Ride-on cars are classy toys that will certainly keep your kid entertained for several hours and a sense of driving a car is something everyone dreams of at a very tender age but of the advantages of these ride-on cars is they can be passed on to younger ones.

Best Ride-on Cars

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There are different designs and models available but here are the ten best ride-on cars that would help you make a wise choice and help create good memories for your child.

Top 10 Best Ride-on Cars

10. Fisher-Price Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler

The fisher-price power jeep wrangler has the looks of a real wrangler jeep and also has a roomy rear storage area that will certainly excite your kid. It comes with a charger and 12 volt battery and is designed to ride on grass and hard surfaces. It also features 2.5 mph (4km/h) maximum reverse and 2.5 and 5 mph (4 and 8 km/h) maximum forward.


9. Step 2 Push around Buggy 

The step 2 push around buggy ride is recommended for kids of ages nineteen months to three years comes in a new pink edition and this ride comes with a storage space under the hood where your kid can put his toys and snacks.

Maximum fun is guaranteed by riding and pushing this buggy ride and it also has a seatbelt that provides safety and protection for child when riding. This ride is lightweight, requires less time to assemble and is guaranteed to last long.


8. Power Wheels Lil Quad

This pint-size 4 wheel ride is specially designed for toddlers and its sporty ATV styling, cute cargo rack on the back and built-in foot rests will certainly give your child a fun filled experience when riding.

It has a push button that starts driving and also stops the car and is designed in a way your child can easily get off or get on it without assistance from anyone. This ride offers maximum stability, doesn’t reverse, it drives 2 mph forward on both grass and hard surfaces. It has a rechargeable battery and also comes with a charger.


7. Fisher-Price Power Wheels Green Kawasaki KFX

The fisher-price power wheels green Kawasaki KFX is a battery powered ride and will help your kids create their own adventure. This ride is designed to ride over mud, wet grass, gravel, ruts and places other toy rides can’t go and it also comes with a power lock brake system that helps your child maintain control and remain safe as well as a high speed lock-out system for beginners.

This ride is a single rider toy that has a handlebar steering and also features a charger and 12 volts battery. It has a 6 mph forward maximum speed and 3 mph reverse maximum speed and is highly recommended for kids of ages three to six years.


6. Step 2 Whisper Ride II Blue

The step 2 whisper ride is an updated version of other step 2 rides and it requires an adult to assemble. This ride consists of a sleek automotive design together with wheels made of soft poly guarantees that your child will have quiet and smooth ride.

It features a handle that can be folded beneath the body of the ride that serves for easy storage and transportation and also a storage unit underneath the hood. It has a horn on the steering that will surely thrill your child and seatbelts that helps to ensure safety of your child when riding.


5. Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor 

This ride is created to exposing your child to a different level of fun when riding. It features an FM radio which your child can listen to while riding the john deere ground force tractor that has a full size removable trailer.

The seats of this ride has accelerated pedal, adjustable arm rests, reverse automatic brakes, has two different speeds 4-1/2 or 2-1/4 and a 4WD farm tractor wheels for smooth and easy driving. Its second gear lockout feature helps parents to control the speed and it also comes with a 12 volts battery as well as a charger.


4. EzyRoller Classic Ride-on

This ride is quite unique as it has the combination of the fun of a scooter and the control of a bike unlike other rides. This ride has the movement of a snake and doesn’t require batteries, pedals or chain for movement but just using easy left to right leg movements.

Your kid can ride on smooth and flat surfaces both outdoor and indoor and using the brakes on slopes isn’t advisable because they might damage the wheels. It is recommended for children of ages four years and above and it also comes with all the tools and parts in a box and is easy to assemble.


3. Plasma Car Ride-on Toy

Highly recommended for children of ages 3 and above, this ride is tested and meets the international safety standards. One of the unique features of this ride is that it has a combination of centrifugal force, inertia and friction that allows a thrilling and safe ride of about 6 mph.

This ride doesn’t pedals, batteries or gears but your kid can move the ride forward by turning the steering back and forth and turn the wheels 180 degrees to move backwards.

This ride offers more fun when riding on flat and smooth surfaces and to enjoy the ride, all you have to do is place your feet on the ground and stop rotating the wheel. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, this ride will certainly serve as a good exercise for your kids.


2. Power Wheels Dune Racer 

The power wheels dune racer is another fisher-price product and this ride is designed to give your kid a fun and safe experience when riding. It has a beautiful look thanks to its cool grey and red graphics and colors and its unique monster traction drive system is designed to make sure your kids can ride on rough terrain, wet grass and hard surfaces.

It features sturdy steel frame together with flashy chrome wheels and an open cockpit design large enough for two riders to perfectly fit in. Your kids can take along other items like toys and place them in the storage under the hood and together with it one reverse speed, two forward drive speeds and a rechargeable 12 volt battery, this ride will certainly offer a whole lot of excitement and adventure for your kid.


1. Little Tikes Princess Cozy Truck Ride-on

This ride is recommended for kids of ages one to five years old and is specially designed for your baby girl. Its purple and pink truck gives it an elegant and cute look and it also features opening and closing driver’s doors, tail and headlights decals, off-road wheels and also a flatbed with a drop-down tailgate where your kid can place her favorite toys.

This ride offers more fun with its gas cap that opens so your daughter can pretend filling up her vehicle and it also has an electronic horn that is sure to wow your child. It requires less time to assemble and this ride also requires a push to get the ride going. This ride has a floor that helps protects your daughter’s feet and can also be taken off so she can use her foot-to-floor power.


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