The concept of “LOVE” is one older than man and to love and be loved is a feeling every human soul yearns because there can be nothing more chivalrous than trusting someone with so frail a thing as your heart and when that someone requites with the self-same love, it makes it all the more beautiful for love makes the best of this world rife in sufferings and despair.

There are as we know a number of LOVE LANGUAGES that everyone speaks and are attuned with and even though in sunder ways, we all of us, the same language, which is Love, speak.

Birthdays are one reason for lovers to show how much they care about their lovers, to be creative each year out and impress upon their lover, their doting disposition with cards, gifts, enthralling words and catchphrases, flowers, chocolate and romantic dates, to name but a few.

But then if you want to sweeten it with some beautiful words straight from the arrows of Cupid, then you are covered with this list.

Happy Birthday Wishes To My Lover

30+ Happy birthday wishes to my lover that you can use

When I see you everyday I get the chills down my spine of many reasons why I can’t help falling in love with you. Happy birthday my love

You took my pain and gave me joy, you took my shame and took my first name, you loved me despite and put to smite my woes and I want to start everyday doing the same, so to today, Happy birthday gorgeous, I love you so much

I love you with so many reasons I can’t yet indite never your love is a bliss unbeknown. Happy birthday my love

Happy birthday to you my angel, my remedy and my life support. Thank you for being the reason why on this December 12th(use your own date) is the happiest day of my life because I am a happy only because you were born some years ago this day.

Happy birthday to the woman of my dreams. May this day not be the last of you. Love you till forever

Cheers to the day you were born, cheers to the day I met the Mrs Perfectly made for me and cheers to us, happy birthday my queen

On this day I cannot see more reason to appreciate the life you have lived, the love you have shared, the times we’ve been through and the victories we have shared, thanks my love for it all, happy birthday to you darling

May the sun not see a day more if you fail to, may heaven bless you with more days to rejoice and nay you tales of happiness usher a new joy. Happy birthday my dear

With sweet devotion I want to devote my life in telling you all my life of how so huge a figure you are to my life, happy birthday to the one that gave me a reason to live

Happy birthday to my one and only comfort, my joy, happiness and love, I cannot celebrate you enough than should no matter the time spent but I know that you matter more than anything in my life. More years to you darling

More years to you, more Saturdays to go on dates, more Mondays to get vexed on waking up early to work, more anniversaries for us, happy birthday to the mother of my kids, my life, my love and my reason, happy birthday to you wifey

Happy birthday to you and for gracing my life with your presence I’m so happy to have found someone like you who has been a summer ray in times of cold and water in times of drought. Love you dear

You have been more than a wife to me because you are a friend, more than a friend because your are a kindred spirit and more than that, a soul mate, happy birthday to the woman of dreams

I dreamt of you and you fortune from my sleep to make my dreams come true. Happy birthday to the love of my life

There are many reasons I love you but none of them will be possible if you never see more of this day Happy Birthday my love

Happy birthday, Mahal, Mí amor, Mon amour, the mother of my unborn child and the kisser of my tears away. Wish you many more blissful years to ensue

You make me feel like my existence would not have been worth it if you never lived, thank you my love for living and thank God for sustaining you. Love you dear.

Happy birthday to the only reason why I feel all love songs were made for me, the only woman I want to share a bed with and the only one I dream of having as a bride. More years my love, to you

Wishing you a happy birthday is not just a chivalrous deed from me, it’s a prayer of thanksgiving to God that I still have the one reason why I feel lucky, to be alive. So happy birthday my life

You are my everything, my world, my sister, my mom, my confidant and ally, happy birthday to that one woman that makes life worth it

Thanks to God that by you yet another day and year I should have the woman with whom I have run the whole gamut of emotions with and yet do not see a life with anyone else. Happy birthday my friend and lover, more years to you

Happy plus one to you my princess, I pray for more years to you and more each and every other year to come. Love you my dearest

I have known you years now and yet the novelty of your specialness is always special to me, happy birthday to you and may much joy unable to be contained like waterfalls meet you so long as you live. Happy birthday my dear

I love you in manners unable to be said and I’m so happy that you, my dear have to see another year more, thank you for all our precious moments and in hopes we see them more. Happy birthday to come, love you darling

There are just those perfect days when the right mood and feelings are set that you can show with your spouse your romantic side and birthdays are just it.

Every real man desires to treat his woman with the best than she can fathom or desire, to treat her like a real princess be it by gifts, whether you to buy a the one thing she has been giving you heads up on gift or throw a theme birthday party, every woman just feel loved in their own ways but this is one way every woman will always appreciate, trust me, so I hope you’ve found a perfect fit, or a combination to wish her a happy birthday my love quote other than the other things planned for her be it, gifts, activities or time out.

Top it up, her celebrations with your words of love because it is imperative.

The list of cute birthday as you’ve been privy will surely rouse her heart in love for you and bring you closer to her even more quotes can actually bring more. You’ll be amazed to find what words said from a genuine and romantic heart can accomplish.


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