You can spice up the moment with these fun conversation starters with a guy.

There are those kinds of conversation that helps you make the best of camarederie you need with someone and everyone who cares to go through this list.

And once in the spotlight of this list nothing can be more mediating and enabling than having to answer this list because they’ll help you with all in proximity with that special one.

fun Conversation Starters with a guy


This list contains many one liner and sage questions which are written especially to begin a long and enjoyable conversation with turns at spewing and answering questions which will never yield any dull moment.

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70+ Fun Conversation Starters With A Guy

  1. Have you ever cried for money you lost before
  2. Have you ever renounced your faith before
  3. What song will make it as your best ever
  4. Best movie you ever saw
  5. The last series you followed religiously
  6. When do you think is the singular most important day of a man’s life
  7. Do you believe in the afterlife
  8. Who’s your best character in Greek Mythology
  9. Have you ever flunked and skewed your grades before
  10. What were you your best at in highschool
  11. How do you think education can be reformed
  12. How true to the fact do you consider yourself a good person
  13. Do you think everyone in the world wields a facade
  14. What is your say on homosexuality
  15. How much do you believe in evolution
  16. How much do you believe in life after death
  17. What’s your middle name
  18. What name would you have preferred
  19. What do you think of suicide bombing
  20. Have you ever had a face with death before
  21. Have you ever been in a hostage situation before
  22. What would you do if you had a good chance at superhero powers
  23. If wishes were horses, what would you wish for
  24. What mars your day?
  25. Do you think you have been your own enemy at any point in your life
  26. How often do you play video games asked compared to your childhood
  27. What’s your sweetest memory from childhood
  28. Do you think you have what it takes to make a difference in the world
  29. What would you do if you were the President of America
  30. What makes your day?
  31. Who is your best friend and why
  32. Would you relive your life if your were given a chance
  33. What do you think being blown to oblivion one day
  34. What makes today important in your life than yesterday
  35. Do you think you tomorrow will be happy with the you today
  36. Have you seen Harry Potter and Lord Of The Rings?
  37. Do you often think that there is a something you are missing from life
  38. Hedonism or Asceticism or Moderation
  39. What makes it as your happiest you’ve ever been
  40. How do you plan to become our dream
  41. What is your greatest fantasy
  42. How long is too long to wait than act
  43. Do you think you will pass for villain in a movie
  44. What’s your favorite lunch meal
  45. Do you believe in luck
  46. How many pets do you have
  47. Why do you name your pets the name you gave to them
  48. How frequent should one undergo self introspection
  49. How soon do something fall out of novelty to you
  50. Do you think you’ll pass for an objective judge in mediating for two things which concerns you
  51. How much do you like cartoons still
  52. Do you think life is fair
  53. What is the last thing you had want for by virtue of it being the norm
  54. What do you hate most about the norms of the society
  55. How scary is growing old to you
  56. What makes it really worth living that if it was gone, you wouldn’t like
  57. When do you feel it is right to let go of that doesn’t requite our feelings
  58. Have you ever lost a bet
  59. What price did you have to pay for it
  60. When is it the best time to fear
  61. What do you do best as your pastime
  62. Do you like a sibling better than others
  63. What part of your life do you think is the darkest
  64. Is there a thing in your life that will pass as the worst thing you ever experienced and that you cannot tell anyone
  65. At what age do you think is best to die
  66. Which to you is better?
  67. Why do you think people love magic
  68. How much is too much when being nice
  69. Have you ever helped someone at the detriment of yourself before
  70. How do you like being around the opposite sex
  71. How do you relax?

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