Do you want your child to have fun and be playful? Check out our Best baby dolls for toddlers

Getting your child a toy to play with is an excellent idea as playing with toys help to improve physical and mental development in children. There are various toys parents can choose from but buying your child a doll seems to be a perfect choice especially in girls.

Best Baby Dolls For Toddlers

Popular baby dolls includes Madame Alexander, American Girls Dolls, Baby Alive and lots more but detailed below in this article is a list of the ten best baby dolls for toddlers based on reviews and popularity that will certainly be the best play toy for your kid.

10 Best Baby Dolls For Toddlers

10. Adora Playtime Baby Dot Vinyl

This 13 inch doll is a cuddly and lovable doll and is perfect for children of ages one and above. It features a lifelike baby power scented vinyl and also a bean bag bottom and a soothing satin body. The eyes of the doll can close and open and she can also suck on her pacifier or thumb.

This brown eyed doll is machine washable and hypoallergenic and that ensures she always stays clean, fresh and ready for play. It also comes with an embellished removable polka dot sleeper which is embroidered with a quality flower and Adora.


9. JC Toys, La Baby 20 Inch Soft Body Pink Play Doll

This doll will certainly wow your child as it looks so real and has a unique face that will brighten and decorate any room. It has a soft body which makes it fun to play and cuddle with while its hands, feet and head are made with a cushion-like and soft vinyl texture that feels exactly like a real skin.

The hair of the doll is sculpted vinyl and the doll’s eyes always stay open while legs and arms are non-detachable to ensure safety of your baby. It has a stylish washable onesie which can be easily removed using a simple Velcro strip.


8. JC Toys ‘Lots to Cuddle Babies’ 

When buying your baby a doll, you have to look out for a doll that is lovable, soft with a real look and this JC toy ‘lots to cuddle babies’ Hispanic doll certainly fits that description.

It comes dressed in a pastel long-sleeved onesie and a matching cap and also a pacifier and a pretend bottle for more fun. The bottle and a cupcake bib ensures that your child nurse his doll and maintain a smile and happy look on their face.

One of the unique features of this doll is it’s brown eyes that always leaves everyone amazed because they appear so real and its hands, legs and head is vinyl designed. This doll has a washable cloth that can be taken off easily with a Velcro strip while its hair is sculpted and the eyes are always wide open.


7. Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Peach Soft Nurturing First Baby Doll

The Manhattan toy baby Stella first nurturing doll has embroidered, cute toes, loves to cuddle, has belly button and is made from an ultra soft material. It comes dressed in a soft, two-piece cloth that can be easily put on and taken off and also a pacifier that attaches magnetically and an easy to remove cloth diaper.

It enhances create role play in your child and its soft tuft of fleece hair together with embroidered facial features will definitely thrill your child. It is certainly the best gift any parent or grandparent can give to any child and it is manufactured by multiple award winning company Baby Stella Collection of Soft, Nurturing Dolls Accessories.


6. JC Toys 15030_Ala Baby Play Doll

This soft baby doll has vinyl arms, legs and hands, has a realistic look and its lightweight makes it easy to hold. It is tested and approved and is recommended for children of ages two years and above.

This doll is easy to clean as you can wash the body with mild soap and warn water after taking off the stylish pink cloth and matching hat. Its soft texture enhances cuddling and helps your child develop nursing skills.

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5. La Newborn Nursery Baby Doll Gift Set

If you’re looking for a doll that’ll suit your two year old child then the La Newborn nursery 8 piece layette baby doll is what your child needs. This 14 inch baby doll comes neatly dressed in a blue cloth while the legs and arms are movable.

Each set comes with two blue clothes, booties, a hat, a birth certificate and diaper hospital bracelet. It has small fine toes, soft smiling face and bright happy toes. This doll is made from washable, non-scented vinyl material and it is water friendly and is guaranteed to last for years.


4. Melissa and Doug Mine to Love Brianna Soft Body Baby Doll 

This soft doll has a sweet scent that guarantees your child will fall in love with her. Melissa and Doug Mine to love Brianna doll comes dressed in an easy to remove two-piece cloth together with a flower and a charming embroidered heart.

It has a shiny brunette hair while its eyes can also open and close. She can suck on her pacifier or her thumb and can also sit up or lie down like a real baby.


3. Gund My First Dolly Brunette Stuffed Doll

Gund my first dolly doll is a plush doll that has polka dot sleeves, embroidered pink shirt with lace accents and it has the words “My First Dolly” embroidered on the dress. This doll has a decorated floppy pink hat with flowers, brown eyes and brown hair and it is recommended for all ages.

This doll is machine washable and it guarantees your baby’s safety as the doll’s features are all embroidered. This doll is manufactured from premium materials for quality huggability and softness.


2. Melissa and Doug Mine to Love Jenna  Soft Body Baby Doll

This Melissa and Doug mine to love jenna doll features a cuddly, soft and sweet body with wipe clean legs and arms. She can suck on her pacifier or thumb and her eyes can also open and close. Manufactured from exceptional value and quality and it also come with an easy to remove, smocked onesie together with a matching cap.


1. Paradise Galleries Lifelike Realistic Baby Doll

This 19 inch doll has gentle touch vinyl limbs and head and it comes with a hat, jacket, A jersey knit pastel pink floral print onesie, blanket, bottle, bib, booties, pacifier and the cutest giraffe plush friend.

Its hand painted details, brown eyes, hand applied eyelashes and dark brown hair gives it a unique look. This doll will definitely excite your child because of its heart-tugging realistic face and sweet brown eyes that are filled with love.

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