Best Sunscreen for Babies Under 6 MonthsMaking use of a sunscreen for your six months old baby is ideal as it offers them protection from scorching sun and there are other ways you can boost this protection as you can also cover your baby using protective hats, protective clothes and sunglasses.

It is necessary that you apply sunscreen when it is necessary and also apply again after every two hours or more if your child perspires a lot or spends time inside water and you should also be cautious of the sunscreen you use so you won’t make use of the type that would irritate your baby’s skin or eyes.

Having considered some of these factors, let us show you the best sunscreens that are ideal for your six months old baby.

5 Best Sunscreen for Babies under 6 Months

5. Tender Sprouts Organic Zinc-Oxide Baby Sunscreen

Tender Sprouts Organic Zinc-Oxide Baby Sunscreen

Making use of this sunscreen ensures that your baby stays protected from the sun and unlike other low quality sunscreens out there, this Tender Sprouts sunscreen is free from harsh and harmful chemical ingredients which can be detrimental to your baby’s health.

One of the benefits that comes with making use of this sunscreen is it provides optimal protection against UVB and UVA rays and it stays on for long which makes your baby safe. It is also free from common allergens and goes gently on sensitive skins while its organic ingredient formula allows it glide smoothly when applied.


  1. Doesn’t cause a rash like most low quality sunscreens do
  2. Offers great protection
  3. No weird smell


  1. Doesn’t last up to six months as advertised
  2. Separates horribly


4. Banana Boat Baby Sunscreen

Banana Boat Baby Sunscreen

Making use of this sunscreen lotion guarantees no stinging and no tearing which ensures that your baby stays happy even under the sun. This is one of the sunscreen products that is clinically tested to be gentle on your baby’s skin as well as non-stinging to the eyes so you are rest assured that this product is safe for use on your little one.

It will last long after application as it boasts of a water-resistant formula and it also boasts of a UVB and UVA broad spectrum protection which ensures your baby stays protected from sunburn.


  1. Works great and is also easy to tell where applied
  2. Ideal for sensitive skins
  3. Makes use of physical barrier and not chemical barrier


  1. Runny liquid
  2. Causes allergic reaction


3. California Baby SPF 30 + Sunscreen Lotion

California Baby SPF 30 + Sunscreen Lotion

This non-chemical sunscreen is suitable for kids aged six months as it offers them maximum protection from the sun and you will love making use of this California baby sunscreen lotion today as it contains no scent masking agent or fragrance which makes it ideal and safe for use.

Whether you want to use it year round or every day, this sunscreen lotion still works excellently well and thanks to its SPF protection level, you are guaranteed that your little one is protected against sunburns.

If your baby has fragrance allergies or sensitive skin then this sunscreen lotion is perfect for him or her and it is well formulated to glide smoothly therefore making sure it doesn’t slip off when it comes in direct contact with water.


  1. Less toxic and powerful enough to protect your little one
  2. Ideal for summer use as it fights against sunburns
  3. Ensures your baby doesn’t react to this product


  1. Doesn’t spread easily and this makes it quite difficult to apply
  2. Leaves white lines on the face


2. Adorable Baby All Natural Sunscreen

Adorable Baby All Natural Sunscreen

This adorable baby all natural sunscreen is made using top quality natural ingredients which guarantee a healthy and natural feeling and it contains no chemical ingredients or synthetic ingredients that make it generally safe for babies, adults and even children.

Applying this sunscreen on the body ensures it stays for a long time as it boasts of a water resistant formula while its combination of organic oils and non-nano zinc oxide provides maximum coverage and protection from sunburn.


  1. Delivers great protection
  2. Lasts for a long time like 40 minutes


  1. Too greasy and sticky which makes it quite uncomfortable
  2. Difficult to squeeze the lotion of the tube


1. Babyganics Mineral-Based Baby Sunscreen Lotion

Babyganics Mineral-Based Baby Sunscreen Lotion

The Babyganics mineral-based baby sunscreen lotion is perfect for your baby’s health as it doesn’t contain dyes, fragrance, phthalates, sulfates and parabens which is why it is recommended for everyday use.

And it features a blend of sunflower, tomato, raspberry, black cumin and cranberry which makes it quite powerful and effective. Featuring UVB and UVA protection design with broad spectrum SPF 50+. This top rated sunscreen from Babyganics guarantees optimal protection for your little one and it is safe for use as it isn’t tested on animals.


  1. Guarantees maximum protection from the sun
  2. Guarantees no allergic or side reactions
  3. Also ideal for family use


  1. Quite thick so it requires additional rubbing time



The aim of this review is to help you find the best, suitable and ideal sunscreen for your little one and looking at this review, you will figure out that the Babyganics Mineral-Based Baby Sunscreen is rated as the best in this review as it offers more protection from the sun without causing any form of allergy or reaction on your little baby.

Be rest assured that the sunscreens listed in this review are made using top quality and natural materials so they also ensure the safety and good health of your little one.


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