Here’s our 10 best scientific calculators in 2018, perfect for engineering students.

Normal calculators are sometimes useful in carrying out small calculations but it is necessary that one gets a scientific calculator for home, school, college or office use.

And if you are looking for a calculator to buy that would guarantee easy way to solve complex problems then here is a review of the ten best calculators available;

Best Scientific Calculator

10 Best Scientific Calculator To Buy with Reviews

10. Casio Advanced Scientific Calculator (Fx – 115ES)

This calculator has over 279 functions and supplies the user with everything he needs for most mathematical calculations. The functions of this Casio advanced calculator includes vector calculations, 40 metric conversions, matrix calculations, complex numbers calculations and statistics and one of its unique features includes a 2 line textbook display which shows square roots, formulas, fractions and other expressions the same way they are in textbooks. The scientific calculator would also work great for chemistry and calculus.

This calculator is an extremely versatile one and it can also be used in various courses including biology, engineering, statistics and physics and it can also be used calculus and basic pre-algebra. Now you don’t need any graphing calculator.


9. Casio fx – 9750GII

This scientific calculator features an onscreen icon driven menu and a slide cover. The onscreen driven menu enables the user to access advanced functions on the calculator and this scientific calculator is allowed to use during SAT, PSAT/NMSQT, AP and ACT College exams. If you are in high school, then we would suggest you to consider buying the product. The product is great at solving sat issues.

Additional features of this calculator include USB connectivity which allows for sharing of file and a high resolution LCD display and this product also features bar graphs and pie charts including a high speed of 62 KB RAM CPU.


8. Casio FX – 300MS

This calculator is used for complex number calculations, calculus, algebras and 18 levels of parenthesis and it also features a two line display. This gadget is recommended for both household use in converting cooking measurements and office use in calculating finances.

It features a readable large display with ten digits where you can write your problem and it shows you the answer immediately and if you ever make a mistake while writing your problem, you can easily erase it using the backspace key.

This calculator also has one independent together with six memory keys and it also features an efficient key layout which makes this scientific calculator very easy to use. Don’t worry if you have tough physic or algebra problems as the product would solve them easily.


7. HP 35s 

This scientific programmable calculator is recommended for scientists, college students, medical professionals, surveyors and engineers and with this calculator, functionality, accuracy and dependability that come with scientific projects is guaranteed. Now, you can easily solve your college chemistry problems with this scientific calculator.

This calculator also offers the user your choice of RPN, features 30KB user memory, a convenient two line display, algebraic entry system and time saving HP solve application. One of the interesting feature of the calculator is it features a large library of over 100 built in functions and it also has a large memory which helps to carry out large calculations.


6. Texas Instruments TI – 30Xa

This calculator is a battery operated one and it also features a one line display. This device is designed to calculate trigonometric, algebraic and statistical problems including general mathematical problems.

It can also carry out variety of conversions ranging from degrees to radians, DMS to decimal to degrees, fractions to decimals and polar to rectangular. This calculator is very easy to use and very portable to slip into your backpack and its display screen is designed to show up to ten digits.


5. Casio fx – 115ES PLUS 

This calculator features more than 200 functions including linear regression, standard deviation, polar – rectangular conversions, complex number calculations, statistics, fractions and base arithmetic. If you are looking for a scientific calculator for engineers, then it’s probably a great choice for you. The product also came with appropriate bracket options.

It also has a natural textbook display which allows the user see results and expressions exactly how they appear in textbooks and it also features a multi replay function that ensures you can back track step by step and this in return gives you the option of recalculating answers and editing expressions.


4. Texas Instruments Nspire CX CAS Graphing Calculator

This calculator has a sleek look and it is considered to be the lightest and thinnest TI graphing calculator available. This calculator features science concepts on your own photos or digital images as well as an overlay and color code math and with this calculator, you can go into higher level of mathematical concepts, explore standard numeric equation and also explore symbolic calculus and symbolic algebra.

This calculator ensures that you have faster and stronger connections between graphs, equations and geometric representations on screen and this device is powered by an installed TI-Nspire rechargeable battery which is guaranteed to last for up to a week after a single charge. It has an additional feature of a full color and high resolution display which allows the user to see variables, exponents and lines clearly. It doesn’t matter if you are a a or o level student, the product would help you in every case.


3. Texas Instruments TI – 36x 

The texas pro engineering and scientific calculator is ideal for curricula which doesn’t permit graphing technology and it also features a multi view display which allows the user see different calculations at the same time on the screen.

This device is perfect for high school use and in college as it is used in solving algebraic, trigonometric, geometric, biology, calculus and statistics problems and it also has a math print which shows stacked fractions exactly as they appear in textbooks as well as math expressions.

With this calculator, you can convert decimals, terms, fractions and Pi into alternate and you can also select radians or degrees, number format modes and floating or fixing. Check our article if in case you want to see about finding antilog in scientific calculator.


2. Texas Instruments TI – 30X IIS 

This calculator features a two line display which shows the equation you are creating at the first line and the second line is where you would see your result once the equation gets solved and this calculator also has a four arrow key which helps the user to edit the original equation if need be for recalculating.

This calculator has internal batteries as well as solar batteries and it also features three angle modes which include radians, grad and degrees, one or two variable statistical mode and engineering/ scientific notation mode.

This device has a snap on cover which perfectly fits at the back and it is ideal for general math, geometry, statistics, pre-algebra and general science. It can also be used in solving conversions, basic trigonometric and scientific problems as well as conversions.


1. Texas Instruments TI – 84 

This calculator features a large LCD display which helps the user see equations, plot graphs and it has 6 parametric expressions, 3 recursively defined sequences, about 10 rectangular functions and 6 polar expressions. This device also has a USB which helps you transfer data to your computer from your calculator. You can also use the product to save the math or chemistry formula easily.

It also feature some apps like inequality graphing, polynomial root finder, Simultaneous equation solver, learning check, catalog help, conic graphing and Cabri Jr. Additional app features includes study cards, probability stimulation, transformation graphing and Vernier easy data.

This scientific is ideal for SAT, PSAT and ACT college entrance exams and it is also recommended for IB and AP tests.

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