Best Guitar Amps under $300Guitar amplifiers are key equipment required in sound production nowadays and even though at times they are considered to be very expensive, the price is nothing compared to a remarkable tonal performance that it would deliver.

The amps listed in this review are the best selling amps that you would come across today on Amazon and are quite popular among customers and we also believe that these amps will deliver great value for your money.

Without taking much of your time, let us take a look at the best guitar amps that would match your $300 budget.

Reviews Of The Best Guitar Amps under $300

#5. Peavey Max 126 Bass Combo Amplifier

Peavey Max 126 Bass Combo Amplifier

This space saving amplifier is well designed to deliver more bass like you’ve never felt before and it is also one of the best amplifiers you would come across on Amazon today as it boasts of certain features like DDT speaker protection, 200-watts of power, and a 12-inch sub-woofer which makes it perfect for rehearsals and gigs.

Making use of this amp also ensures a gain boost thanks to its well designed TransCube circuitry while its EQ section features buttons for bright, mid-shift and punch as well as containing a 3-band equalizer. Another notable feature is its 1/8 inch jacks which allows for auxiliary and output connections.


  • Very easy to use and adjust which makes it ideal for practice
  • Sturdy construction guarantees long lasting use
  • Loud and clear sounds guaranteed
  • Easy to transport and move about with


#4. Blackstar FLY3 Battery Powered Guitar Amplifier, 3W

Blackstar FLY3 Battery Powered Guitar Amplifier, 3W

This is a cutting edge and innovative guitar amplifier which boasts of the combination of a well designed Blackstar infinite shape feature, tape delay and two channels which makes it rated among the best and powerful guitar amplifiers and despite being small, this guitar amp will produce large tones even when played at the lowest volume.

Making use of this guitar amp provides you with endless possibilities regarding the tone of your amp as you can change the sound of the FLY 3 while its FLY 3 boasts of a tape effects which ensures that the amp output resonates as it plays. Another benefit that comes with making use of this amp is its FLY 3 comes with a line-in jack which allows you connect easily with tablet, laptop, mobile phone and MP3 players.


  • Its portability allows you extra hours for practice and it is well designed to generate loud sounds
  • Its size makes it the ideal amp for traveling as it can perfectly fit into a suitcase


#3. Marshall MG30CFX MG Series 30-Watt Guitar Combo Amp

Marshall MG30CFX MG Series 30-Watt Guitar Combo Amp

The Marshall MG30CFX MG series guitar combo amp is one of the powerful and durable guitar amps you would come across on the market today when shopping for a good and quality guitar amp and it is a 10-inch custom speaker which will deliver a great and impressive tone.

One of the impressive features of this Marshall 30-watt guitar amp is its combination of digital FX with solid tonal circuitry which enables you choose between overdrive channels, crunch, clean with flanger, phaser, chorus, octave and delay. This guitar amp is also regarded as incredible as it boasts of a wide range of sounds, foot-switchable memories and FX.


  • Delivers loud sound and ideal for use in the bedroom
  • Super rugged covering which makes it durable
  • Clean, clear and neat volume in enhanced and standard channel


  • Volume doesn’t exceed the fifth level and it doesn’t last long
  • Features a noisy OD


#2. Fender Mustang I V2 20-Watt 1×8-Inch Combo Electric Guitar Amplifier

Fender Mustang I V2 20-Watt 1x8-Inch Combo Electric Guitar Amplifier

Just by turning its knob, you can easily select from its mean to clean tones from its 17 different amp models which will accommodate any genre of music and you can also plug in your MP3 player and listen to your favorite tracks using its auxiliary input so you can run private practices or become member of a band.

One impressive feature of the Fender Mustang combo electric guitar amplifier is it allows you build songs and capture inspirational moments using its Ableton Live Lite 8 Fender edition top quality recording software which works perfectly well with either a PC or Mac and you can edit the on-board amp models on the fly to help boost its effects such as echo, delay, reverb, phaser, tremolo and more.


  • Great features, easy setup, in-built tuner makes it ideal for experimenting
  • Great sound production


  • Too many goofy presets makes it tiring to make use of
  • Doesn’t come with a manual which makes setup quite difficult


#1. Fender Champion 40 – 40-Watt Electric Guitar Amplifier

Fender Champion 40 - 40-Watt Electric Guitar Amplifier

One of the benefits that comes with making use of the Fender Champion 40 – 40-watt electric guitar amplifier is you can easily store cables and other small sized accessories in its open back cabinet and you are guaranteed great tonal versatility with modern amp voicing, overdriven and clean tones as well as numerous effects such as delay, reverb and more.

Making use of this amplifier guarantees that you can now dial in your sound easily thanks to its direct controls such as the FX and VOICE select features and you can also listen to your favorite tracks just by connecting with your MP3 player using its auxiliary input.


  • Features multiple sounds you can select from
  • Perfect for recording as it delivers crispy and clear sounds
  • Delivers loud sounds that would fill up any room or the entire house


  • Poor packaging as cabinet comes with a crack in it and the speaker also comes broken from its mount



Taking a look at the market today will show you that there are truly different options of guitar amps and after considering this review, we hope that we have been able to provide you with all the answers you need and also make purchasing the best quite easy for you.

When shopping for one today, ensure that you purchase any of the models listed in this review as they would give you everything you need and deliver great value for your money.


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