Asides swimming water goggles, one of the most important items a person needs when going for a swim is a swimsuit and there are lots of swimsuits available in the market but detailed in this article is a list of the twelve best swimsuits for men in 2018 reviews.

Best Men’s Swimsuits

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The swimsuits listed below would help you make the right choice when you want to get one and it would also help you identify the unique features for every user. These swimsuits are designed to offer maximum convenience and comfort so you can have a nice and enjoyable time when swimming.

12 Best Men’s Swimsuits

12. Men’s Swimwear Navy boxer Swim Trunks Men’s Sports Outdoors Swimsuit Male

It is made with 65 percent polyester and 35 percent spandex helps fight against fading and also makes it to be water repellant (dries water off quickly), easy to resize and with strips in front. It is small sized but has a cute style and it is Ideal for swimmers as it offers maximum comfort during swimming.  This swimming suit should always be washed in cold water to reduce the risk of damaging and ensure long lasting life.

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11. Zengvee Men’s Swimming Trunks Boxer Swimsuit Swimwear with Pockets

The Zengvee swimsuit for men helps you feel and look the best while you train, relax, have fun or even during competitions. It is designed to resist the effects of sunlight and chlorine while offering a great fitting with back and front seams and a draw cord around the waist.

This swimsuit ideal for water activity, swimming and tanning and its fabric tends to dry off quickly offers protection against sun burn.


10. Men’s Long Swim Trunk with Cargo Pockets

This product is made from fiber fabric material that is designed special for swimming and the fiber material also dries off quickly. It has two fancy pockets where you can easily put your cell phones and keys when getting ready for an exercise and another cargo Velcro pocket for added security.

This swimsuit has elastic waist bands for added comfort, durability and style.


9. Jockey Men’s Underwear Elance String Bikini – Two Pack

The jockey men’s swimsuit weighs 6.1 ounces. This swimsuit is made with a breathable, lightweight 100 percent cotton material which guarantees comfort all day and a low rise fit helps provide protection and coverage and thin sides lay smoothly against the skin.


8. Speedo Men’s Xtra Life Lycra Rapid Splice Jammer Swimsuit

This item is ideal for men because it offers better quality, innovation, fitness and performance. The jammer design is important for adding compression which helps to reduce fatigue during swimming and the rapid splice jammer is an everyday core suit with perfect athletic color blocking details.

Guaranteed to last longer unlike other products, this swimsuit provides maximum comfort, has stronger seams as well as optimal stretch and it also has a trademarked xtra life lycra which can last five to ten times longer than the regular lycra.


7. Calvin Klein Men’s Microfiber Volley Swim Trunk

The Calvin Klein men’s swimsuit weighs one pound and is made from 100 percent polyester material which provides comfort when swimming. Its material tends to dry off quickly and it also has ultraviolet protection of up to 50+ UPF. It is recommended and designed for swimming and also has an inner lining.


6. Calvin Klein Men’s Microfiber Side Pocket E-Board Short

Manufactured from 100 percent polyester material, this swimsuit offers protection from ultraviolet light up t0 50+ UPF and its fabric also tends to dry off quicker than other fabrics.


5. Speedo Men’s Endurance plus Launch Splice Jammer Swimsuit

The Speedo men’s endurance swimsuit is guaranteed to last longer and it is made from best selling training suit fabric. It has high color retention, made from 50 percent of other fibers and 50 percent of Polyesters which makes it resistant to chlorine and the addition of a four way stretch technology ensures this product offers soft comfort longer than other products and also maintains a hugging shape.


4. TYR Sports Men’s Phoenix Splice Jammer Swimsuit

The TYR sports men’s swimsuit weighs one pound and is designed with TYR most durable and lasting materials (94 percent polyesters and 6 percent spandex) which makes this swimsuit strong and never fades. It gives fitness to users and also has a draw cord around the waist which offers free range of motion.

This product has a wiking lining that guarantees long lasting freshness and fights against odors and as a result of the material to withstand colorfast nature and chlorine, these swimsuits can sustain over 300 hours off use and also gives a comfortable hold around your waist.


3. TYR Men’s Durafast Elite Solid Jammer Swim Suit

This product offers a compressive fit, drag reduction, full coverage and guarantees freedom of movement. It is manufactured from TYR’s best training and performance fabric together with 94 percent of polyester which fights against color fastness and 6 percent of spandex which offers comfort to users.

Designed to last for over 300 hours of use, the TYR men’s swimsuit has draw cord around the waist which guarantees a secure fit for users.

2. Jockey Men’s Underwear Elance Bikini – 3 Pack

The jockey men’s underwear elance bikini swimsuit is a no-fly design and it is made with a breathable, lightweight 100 percent cotton fabric that offers comfort for users all day. It has a sleek coverage and a fabric covered waistband which also offers comfort when swimming.


1. Speedo Men’s PowerFLEX Eco Solid Solar One-inch Brief Swimsuit

This product is  recommended for swimmers and it is made with 78 percent ECONYL, a nylon fiber which is made from 100 percent regenerated nylon from pre and post consumer yarn waste helps the PowerFLEX Eco solid solar swimsuit maintain its shape up to ten times longer than other normal swimsuits.

It is made with a material which is resistant to chlorine, bagging and sagging and it also offers four times the compression of normal fabrics and is twice as strong unlike normal swimsuits.


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