Despite the production and advanced technologies in video and audio gadgets, listening to your favorite musical programs and talk shows on the radio is still one of the best forms of relaxation. I am sure you would love to read our updated article of 2018 about these best pocket radios.

A well designed portable radio is a gadget which you can carry along with you anywhere you go and if you intend going on maybe to the beach or even going on a trip then you should consider getting a portable pocket radio because you can listen to entertaining programs on different stations and also stay updated on events happening around you.

best pocket radio


Pocket sized radios also receives AM/FM signals and they also come with ports for connecting iPods and MP3 players and with the fast rise in technology, some pocket sized radios boasts of apps which allows you download and play your favorite songs.

However, here are some of the benefits that comes with making use of a pocket sized radio

  1. Recommended for exercises and workouts
  2. Compatible with iPod and MP3
  3. Recommended for emergency situations

Choosing The Best Portable Am Fm Radio

10. Esky Solar Weather Radios Hand Crank

Esky Solar Weather Radios Hand Crank

This radio helps you get the latest hazard and weather information as well as listening to your favorite FM or AM radio stations. It features a super bright LED flashlight which gives you added convenience in the dark and it can also charge other electrical device with the use of a USB cable. You can also use this pocket radio for sports.

This radio can be charged in three ways; through DC recharge by connecting the radio to a computer through a mini USB jack, hand cranking method which helps in winding up the internal alternator and by exposing the solar panel to direct sunlight.


1. Portable device but works okay

2. Comes with great communication and charging features

3. FM and AM comes in well

4. Quality speaker and a crank which one can turn easily

5. Very useful weather radio function

6. Recommended for emergency use


1. Battery can’t be replaced

2. Not well designed to charge a phone


9. C Crane CC Skywave AM, FM

C Crane CC Skywave AM, FM,

This gadget is a lightweight, small and portable radio that features a travel clock radio with alarm, FM/AM/Weather/Shortwave/Airband. This radio offers strong AM reception and it also has the ability to cut short signal interference and you can get weather alerts through its NOAA feature. You can also use this amazing pocket radio while running.

Its size enables it fit into any bag for easy transportation and it has small speakers which guarantee excellent and clear sounds. This radio has a sleep timer, fold out back stand, stereo headphone jack, lock-switch, signal meter, battery meter, auto scan, rotary volume knob, lighted LCD display among several others.


1. Very useful in emergency purposes

2. Easy to work with and very compact too

3. This compact radio features great reception

4. Recommended for traveling

5. Great sound quality

6. Very easy to use


1. Weather band can only pick up two channels

2. Short whip antenna which means less sensitivity

3. Airband tends to pick up weak transmissions



8. Panasonic RF-2400 AM FM RadioPanasonic RF-2400 AM FM Radio

The AM and FM radio is another top rated pocket sized radio that you are bound to come across when looking at the internet today as it boasts of an array of features that makes it widely sought after and loved.

It comes with a unique AM/FM tuner which works effectively in helping you select from different radio stations so you can listen to your favorite shows and thanks to its compact and portable design, you can easily slip this radio into your handbag, pocket or shirt for convenience.

One notable feature of this pocket sized radio its earphone jack which ensures you listen to your favorite shows on radio privately and for better sound clarity whenever you find yourself in a noisy environment and it also comes with an in-built speaker which guarantees convenient listening and better sounds for your listening pleasure.


1. Ideal for use while working in the garage

2. Well built and very easy to operate

3. Recommended for the elderly too

4. Great AM sensitivity


1. Poor sound quality

2. Poor signal reception


7. Sony ICFP26 Portable AM/FM Radio 

Sony ICFP26 Portable AM FM Radio

The Sony ICFP26 portable radio ensures you can listen to songs and your favorite radio talk show programs anywhere you go and you can use external earphones by connecting them to the 1/8 inch headphone jack or by using the built-in 100mW speaker.

This radio uses 2 AA batteries, comes with a carrying strap and also has an analog display and you can get clear and excellent reception through the external antenna which you can extend up to 17 inches to help you search for your favorite radio stations.


1. Recommended for emergency hurricane conditions

2. Comes with long lasting batteries compared to other low quality products

3. Handy and well built

4. Good volume quality

5. Sleek appearance

6. Comes with a battery indicator which shows you the battery level


1. Poor AM stations

2. Very difficult to tune

3. Quite difficult to dial a clear signal


6. Horologe AM FM Pocket Radio

Horologe AM FM Pocket Radio

Despite being a pocket sized radio, this radio comes with several impressive features like mis-operation lock, stereo mode, in-built clock alarm and more and one unique feature that comes with this radio is its advanced DSP chip which makes reception and signal analysis very strong.

For extra better reception, this radio comes with a powerful antenna which is attached to the lanyard and thanks to its portable and small size, you can easily slide it into any bag or pocket for convenience.

However, its orange backlight LCD screen will show you frequency, alarm, display and help you keep track of time.


1. Portable design makes it easy to move about with

2. Very accurate and useful

3. Recommended for the elderly


1. Its battery cover is quite difficult to open

2. Alarm goes off unnecessarily

3. Doesn’t come with a manual


5. Sangean DT – 120 AM/FM 

Sangean DT-120 AM FM

This radio features a synthesized Pll digital tuning which has fifteen presets which helps you stay connected to your favorite stations and its stereo mono switch helps you get a clearer and better reception when necessary.

This radio comes with ear buds for you and its phase loop lock digital tuning ensures you enjoy using this radio while going for a jog in the morning or on a visit to the beach. This radio also features a deep bass boost and has a ninety minutes auto turn off.


1. Works great when it comes to picking up AM and FM stations

2. Ideal for use when taking a walk and for emergency situations

3. Well designed not to lose signals

4. Durable construction guarantees long lasting use

5. Great design

6. Comes with long lasting batteries that lasts up to a week


1. Poor and bad quality headphones

2. Battery wears off excessively

3. Tends to stop functioning after sometime




4. Sangean DT-200X FM-Stereo/AM

Sangean DT-200X FM-Stereo AM

Featuring easy to use functions, good quality and great design, this quality radio from Sangean is one of the best that you would find. It is well designed to keep you updated on weather, news, sports scores, traffic and so much more.

Its ultra slim design ensures it fits into any pocket or bag for convenience and it also comes with an auto-shut off design which turns off this radio after ninety minutes.

Another impressive feature of this radio is its battery indicator which shows you your battery level and it is also considered as the best radio for use at the beach, morning jog or for any other outdoor use.


1. God quality design protects it against water

2. Picks up good reception

3. Great signal clarity

4. Small size makes it easy to move about with


1. Short life span as it doesn’t last long

2. Difficult to delete some settings like not wanting to listen to a particular radio station

3. Its shape makes it difficult for the clip to do its job


3. Sangean DT-400W AM/FM

Sangean DT-400W AM FM

This portable, small sized lightweight radio is designed to fit into your pockets so you can go anywhere with it. This radio features an advanced PLL synthesized digital receiver which ensures you get clear and better FM/AM reception and its deep bass boost speakers offers you great listening pleasure.

It has nineteen random presets selection which allows you combine FM and AM stations and you can access these stations through the ‘my favorites’ button on the radio. Unlike other pocket sized radios, this radio offers high selectivity and sensitivity and it also features a ninety minute auto shut down as well as a built in speaker.


1. Sturdy construction guarantees long lasting use

2. Pocket size design makes it ideal for traveling

3. Unmatched radio reception compared to other low quality products

4. Easy to use and its antenna delivers great radio reception

5. Recommended for emergency weather use


1. Doesn’t come with a hand crank, flashlight and solar panel

2. Doesn’t come with an instructional manual

3. Works poorly in picking up AM signals


2. Sangean DT – 210 FM-Stereo/AM

Sangean DT – 210 FM

This is a portable radio small enough to fit into any pocket and it is also very powerful to attract distant FM and AM radio stations. Its built-in speaker allows you listen to your favorite stations and the ninety minute timer shut down makes you listen to your favorite songs and stations before you fall asleep.

This radio also features a trailing antenna and removable belt clip while its stereo mono switch helps to boost your reception when necessary. It is powered by 2 AAA batteries and it has a low battery indicator which notifies on when it is right to carry battery replacements.


1. Portable design which makes it quite easy to make use of

2. Ideal for use during bedtime

3. Great receptions as it draws signals from 150 miles

4. Good quality and reliable batteries


1. Speaker gives you distorted sounds

2. Battery doesn’t last long

3. Not durable as it stops working after some time


1. C. Crane CC Pocket AM FM and NOAA Weather Radio

C. Crane CC Pocket AM FM and NOAA Weather Radio

This pocket sized radio boasts of an overall excellent performance and it is a radio that anyone would find very easy to make use of. For convenience, this radio is designed to stand upright and it sides feature rubber coating which provides protection against accidental droppings as well as providing a strong and firm grip.

One more interesting feature of this radio is its unique ear buds which guarantee crisp high and crystal clear low for the best listening experience. Another impressive feature of this quality radio from CC is disabling the display screen by pressing 5 and 1 and this in turn helps to boost AM station reception. It features a mono and stereo speaker that allows you listen to your favorite radio stations using its in-built speaker.


1. Great sleep feature which helps in preserving battery life

2. Delivers excellent sounds

3. Boasts of great radio reception

4. Recommended for use in hurricane emergencies


1. Battery dies off quickly

2. Quite difficult to make use of

3. Its buttons are not intuitive

4. Its last digital button isn’t functional


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