When we are in a relationship, we tend to give nicknames or pet names to our loved ones. Often times these are the most common terms of endearment but wouldn’t it be nice if you there are other cute name to call her? Of course there is!

All you have to do is to read this article as we have listed all the possible cute names that we can find for you. Here’s why you should consider using them in the first place.

Girls like it when their boyfriends have a specific (and exclusive) name for them. It makes them feel loved and special. However, if you are to pick a cutesy nickname for your girlfriend, make sure that it does not offend her or that it doesn’t have any inside joke along with it (unless your girlfriend can understand the joke and is cool with it).

Cute Names to Call Your Girlfriend

Make sure also that the name you choose is sweet and is appropriate to call your girlfriend. In this article, we have listed some of the best cute names that you can call your girlfriend; here are a few to take note of:

Cute Names to Call Your Girlfriend

  1. Doll Face, Baby Girl, Baby Doll, Dolly – this is good if your girlfriend who is as cute as a doll or if you think she looks like a doll.
  2. Sugar, Sweety, Honey, Honey Pie – this nickname is great if you have a really nice and sweet girlfriend.
  3. Princess, my Queen – if you are someone who likes to spoil your girl like a princess or queen then this is rather appropriate.
  4. Sweetie, Babe, Baby, Sweetheart, Love, Lovely – if you are an old-fashioned guy who likes old-fashioned nicknames then these can be your best bet.
  5. My Angel, Angel – if you really want to make her feel special and important then these are great to use.
  6. Gorgeous, Beautiful or Pretty Lady – are as classic as they can be but is also as effective in swooning your lady.
  7. Honey Bunny, Baby Bunny, Bunny – are amongst the cutest, overused and yet still one of the sweetest names you can call your girl.
  8. Girl of my Dreams, Dreamboat – if you think that she’s your dream turned into a reality.
  9. My Lucky Charm – If you feel blessed and lucky to have her as your girlfriend.
  10. Treasure, Precious, Goldy (for pot of gold) – if you think that your girl is your treasure here on earth then go ahead and spoil her with this nickname.
  11. Sunshine – if she lightens up your days and fills it with warmth and happiness then sunshine is the best to call her then.
  12. Wifey – if you are engaged then this is a great nickname to give.
  13. Hot Legs, Hot Lips – if you think she wins in both body parts then go ahead.
  14. Sweet Lips – if her kisses are as sweet as sugar then this fits her just right.
  15. Hot Momma – if your girlfriend is a hottie and you find her that irresistible then this nickname wins.
  16. Kitten, Kitty – if she likes to play or is playful like a cat then yes.
  17. Pumpkin, Peaches, Peach – if she is that adorable.
  18. Baby bear, bear – if you have a cuddly girlfriend, this may be a cute name to pick.
  19. Babe Boo, Boo bear, Honey Boo – if your girlfriend is very affectionate and sweet.
  20. Love – if you really love her and if it’s true and real love then this one is an easy.

You can also try these classics:

  • Darling – for those who want to keep it classy, calling your girlfriend darling. Besides, doesn’t this remind of you those old-fashioned couples sipping tea? Or perhaps those old black and white movies where couples would call each other darling? Sweet, right!
  • Love of My Life – this is perfect for couples who are in love with each other. Make sure that when you call your girlfriend this one, you are certain that she is in love with you too, I mean, anything could happen, right?
  • Beloved – for a girl that is very dear to you and close to your heart, this could be a cute nickname to call her.

So there you go, these are the list of some of the cute names to call your girlfriend. If these nicknames don’t make her feel special and loved then I don’t know what will.

Go ahead and pick the ones that best suit her, make sure that you tell her why you chose that name. Trust me she it will definitely put a smile on her face!


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