If you are ashamed or embarrassed to breastfeed your baby in public, nursing covers are designed to give you the freedom and privacy to breastfeed your baby at any point in time.

Nursing covers are stylish and multi functional and one of its advantages is it also allows you to see the face of your child as you breastfeed although people believe using nursing covers in public draws a lot of attention.

Nursing covers serves two purposes; expressing in public and breastfeed and before purchasing any nursing cover, you should consider the following options:

Best Nursing Covers

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Material: ensure that the material is not a see through material and also make sure the material is soft, comfortable and breathable.

Coverage: make sure the neckline of the cover is secure enough to allow you see the face of your baby when breastfeeding and also make sure it doesn’t expose any of your body parts.

Fuss-Free: before buying any nursing cover, ensure it is easy to wash and easy to use.

Below are the ten best nursing covers you can select from:

10 Best Nursing Covers

10. Littlesplanet Nursing Cover

This 2 in 1 scarf has the combination of both privacy protection and convenience and it guarantees breastfeeding your baby in public embarrassment free experience. You can place the scarf round your neck and its striking design adds a touch of style to your overall appearance and when it’s time to breastfeed your baby in public, simply unwrap the scarf from your neck and use it as a complete upper body cover.

This product is made from high quality 100% cotton material and it is advised to wash in cold water and line dry or tumble dry.


9. Grey Floral Nursing Cover 

This product is made from 100% cotton breathable fabric which ensures nursing your baby doesn’t get too hot and it is designed to create the best environment for mothers to breastfeed their babies.

It has a soft absorbent towel which runs down to the bottom of the nursing cover to provide give a general sized burping cloth during and after feeding and the weight of the towel holds down the bottom of the nursing cover to prevent it from blowing up in the wind. This product also has a rigid neckline where mothers can easily take a look at their babies during breastfeeding.


8. Best Large Nursing Cover

Manufactured with 100% cotton material, it has a rigid neckline which helps mothers maintain eye contact with their babies when breastfeeding and it has a neck-strap that can be adjusted easily to leave your hands free.

It can be used as a burp cloth incase of split ups together with handy pockets for breast wipes, keys, pacifiers and breast pads and it’s fabric is made of a high quality which guarantees that the nursing cover won’t lose threading or even fade. One of its added advantages is it can also be used a car seat cover or a canopy or sunshade for stroller.


7. Stretchy 4-in-1 

This product has a non scratchy, soft fabric which is perfect for all season use against wind, cold and warm weather, stranger, germs. It serves a four in one purpose for nursing cover, canopy, shopping cart cover and infinity scarf which helps to protect your baby and it is can easily stretch onto your car seat to be used as a canopy. Mothers can use it as a scarf when not in use and allows mothers see their babies easily during breastfeeding.


6. Baby Stretchy Breastfeeding Cover

This nursing cover is stretchy and can be used as a universal fit canopy to protect your baby from the sun and it also guarantees discreet breastfeeding of your baby in public.

The fabric is non see-through and is breathable which allows free flow of air for your baby and when used as a car seat canopy, it helps protect your baby against flying, disturbing bugs, harsh bright sun and wind. It has a soft fabric which gives the baby a delicate touch and its stylish zig-zag pattern makes it more desirable and attractive.


5. Baby Car Seat Cover Canopy and Nursing Cover

This material is made for all season use and it serves a 3-in-1 purpose; can be used as a shopping cart cover, baby car seat cover and a nursing cover because of its stretchy fabric and it can be folded compactly for easy storage. The covers are to use, easy to take off and easy to put on and they are designed for protection against several elements.


4. Vintage Navy Floral Nursing Cover

Manufactured from 100% breathable material which ensures that the baby and mother feel comfortable during breastfeeding and the rigid neckline allows the mother to always look at her baby during breastfeeding.

An extra feeding cover is extra wide which guarantees modesty to ensure a soothing environment for the baby and also offers peace of mind for mothers.


3. MadisonRose 100% Premium Cotton Nursing Cover

Rated among the best, this nursing scarf guarantees no more anxiety about breastfeeding your baby in public. It has a stretchy and breathable which makes sure nursing doesn’t feel too hot for mother and baby and it also easy to adjust whether you are at  a restaurant, park or during outings.

Considered a multipurpose scarf because it serves the purpose of car seat canopy, blanket, breastfeeding scarf, stroller cover and shopping cart cover. This nursing scarf covers both the front and back of mothers giving them comfort and confidence when breastfeeding their babies in public. It comes with a lifetime warranty and it isn’t made from a see-through material, easy to use and isn’t bulky.


2. IntiMom Baby Nursing Cover

Guaranteed to last a lifetime, this product is made from 100% cotton and 100% breathable fabric which ensures both mother and baby don’t feel hot during nursing. It is made from the highest quality fabric that is soft for the baby’s delicate skin and that of the mother and it is very easy to use.

With this product, it takes few seconds to put the nursing cover on when you want to breastfeed your baby and helps the mother feel comfortable and relaxed either at the mall, restaurant or any public place. This nursing cover helps eradicate stress especially when socializing in public that is why this nursing cover is recommended for every nursing mother.


1. Undercover Mama Black and White Tank Bundle

This item is made with 5% spandex and 95% cotton, this two pack product includes a black and white tank and its stretchy, snug and soft material helps provide durability, coverage and support.

It has a perfect length which guarantees convenience and coverage when breastfeeding your baby and it also has an easy to wear strapless design. You can wear it buy just using one of the two attachments to secure to the nursing tank to your regular bra or nursing bra and this makes it the suitable underwear for nursing.

This item is tough enough to feel and look great and it is soft to touch. Wash with cold water and lay flat to dry to ensure longer life.


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