Best Rain Gauge For Home UseA rain gauge is a device used in taking measurements and readings of rainfall in a given area. The numerous rain gauges available today all have one goal in common and that is to measure the amount of rainfall regardless if they have different decorative designs or sophisticated designs.

Being easy to read, accuracy, reliability, durability and being rain proof are some of the factors one needs to consider before parting ways with his money and these factors would also help you decide the best choice for you.

If you are eager to know more about rain gauges or you are carrying out research on different rain gauge models then this review will provide you with the necessary information and it will also help you decide on the best rain gauge for you if you need one for personal use.

Reviews Of The Best Rain Gauge

#5. Oregon Scientific RGR126 Cable Free Long Range Rain Gauge

Oregon Scientific RGR126 Cable Free Long Range Rain Gauge

The Oregon Scientific Cable Free long range rain gauge is a remote-controlled and wireless rain gauge which you would also enjoy making use as it is well designed to helping you stay informed and updated about rainfall in a given area. It boasts of a nine-day historical, daily and total rainfall record which ensures you keep accurate rainfall records and never miss a thing.

One impressive feature of this rain gauge that most models lack is its ability to show outdoor temperatures and it also comes with an automatic self-emptying rainfall cup which helps in taking measurements and then getting rid of already collected rainfall.

You will not regret purchasing this rain gauge today as it boasts of a wireless transmission range up to 100 feet for thermometer and 300 feet for rain gauge.


#4. Stratus Precision Rain Gauge with Mounting Bracket (14″ All Weather)

Stratus Precision Rain Gauge

Purchasing the Stratus Precision rain gauge guarantees precise and accurate measurements and it is one of the top rated rain gauge models you would come across on the market today as it is well designed to meet US Weather Bureau Standards.

One advantage that this rain gauge has over other models is its ‘quick connect’ bracket which allows you mount easily on a rain gauge post in order for you to remove the cylinder effortlessly for convenient cleaning and measurement.

It boasts of a UV-resistant, heavy duty polycarbonate construction which makes it withstand vigorous use and lasts for a very long time.


#3. AcuRite 00899 Deluxe Wireless Rain Gauge

AcuRite 00899 Deluxe Wireless Rain Gauge

Well designed to take accurate measurements of rainfall in millimeters and inches with accurate history, the this deluxe wireless rain gauge from Acurite is another top selling rain gauge on Amazon.

It is also widely used by most people today as it comes with a flood watch which helps to rain heavy rainfall conditions that could cause flooding. Featuring a strong signal penetration, ability to send data in every sixteen seconds, an alarm to indicate that it has started raining.

You will not regret purchasing this model of rain gauge as it ensures you stay updated and informed and it also boasts of a weather resistant and durable construction which makes sure you are not bothered or worried about getting a new one anytime soon.


#2. Oregon Scientific Wireless Rain Gauge

Oregon Scientific Wireless Rain Gauge

Featuring a well designed digital clock, the Oregon scientific wireless rain gauge is another top quality and well constructed rain gauge mode available when shopping. Using this rain gauge also guarantees that you would be able to read or tell the amount of water being used on your gardens and lawns.

Another benefit that comes with making use of the Oregon Scientific Wireless rain gauge is it informs you on the amount of rain that falls in a particular or given area. It is well designed in such a way that its automatic self emptying collector works by measuring and eliminating already collected rainfall.

Making use of this rain gauge ensures accurate measurements and it also helps in keeping vital rainfall records.



#1. AcuRite 00850A2

AcuRite 00850A2 5-Inch Capacity Easy-Read Magnifying Rain Gauge

The Acurite 5-inch capacity magnifying rain gauge is one of the best and most patronized rain gauges sold on Amazon and it is widely used today as it can be stacked easily on the ground or can be mounted easily thanks to its integrated hang hole.

This rain gauge is well designed to accurately measure about five inches of water and you will also find its numbers quite easy to read as its numbers are well magnified above thirty-five percent.

Purchasing this rain gauge model guarantees that you won’t buying a replacement anytime soon as it boasts of a weather-resistant, durable acrylic construction which guarantees lasting use while its inch markings and white numbers are also easy to read.



Whatever device you make use of in keeping track of rainfall isn’t so important but what matters most is that you should make use of a durable, accurate and reliable rain gauge which will give you accurate and precise readings.

We have listed the best five rain gauges which will gift you with accurate, precise and reliable information and another reason why you would like the rain gauges mentioned in this review is you would find them easy to install and easy to read.


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