Biking has been identified as the foundation of mental and physical alertness in kids and it is advisable that you make your kids participate in biking activities for regulated and continual growth.

Kids are always eager to learn how to ride bikes so they can have fun with their family and friends but they also feel scared about maintaining balance when riding on bikes and this worry makes them lose the zeal to learn making them miss out on the fun they could share with their family and friends.

Best Bikes for Toddlers

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With a well designed and a well balanced bike, kids are able to learn and perfect the art of driving without fear of falling. This article is going to show you the best well balanced bikes for toddlers you can buy and is also certainly going to help you gather all the information you need when you want to purchase a bike for your kid.

10 Best Bikes for Toddlers

10. Pewi Ybike Ride on Toy and Walking Buddy

The Pew Ybike serves a riding and walking purpose as it can be used either as a ‘walking aid push’ toy and a ‘sit on walker’ toy and it is specially designed to help your kids develop gross motor skills, balance and spatial awareness.

This bike encourages kids to find their own balance, develop spatial awareness when playing and also developing trunk muscles while its long and wide base ensures that the bike doesn’t flip over when your child leans on it. Its rubber wheels ensures that it doesn’t leave any scratch or marks on the floor while the multi directional caster wheels makes the child control and ride the bike towards any direction.


9. Royal Baby BMX Freestyle Kids Bikes

RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kids Bikes

The Royal baby BMX bike is 35 inches long × 19 inches wide × 25 inches high and it has an enclosed chainguard Kraton soft rubber grips with non-slip resin pedals. This ride obeys the CPSC and ISO standards and it comes 95% assembled.

The Royal baby BMX freestyle bike has removable training wheels and that means your child will keep on using this product as he grows. It has single speed handlebars for navigation and also comes with some accessories like training wheels, bells, water bottle and cage.

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8. Fisher-Price Barbie Grow to Pro 1-2-3 Roller Skates

Toddlers who aren’t prepared to ride start by skating and the Fisher-Price Barbie Grow to Pro is specially designed help your kids learn to skate. One of the advantages of fisher-price roller skates is that it helps to build and maintain balance and coordination in your child in just 3 easy stages.

The stages include; locking the wheels to skate-walk, roll forward only and finally, roll forward and backward. This product also helps to boost the ability and confidence in your kids and easy and quick adjustments ensures the wheels move forward and not backward. This product has padded skates and also offers maximum comfort and they are very easy to put on with its loop and hook straps.


7. Little Tikes Go and Grow Lil Rollin’ Giraffe Ride-on

Your kid is definitely going to love this beautiful riding toy. The little tikes go and grow giraffe friendly look makes kids happy while the foot to floor mat is designed to help your child scoot and ride and its adjustable seat ensures that your child makes use of this toy for a long period of time.

This bike helps to build up balance, active play and gross motor skills in your child and the oversized back wheel provides extra stability when riding. It also has a wide front wheel base to maintain balance together with the controlled steering radius while the addition of a wheel guard also helps to provide safety for your child. This product can also be used indoor or outdoor.


6. Strider – 12 Sport Balance Bike, Ages 18 Months to 5 years

The Strider – 12 sport balance bike takes only five minutes to assemble, 1 piece ultra-light wheels, handle bars and adjustable seats. This bike is specially designed to help your child gain freedom and mobility and your child is also going to learn how to improve his balance, build confidence and learn coordination.

Your child can master riding this bike as the pedal bike helps your child move forward and backward with ease. This bike offers comfort thanks to its mini saddle seat that ensures your toddler sized hips perfect fits on the seat.


5. Step 2 Whisper Ride II Blue

This bike is recommended for kids of 18 months to 4 years and its product dimension is 45.5 × 19 ×34 inches. The Step 2 whisper ride has a stylish automotive design and soft poly wheels which ensures that your child has a quiet and smooth experience while riding.

It also comes with a storage under the hood together with a handle that can be folded beneath the body of the bike for easy transportation and storage when not in use.


4. Fly Bike Foldable Indoor / Outdoor Toddlers Glide Tricycle

This bike is foldable which helps for easy transport and easy storage when not in use and that makes it different from other bikes while its portable design makes it suitable for your kid to ride both indoor and outdoor.

This is the perfect bike for any toddler who isn’t old enough to ride on a normal two wheel bike. This bike teaches your child to be independent and require no assistance when riding and also teaches them to maintain balance and steer while pushing the scooter with and also have a safe driving experience.


3. 4 in 1 Stroll N Trike Bike

This bike is guaranteed to grow with your child and it offers four different ways in which your child can learn how to ride; learn to ride trike, classic trike, steering trike and infant trike. It has a secure 3 point harness and high back seat which guarantees safety for your kid when riding.

Your child can learn how to ride this bike with its stroll adjustable push and adult steer and pedals which can be used as foot-rests in early stages. This bike also comes with a removable UV canopy which gives extra protection, a removable wrap around tray for added safety and a covered storage bin for extra fun.


2. Mega Blocks Jeep Ride-on – Green

Rated among the best, the mega blocks jeep ride-on has a steering wheel and push button controls which offers original car sounds and one of features that would excite parents is the storage container that lies under the seat.

This jeep has unique design and iconic colors and the high back seat helps turns the jeep into a walker which can be easily pushed from the back. The storage compartment under the seat which can hold 10 first builder’s jeep themed blocks and it is perfect for kids of ages 1 to 3.


1. Micro Mini Original Kick Scooter

This product is the highest rated scooter for children of age 2 – 5 and your child will definitely love the fun that comes with riding this scooter. It has a high level of stability because of its three wheels, safe steering and low-to-the-ground deck and this makes it ideal for kindergartners and pre-schoolers.

The lean-to-steer design makes it unique from other products as your child learns to steer by using their body weight to lean left and right as well as gaining coordination and balance in several sports.

Its high quality wheels guarantees the quietest and smoothest ride for your kid its flexible fiberglass reinforced desk helps to ensure the ride absorbs bumps while on the sidewalk. It has non marking wheel which guarantees your kids learn how to scoot in any area and a helmet and knee pads are recommended for safety purposes.


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