Since 1984, Crosley has turned out to be a demand seller of turntable and radios which has in turn attracted new generation of vinyl listeners to the nature of vinyl formats and audio fidelity.

Top 10 Best Crosley Record Player 2017: Unbiased Review

In this review, we will walk you through the best Crosley record players available showing you their usability, portability, key features and benefits so you can select the one that best meets your requirements when shopping for one.

Top 10 Best Crosley Record Player Reviews

10. Crosley Director CD Recorder

 Crosley CR245-PA Director CD Recorder

Be your own producer today using the Crosley director recorder which is perfect for capturing your favorite songs and using its dedicated button, the Crosley director recorder records your vinyl collections using 78, 45 and 33 RPM speeds.

It traditional styled cabinet takes you back to the good old days and inside this cabinet holds a programmable CD player, AM/FM radio, 3-speed turntable and a CD recorder.



9. Crosley CR6001A-BK Archiver Turntable

Crosley CR6001A-BK Archiver Turntable with Software for Ripping

Enjoy your vinyl tracks digitally using the Crosley Archiver turntable player which also allows you connect with your PC thanks to its USB cable connection.

Enjoy playing, transferring and recording your vinyl collections on three speeds which are 78, 45 and 33 1/3 RPM and it also features a format which is perfect for editing and ripping your vinyl collections into digital audio formats.

One advantage of this turntable player is it boasts of an analog AM/FM radio player which allows you listen to your favorite radio stations and it also plays and spins CD’s and cassettes.



8. Crosley Keepsake USB Turntable

Crosley CR249 TA Keepsake USB Turntable RE WRITE BOTH TITLES


7. Crosley Turntable with CD Player and AM/FM Tuner

Crosley CR44CD Turntable Console with CD Player and AM/FM Tuner

The Crosley CR44CD turntable console comes in a wooden cabinet made with veneers and solid hardwoods which gives it a classy and sleek appearance perfect for most homes and it comes along with a 3-speed belt drive which allows you listen to your favorite LP’s while its CD player allows you enjoy listening to your favorite contemporary tracks.

Users can enjoy listening to AM/FM stations on this turntable player and you will enjoy standout reception as it comes with an external FM antenna. Listen to tracks in exceptional and quality sounds as this turntable player features well built dynamic speakers for better listening experience.



6. Crosley Memory Turntable with Radio

Crosley CR2413A-PA Memory Master II Turntable with Radio, CD Player/Recorder

Purchasing the Crosley PA memory master II turntable offers you a better way of converting your cassette and classic vinyl tracks to CD without making requiring computer expertise as all it requires is for you to place you pop or LP in a cassette, load an empty CD disk and press the record button. Users will enjoy its three speeds which allows for recording and playing their vinyl collection while its USB technology ensures you stay connected to other Mac and PC devices.

One notable feature of this turntable player is it plays cassette and spins record while you can also listen to AM/FM stations as it comes with an analog AM/FM tuner which guarantees hours of listening enjoyment. You can also edit and rip audio contents using this quality turntable player.


5. Crosley with USB/SD Card Reader

Crosley CR7002A-PA Troubadour Turntable with USB/SD Card Reader to Transfer Albums to Memory Card

Preserve your digital records and enjoy listening to your classic vinyl tracks using the Crsoley Troubadour turntable player which plays and records using a belt driven 3-speed system and it records your classic vinyl tracks into a cassette or CD without making use of a computer or wires.

Going for this product offers you more as it is capable of playing songs from your SD card and through USB and you can also listen to your favorite AM/FM stations on this turntable player.

Complement your room using this turntable player as it comes in a hand rubbed and real wood finish which gives your room that classic and sleek look.



4. Crosley AM/FM Radio and Portable Audio

Crosley CR6005A-MA Tech Turntable with AM/FM Radio and Portable Audio Ready

You will be obsessed with the Crosley Tech turntable player as it delivers exceptional vinyl sounds and this sharp looking turntable player makes use of the 78, 45 and 33 1/3 RPM speeds for playing and recording of your vinyl tracks.

This turntable player boasts of an AM/FM radio which allows you listen to your favorite stations while its in-built stereo speakers deliver exceptional and clear quality sounds needed for a better listening experience.

Give your room that sleek and classic look by making use of this turntable player which comes with a retro wood styling and mirror face plate and with this turntable player, you can connect to your MP3 player or USB device for enhanced listening experience. It also boasts of a better radio reception as it comes with an external FM antenna which provides clearer and better signal.



3. Crosley Stereo Speakers and Adjustable Control

Crosley CR49-TA Traveler Turntable with Stereo Speakers and Adjustable Tone Control, Tan

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2. Crosley  3-Speed Turntable One Direction

Crosley CR8005A-OD Cruiser Portable 3-Speed Turntable, One Direction



1. Crosley Portable 3-Speed Turntable

Crosley CR8005A-TU Cruiser Portable 3-Speed Turntable, Turquoise





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