Philosophy is an academic discipline that seeks truth through reasoning rather than empiricism and there’s been philosophers throughout ages most notably I’m the old Grecian times of Socrates, Aristotle and Plato.

Philosophy have rather raised more questions, germane throughout it’s practices with man and this has always been one which have left man to muse on his rather frail existence as to ask even more on his existence.

Here are many philosophical question you need to answer as they are imperative in the lives of men, many of which we never ask but by tacit has been registered by our conscious and/or subconscious mind.

Fun Philosophical Questions
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60+ Fun Philosophical Questions To Ask

  1. Are we part of a mystical creation that occurred trillions of years ago or just the right culmination of years old evolution?
  2. Is death the end?
  3. Is wisdom overrated if it cannot be accounted for in its practicality?
  4. What things have being you experimentally impeded in seeing others for who they are?
  5. Do you think if we saw souls instead of bodies, we would have been better for it?
  6. If men had the powers of mind-reading, do you think he would have lived happier or worse?
  7. What’s the essence of philosophy if it only raises more questions?
  8. Is the pursue of material futile or the purpose of man?
  9. Can we ever truly understand the concept of God or does that fact of his omnipotence preclude our knowledge of him?
  10. Can we ever really be free?
  11. How much predestined are our decisions?
  12. Do you think people are and should be obligated to do as they will?
  13. Is free will a myth?
  14. Do you believe I’m the existence of higher power?
  15. Can one truly have liberal views and ideals or is all our opinions influenced by something and influences other things?
  16. Why do we tend to justify our ways and judge others by our own values?
  17. If man was given absolute power, would you think he would still have been happier?
  18. How much do you think your influence to others around you matter to influence theirs
  19. Is competition a necessity in bringing the best from us or it just kills the uniqueness we all have?
  20. What world would it have been without religion?
  21. I think therefore I am. What does that mean to you?
  22. If being rich only brings more burden and being poor makes you free of human expectations, Do you think being rich is any better?
  23. Do you think patriarchal Christianity has played parts in the demeaning of women’s rights today?
  24. Do you think at the end the world at large matter most or your immediate family?
  25. Do you believe in the world there is a grey area aside the black and white?
  26. Do you think happiness can be sustained?
  27. What do you think conspiracies are born on
  28. What to you is the greatest virtue a man can possess and why?
  29. What tenability do you think absolutism hold?
  30. Can humans ever truly be all their dreams make of them?
  31. Do you think sufferings are exaggerated in their bid to make someone wiser
  32. What is that prevalent thing which in itself has but nihilistic value?
  33. Do you think animals are freer than humans?
  34. Do you see the cup half full or half empty?
  35. It is said that we do not die after our heart stops but until some minutes later, do you think our concept of death is erred?
  36. Do you think man’s version ofa good life is flawed?
  37. Fate or Free Will. Which is more tenable?
  38. Do you think nudism and art can ever not be inextricably linked?
  39. Would you rather a year on life living all your wishes and dreams or a hundred years living but with torrents of events?
  40. Do you think the essence of marriage is of no consequence anymore and should be obliterated?
  41. Can equality ever thrive in a caste system?
  42. How well or flawed is the justice system?
  43. If our souls never truly die but is freed from the frailty of our bodies?
  44. Should death be mourned or celebrated as freedom?
  45. What’s a new world order going to impact in this world?
  46. Do you think Pan-Africanism can be the best solution to the third world nations of Africa?
  47. How well do you believe the transcendence of the souls?
  48. Do you think the substance of dreams are an extension of our reality or just our brains ways of making us believe differently?
  49. Can we ever truly love beyond ourselves and be happy?
  50. Do you think the primal feeling in man for companionship was put there for procreation or is what is called love?
  51. The blind truth and the overt deception, why do people prefer the latter?
  52. How well have your sufferings made your wiser?
  53. To what degree would you say difference in belief system can be attributed to difference in upbringing?
  54. Do you think all of man’s ways will always lead awry as corroborated by history?
  55. What do you think is the purpose of man?
  56. By what standard do you think everyone should live by?
  57. Can our vices truly be other era’s virtues and vice versa or are these constant?
  58. What would you rather the world would base their existence on?
  59. What would you think your future self would hate what you love or you now?
  60. What is the biggest waste of the human potential?
  61. Does being hailed as the best in a situation really help or prevent us from being better?
  62. What impact would trans-humanism leave on this earth in years to come?

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