Weight lifting is an interesting game enjoyed all over the world and people partake in it for the health benefits that comes along with it, as a profession and also for fun but wrist, hand and cellulose injuries are common incidents associated with weight lifting because of its tough and rugged nature especially among beginners.

Weight lifting gloves are simple but effective accessories used to prevent having such occurrences. Weight lifting gloves comes in various sizes, have different safety measures used to protect the hands from such injuries and damage and they are also very affordable.

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Best Weight Lifting Gloves For Men

If you are searching for the right type of weight lifting gloves, I suggest you take a look below at the best models we have selected so you can select the one that best suites you from our top 10 best weight lifting gloves for men:

10 Best Weight Lifting Gloves For Men

10. Best Fingerless Weight Lifting Gloves 

This item is suitable for both men and women and it is guaranteed to last a lifetime. This weight lifting gloves comes with black wrist wrap support which is suitable for activities like pull ups, shooting, combat MMA fighting, sparing, stretching, boxing, fitness, paintball and also in the gym. The outer padding on the gloves is made from a high quality material.

Cons: Stitching on the gloves tends to unravel after few month of use.


9. 2016 EVO 2 Weightlifting Gloves

This product is perfect for both males and females because it is designed with a comfortable unisex fit system and a new snug. This is considered among the best because it features the latest technology in weightlifting and that includes fully integrated and industrial strength Velcro wrist wraps for good results and firm support.

The EVO 2 weightlifting gloves has a gel which prevents slippage when in use. Its durable and soft texture is designed to give you optimum comfort and durability. The addition of high density foam offers extra protection when lifting heavy and they do not stand the hands even when you sweat.


8. Women’s Weight Lifting Gloves 

This weight lifting gloves is made only for women and it is considered to be among the best because it is made of high quality Amara leather and Goat leather and it can be used in various activities like rope climbing, rowing, golf, wheelchairs, MMA, bicycle, crossfits, gym, weights, fitness, powerlifting, kettlebell workouts, biking, combats as well as personal training.

Its half finger design helps provide comfort and padding for added grip where necessary. If you are looking for less fat and more tone and muscle then this gloves is the best for you because its figure 8 lifting wrist straps helps you improve your workout. Straps tend to make you lift more weight that you can with your grip alone.


7. New Ventilated Weight Lifting Gloves 

These weightlifting gloves are made of three to four millimeter thick neoprene which makes the gloves light and durable too. The addition of the silicone neoprene provides extra tight grip for the user and not only do these gloves provide 100 percent protection for the palm, it also helps protects each finger from tares and rips. These gloves are perfect for jerks, snatches, overhead squats because of the built-in Velcro wrist wraps support which provides extra protection for the wrists.

Cons: No padding around the palm region and holes starting forming across the palm region after few months of use.


6. Contraband Pink Label 5137 

This product comes with a quick finger removal tab which is placed directly on the ring and middle finger to enable pull the gloves quickly and easily while the vented mesh helps fights against thee build up of heat in the gloves leading to prolonged use of the gloves even during tough workouts.

The Grip lock padding is made of a silicone rubber right on the palm to help you grab a dumbbell, barbell or any other equipment with a firm grip. The interior of the glove is made of a soft material and the materials absorb heat from the palm to avoid slippage during use.


5. Gym Gloves for Power Lifting Biking

These ideal lifting gloves can also be used as gym gloves for women and they are manufactured from lightweight materials which gives the user comfort during workout. It is a quality glove because it is made from a fabric that allows move freely when in use and it is also breathable.

It has a spandex and a 100 percent material which makes it a long lasting glove. One of its unique features is that it protects the body from blisters and calluses and its diagonal Velcro straps helps holds the wrist in a secure and firm position.


4. Cross Training Gloves 

This glove can be adjusted easily and provides extra support. The extra padding and silicone leather made of neoprene material helps prevent calluses. These gloves are specially designed with weightlifting wrist wraps for extra support and comfortable workout experience. Velcro wrist wraps provides added support to the wrist to fight against tension and avoid slippage during workouts. It can be used in different activities like pull ups, chin ups, rope climbing.


3. 2 Fitness Women’s Men’s Weight Lifting Gloves with 45 Centimetre Wrist Wrap

This weightlifting glove has an integrated 45cm long elastic wrist wrap helps provide hand protection against impacts, abrasion, sudden twists and helps reduce external force on the palm. The silica gel anti-slip particles and a microfiber wholly helps provide cushion for maximum support and also fights against blisters and painful callus. One feature that makes this weightlifting glove different from the rest is a terry cloth attached to the back of the glove that you can use in wiping sweat off your face.


2. Weight Lifting Gloves, Wrist Wrap for Gym Workout

This is a product of Nordic lifting and it is specially designed to provide grip for men and women during workouts. It has an integrated wrist support and the right amount of padding helps fight against calluses and blisters.

It also comes with a one year warranty free no-hassle replacement guarantee and it is perfect for crossfit training, gym, weightlifting, powerlifting as well as other heavy fitness exercises.


1. Achieve Fit Weight Lifting Gloves 

These premium weightlifting gloves has extended, strong wrist straps which offers maximum wrist support and it is also easy to wear and take off. These gloves do not have inner paddings thereby offering you firmer grip, more comfort, better control, higher flexibility and safer lifting experience.

The addition of a stylish leather palm gives the gloves an elegant look and makes it very durable and they also help you deal with sweaty palms and minimize common weightlifting wrist injuries like calluses and blisters.


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