot sleeves as well as lace accents with a stylish embroidered pink outfit while its blue eyes, blonde hair and elegant pink flower decorated hat will certainly amaze your kid.

This baby doll has ‘My First Dolly’ written on the dress and its embroidered nose and eyes features makes it very safe for your child to play with. This baby doll is 12 inch in height and you can keep this doll clean by washing it in a machine.

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3. Baby Starters Plush Snuggle Buddy

This your little one will definitely grow to love this cute baby doll as you can go anywhere with this loveable and super cute snuggle buddy. This doll will be a perfect companion for your baby as playing with it enhances interaction as well as providing comfort for your baby while its satin lining, quality soft fabric and beautiful character will certainly interest your baby.

It is also machine washable and thanks to its soft and plush texture which doesn’t only enhance cuddling but also serves as an extra security blanket for your little child.


2. Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Peach Soft Nurturing First Baby Doll

The Manhattan toy baby Stella peach soft nurturing first baby doll has embroidered and beautiful belly button and toes and it is also perfect for cuddling. This pretty looking doll comes dressed in a two piece, soft cloth that is very easy to put and take off and a pacifier and a removable cloth diaper also comes included in this package.

Your baby will fall in love with its embroidered facial looks as well as is soft tuft fleece hair and this baby doll will also ignite role play activities for your little kid.

This is also a perfect gift to give to any little kid and it is made by multiple award winning Baby Stella collection of nurturing, soft dolls and accessories.

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1. Melissa and Doug

This is a sweet smelling baby doll that is ideal for your little one and its soft cuddly body and cute looking face will make your baby fall in love with this baby doll while its legs and arms can also be wiped clean.

This baby doll comes dressed in pink from top to bottom and it also features a smocked and removable onesie together with a matching cap. The eyes of this baby doll can open and close and it is also capable of sucking on its pacifier that also comes with the package as well as sucking on its thumb.


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