Best Guitar CablesOne accessory a guitarist can’t do without is a good guitar cable and for the people who actually feel or say all cables are the same are quite wrong.

There are some key features to look out for when considering purchasing a good quality guitar cable and these features includes;

(1.) Shielding

(2.) Protective design

(3.) Durable connection ends

(4.) Insulation

(5.) Warranty

Having listed these key features, let’s take a look at the these cables for you:

Reviews Of The Best Guitar Cables

#5. Donner Guitar Cable 10 ft

Donner Guitar Cable 10 ft

One of the benefits that comes with comes with making use of the Donner Guitar cable is it is quite easy to disassemble and this in turn helps to makes incidental repairs easy and quick as well extending product life and thanks to its unique shape GEO-TIP design.

This guitar cable will have a secure connection to any instrument, amp or pedal it is connected to. This cable also boasts of an oxygen-free copper center which allows for good signal while its white and black tweed woven jacket also makes it super durable.


  • Well designed cable which carries sound pretty well
  • Well constructed cable which makes it easy to unwind and wind up


  • Its straight plug tends to be loosened most of the times
  • Right angle depth doesn’t work well with Telecaster jack input


#4. Red Dragon Guitar Cable

Red Dragon Guitar Cable

Its internal strain release metal clamp, tough PVC jacket and heavy duty metal jack makes it one of the best and durable guitar cables. Another impressive feature of this Red Dragon guitar cable is its high density copper shielding which helps to fight against electromagnetic interference and radio frequency that comes from electric currents, cell phones and wireless devices.

Making use of this guitar cable delivers pure and brilliant sounds thanks to its low capacitance design while its durable materials construction makes you worry less about getting a new cord anytime soon.


  • Even when used away from home or at home, this cable works excellently well and also lasts long
  • Delivers great sounds and is also tangle-free


#3. RIG NINJA GUITAR CABLE for Serious Musicians

RIG NINJA GUITAR CABLE for Serious Musicians

Get this top quality guitar cable today and worry less about cable not working or functioning properly as this cable is tested and constructed to meet customer satisfaction and making use of this cable also guarantees that it won’t crack or hum, stop working or produce poor quality tones.

This RIG NINJA guitar cable comes with a lifetime warranty as it boasts of a durable material construction and this guitar will deliver uncolored, clear and clean tone when transmitting to any instrument.


  • Fairly thick and well-built cable makes it quite durable
  • Perfect length which helps to avoid messy cables while playing


  • Gets twisted while playing and this forces you to untwist between sets
  • End of cable comes loosened
  • Doesn’t come in the actual color you ordered initially


#2. KLIQ Guitar Instrument Cable

KLIQ Guitar Instrument Cable

You will not regret purchasing this quality guitar cable today as it comes with multiple layers of insulation and shielding which works effectively in isolating noise and despite this heavy duty construction, this cable still doesn’t kink, shrink, tangle or twist.

One impressive feature of this cable is it delivers precious and superior tones as well as fighting to reject interference and noise while its rugged tweeted outer jacket and chuck-type strain relief makes sure this cable withstands even the toughest and vigorous use.


  • It comes with a Velcro strap that holds cable together to prevent tangling
  • Doesn’t give any buzzing noise like most low quality cables do


#1. Fender Performance Series Instrument Cables (Best-Selling)

Fender Performance Series Instrument Cables

The Fender performance series instrument cables is one of the top rated guitar instrument cables you would come across on the market today as they are considered to be oxygen-free copper conductors.

One reason why this cable is widely used and patronized is because it boasts of a tough and durable construction which prevents tangling, kinking and twisting and this in turn helps to extend product life.

Another notable feature of this cable is it boasts of a molded strain relief thanks to its 6.5mm PVC jacket while its ultra low capacitance levels delivers superior tone.


  • Its diameter, connections and weight makes it one of the best and quality cables ever made
  • Its protective design also helps to boost durability


  • Bad wiring and poor connection makes it function poorly
  • Poor packaging tends to shrink the cable



We hope this review will help you know and learn more about guitar cables and their mode of operation as well as helping you find the right type for you.

Each of the cables listed in this review will definitely meet your expectations and needs and they would also serve you for a very long time.  


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