Kids loves something extra ordinary right? Lets take a look at these best transformer toys:

Transformers toys are a set of toys that undoubtedly bring a smile to the face of any kid regardless of the occasion on which they are gifted to them.

The transformers brand is an old and timeless one, and these toys have been in existence for just as long as the Transformers shows have.

Best Transformer Toys

The ever-evolving types of Transformers toys have even more attractive features than ever and there is a wide range of options for fans to select from. See the reviews of the best transformers toys available in the market today…

Here’s 10 Of The Best transformer Toys To Buy With Reviews

10. Voyager Class Galvatron Figure

Best Transformer Toys for kids

This Autobot warrior is about 7 inches tall and weighs 12 ounces. It is a two-in-one Galvatron figure that transforms from a heavily armed robot to a semi-truck in vehicle mode in seventeen simple steps. The Galvatron figure is recommended for kids eight years and above. Transforming this toy combines the right proportions of challenge and fun.


  • Its transformation is quite easy for any kid to easily get the hang of.
  • It is excellently articulated and it is precise and detailed.
  • Its vehicle mode is very impressive.


  • The body paint job is not very well done and is not so attractive.


9. Leader Class Grimlock Figure

Best Transformer Toys 2

This Leader Class Series M4 No.002 Grimlock Transformer was released in 2014 and has dimensions of 3.5 x 8.9 x 10 inches. It transforms from a robot to a T-Rex dinosaur in eighteen steps. It is recommended by the manufacturer for kids five years and above.


  • Its colours are very flashy and attractive.
  • The figure can strike and maintain very good poses.


  • The instructions provided are not very helpful as they are only provided backwards, showing only how to transform it from dinosaur to robot mode.


8. Rescue Bots Optimus Prime Figure

Best Transformer Toys 3

The optimus prime is the uncontested leader of the autobots, and this toy looks a lot like the character itself. It is kid-sized and very portable, with a dimension of 2.4 x 6.5 x 9.5 inches. It is recommended for 3year olds to 7 year olds.


  • Its size is very convenient and it can be easily carried about.
  • It transforms very easily from a robot to a T-Rex dinosaur.


  • It is very small
  • One of its arms is permanently a dinosaur head, and it does not completely transform into a regular looking optimus prime.

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7. Generations Class Lockdown Figure

Best Transformer Toys 4

This toy allows its owner to relieve the actual transformers adventures and is recommended for persons 8 years and above. It transforms from robot mode to a Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Nero Nemesis vehicle in relatively simple steps.


  • Its vehicle mode is very detailed and almost flawless.
  • It can be made to strike several poses in its robot mode.


  • Its weapon is huge and cannot be stowed away


6. Rescue Bots Energize Optimus Prime Figure

Best Transformer Toys 5

This toy is a classic and it easily transforms from robot mode to semi-truck mode and back in one quick and easy step. It contains a rescue saw accessory to be affixed to the truck’s trailer in the toy’s vehicle mode.

The figure can be used to simulate the experience of heroic rescues and is made for very little children.


  • Its transformation is extremely easy, so it is perfect for younger kids.


  • Its springs are quite weak

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5. Leader Class Optimus Prime Figure

Best Transformer Toys 6

This optimus prime figure can be converted from a robot to a semi-truck and is a high powered commander in both modes in eighteen steps. And comes with a sword of judgement and a shield. It is recommended for persons five years and above.


  • This toy is more detailed, articulate and intricate than the first generation toys.
  • In its robot mode, this toy can be made to strike several different poses.


  • The instructions that come with the figure are not very helpful, as they are reverse.


4. Voyager Class Autobot Hound Figure

Best Transformer Toys 7

The figure in its robot mode is heavily armed and can be transformed to an effective combat vehicle in fourteen straightforward steps, and comes adequately accessorized.

It has dimensions of 3.3 x 7 x9.5 inches and is recommended for kids eight years and above. It is painted in green, silver and black colours.


  • It is very detailed, and not very heavy.
  • The combat truck rolls perfectly well.


  • The toy appears to be quite expensive


3. Transformers Construct-Bots Optimus Prime Vs. Megatron Construction Set

Best Transformer Toys 8

This is a two-in-one toy that comes in several pieces, up to one hundred and thirty five pieces which can be used to build the optimus prime and megatron robots. Both figures can also be converted or broken down to vehicle modes. The recommended age for this toy is seven years and above.


  • Both component figures can be transformed without having to tear the entire thing apart.
  • The package contains several weapons.


  • Building up and taking apart the figures are a little challenging as they require some strength.


2. Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Energize Heatwave the Fire-Bot Figure

Best Transformer Toys 9

This is a classic for younger kids, it is transformed in one simple step from robot mode to fire-truck mode and back. It is equipped with a water cannon which is held by the robot and is attached to the truck cab in its vehicle mode.

It is recommended by the manufacturer for kids as little as thirty six months old.


  • The toy is very durable and can endure hours of play without damage.
  • It is very easy to transform.


  • None so far


1. Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Blades The Copter-Bot Action Figure

Best Transformer Toys 10

In first place, comes this intriguing toy, featuring a robot which can be concerted in one seamless step into a helicopter. Attached to this figure is a rescue hook held by the robot and affixed to the helicopter. This toy is highly recommended for younger children between the ages of three and seven years.


  • This toy is extremely durable and can withstand toddler manhandling.
  • It is relatively inexpensive.
  • It is very easy to transform it from robot mode to helicopter mode and back.


  • None

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