One of the best ways your child can have fun while growing up is by having some playsets at the backyard of your home. Be it metal or wooden, these playsets are designed to provide some of the best kid’s summertime and spring activities and they also help to keep your kids happy, entertained and active at the same time.

Best Backyard Playset for Kids

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If you are looking forward to getting your kids backyard playsets, on this page is a well detailed list of the ten best backyard playsets for your kids

Top 10 Best Backyard Playset for Kids

10. Backyard Discovery Woodridge II All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set

This playset comes with a 5-year pro-rated on wood for decay and rot and also a 1-year warranty manufacturer’s defect on parts. It possesses an open front sunporch and a huge raised clubhouse with covered side porch. There is a step ladder or a rock wall ladder to help your kids get to the elevated tunnel and the crow’s nest and there are plenty of rooms for everyone to play on the top.

For some monkey action, your kids can swing on two belts swings and the addition of the 10 inch wave slide makes this product more fun. Guaranteed to last for at least ten years, the woodridge is made from 100 percent cedar wood that is pre-stained, pre-drilled and pre-cut for easy assembling.

Cons: Boards don match up correctly and the quality of the wood used is very poor.


9. Backyard Discovery Skyfort II All Cedar Wood Swing Playset

This backyard playset has a wooden roof, balcony, gabled entry way and a raised clubhouse play fort but one of its interesting features is your kids will be able to cast a keen eye towards the horizon from the crow’s nest then race towards the monkey bars where they can swing on its 3-position swing beam.

Climbing will be fun and easier because of the standard ladder and rock wall together with a 10 inch wave slide helps them slide down to the start all over again.

8. 36″ inch Knobby Bounce Balls with Handle by Arts Creativity 

The reason why parents love this playset is because it is made from a high quality PVC material that guarantees maximum durability unlike other products and its 36 inch diameter provides a thrilling high bounce.

This product also comes with a free hand pump used to inflate balloons and it is beautiful because of the seven bright colors. This helps kids stay active and offers them good exercise.


7. Swing N Slide Pirate Ship Wheel

This playset is specially designed for kids of 12 months and 10 years. This swing n slide playset can also be attached to any other playset and it has a 12 inch plastic pirate ship wheel which helps to enhance imagination in kids.

It comes with hardware and illustrated plans for easy installation and it meets the ASTM safety standards for backyard residential use.


6. Kiddey 3PC. Kids Play Tent, Cubby – Tunnel – Teepee Pop-up Children Play Tent

The unique feature of this playset is that it is a 3-in-1 set meaning this set has a tunnel tent, a square tent and a triangular tent all in one and this set can also create a mini amusement park for your kids to play and enjoy themselves. It is portable and extremely lightweight and can be used in your backyard, inside the house, at the park or anywhere your kids can have fun and enjoy themselves.

It is made from a durable polyester fabric and a collapsible spring steel frame which fights against wear and tear and can be cleaned easily. Recommended for kids of ages 3 and above, this playset is easy to dismantle and assemble and it doesn’t require too much maintenance or much space for storage.


5. KidKraft Sparkle Mansion

This playset is manufactured from a high quality MDF material and it includes 30 pieces of detailed doll furniture and can also accommodate up to 12 inch tall fashion dolls. This playset can house allow multiple children play in it at once and the gliding elevator that takes dolls from the first floor to the second. It also comprises of a molded spiral staircase, separate backyard area together with a BBQ grill and a swimming pool.


4. Web Swing – 24 Inch Spider Rope Tree Swing – Outdoor Toy for Parks, Playground and Backyards

This playset is designed to let your kids have a nice experience while playing and it comes with a 5-year warranty, fully assembled and you can have your tree swing hanging in five minutes. It can be taken down when moving to a new home and for easy storage during the winter period.


3. Abeaco Playground Trapeze Bar with Rings Extra Long 38 Inch Heavy Duty Chain Swing Set

This is rated among the best playset for every kid. It has a heavy duty trapeze rings and bar with 38 inch extra long chain that can be adjustable to fit every child. It comes with independent handles which helps your child to turn and twist to any angle and also a guarantee that the nuts and bolts do not rust.

The rubber coating on the chain is used for protection of your child’s fingers and this playset requires minimum time to assemble.


2. Swinging Monkey Products Giant Mat Platform Swing, Yellow

This playset is recommended for your kids as they are made from high durable and quality materials and they obey strict safety requirements. This playset is large enough to accommodate multiple kids and is also durable for adults to play in.

It comes with a 1-year warranty it swing ships require less time to assemble the swing is also designed to be attached to a tree or work universally.


1. Jungle Gym Kingdom 2 Heavy Duty Swing Hangers for Wooden Sets Playground Porch Indoor Outdoor and Hanging Snap Hooks

This playset is regarded as the perfect choice for your kids that come along with yoga trapeze, ceiling mounts, gymnastics rings and porch swings. It has custom vinyl washers that are added to prevent metal rub and rust to help create smooth and quiet exceptional swinging.

This playset can be used both indoor and outdoor and does not require lubrication for maintenance. It is specially designed for kids of 12 months and above.


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