Eid Ul Adha is a day the faithful servant of Allah, Ibrahim with all sense of doubt, chose to trust Allah and lay his son the sacrifice of Allah to which Allah evermore remembered him to bless by in stead of his son, giving a lamb to be slain.

Muslims all around the world this day remember this as if not one the most with the greatest implications, one of the most popular festival to which they commemorate this feat.


On this day every year, Muslims embark on pilgrimage, marking this festival with many important garb, eating and drinking and so on.

Eid Ul Adha as known falls in the very end weeks of August varying in many islamized nations in the world from Pakistan to Afghanistan to Muslims in Africa or even Britain from August 21 to 25th.

Happy Eid mubarak greetings and celebrate

Happy EID Ul Adha Wishes, Greetings Messages

1) May trouble neglect you, angels protect, good path direct and Allah at the end, accept you.

Happy Eid my friend


2) In care, ever, In fear and despair, never, in whatever weather, May Allah be there with you together.

Happy Eid Ul Adha love


3) On the heels of Allah’s mercy may you not, especially in season of Eid run your last.

Happy Eid


4) Happy Eid my dearest, I pray that you find favor in Allah’s face forever.


5) I do for your sake pray that Allah has in him a repository of blessings to deposit on you.

Happy Eid fam


6) Happy Eid


7) When wanting shall be many in happenings of good and just and right, may you not number in their stead.

Happy Eid my friend


8) Good day friend, Happy Eid to you from me that love you and that in my prayers to Allah for you your are assured.



9) No less than the beauty and grace as shown Ibrahim, shall you in abundance, receive from Allah, this day of Eid.


10) All that you may desire May Allah grant ten folds times ten.

Happy Eid my friend


11) I pray that Allah’s blessings be not alien to you.

Happy Eid Ul Adha


12) To forever, may Allah find cause to bless the ground of your feet.

Happy Eid


13) May Allah’s blessings zero in on filling your life with ten times better your present.. Happy Eid my friend




15) Allah in manifold shall see reason to fuel your life with bliss that even is beyond your worth.


16) May the letters of your name be recommendation in the very sight of Allah in this Eid and in every one to come.


17) Happy and joyous Eid to you whom I hold dearest in my heart and pray that it is so with Allah too.



18) May Allah find indebtedness hanging on your prayers to requite unto fruition.

Happy Eid my friend


19) Happy Eid pal, may unto your good deeds Allah remember you in all things.

Happy Eid friend


20) Happy Eid to you whom I pray that Allah never ceases to bless.


21) Happy Eid my friend, may the grave find lack in you and grace find plenitude in you.


22) Happy Eid my love, I, just as Allah made provision for Ibrahim, pray that he shall likewise do to you..

Happy Eid, my friend


23) I do hope that for all that pertains to you, may Allah I’m his infinite attach a tag of love and joy to.

Happy Eid


24) Happy Eid my friend, wishes of wisdom, knowledge and power of discernment may Allah help you with.

Happy Eid my friend


25) As Allah in omnipotence has all that makes him alone in grace and glory, I pray that his very power may prove itself in you.

eid ul azha greetings

26) As Allah for every purpose made a thing so may he for favor make your days.

Happy Eid my love


27) As we sight the moon and are reminded of the beauty of today, may your presence be an impetus onto goodness and love for Allah.

Happy Eid


28) May you luck on the grace of Allah and abound in his goodwill even now unto Eid festival till forever


29) I know that you are Allah’s chosen so I pray his predilection for you shall be an adornment of grace.

Happy Eid friend


30) I do hope and pray that you may remain steadfast unto Allah’s favorable face.

Happy Eid


31) Happy Eid to you dearest friend, I pray for you and all you will endeavor that you may never know lack.


32) In pray you will wake in joy and lie in joy.

Happy Eid


33) Happy Eid to you my friend, I do hope you will be all your desires made you out to be.


34) I wish you the utmost of all you may hold dear to your heart and that Allah find favor in your prayer to grant the words of them true.


35) To now and to always, may you be as the chosen of Allah, his to bless and yours to be blessed.

Happy Eid

happy eid ul adha wishes

36) May Allah grant you peace and happiness and mettle to find in his love and mercy all your days.

Happy Eid


37) Happy Eid to you of foremost acknowledgement, may all that is your desires by Allah never be confounded.


38) Happy Eid to you dearest friend, may you share your lips for the cause of a smile and not for a frown.


39) May Allah grant you the power to be more tolerant to the shortcomings of others as yours is not taken by him also.

Happy Eid


40) In love may Allah hold you down like nothing ever before

Happy Eid to forever Love.


41) Wishing you a most lovely Eid celebration that will usher the most beautiful ray of light to you.

Happy Eid my friend.


42) May the beauty of Eid bring to your doorstep, grace and mercy beyond compare.

Happy Eid my friend


43) May all that you hold dear help you along the way to come to the knowledge of Allah’s grace.

Happy Eid Ul Adha


44) May Allah be to you even as he was with Ibrahim unto salvation.

Happy Eid Ul Adha


45) As he is Allah, first and only in his like, may he prove his prowess in your life as long as you live.

Happy Eid friend


46) I do in my heart of heart pray that you may never know the very words of lack or temptation even as Allah did try Ibrahim.

Happy Eid my friend


47) Once and for all of time may Allah in remembrance of you as he did our father Ibrahim, never cease to supply all your wants and needs.

Happy Eid my beautiful friend


48) May Allah’s omnipotence through you proof it’s magnitude to all the world

Happy Eid


49) Happy Eid to you.

May you know except love and beauty and happiness and joy all your days.


50) May you by way of Allah’s benevolence, reap in goodwill and blessing forever.

Happy Eid


51) In this season Eid, I pray you never know what it is to be anything but happy.

Happy Eid


52) Happy Eid to you, His tender loving care and love, may his love and mercy rally behind you all your days


53) The love of Allah unto goodness and love takes you to heights unattained and and achievement yet made.

Happy Eid


54) May, in Allah’s repository of love and and kindness, you never know his wrath but love

Happy Eid


55) For all that you hold dear and love, may you never know lack and scarcity.

Happy Eid


56) May the sweetness of Allah’s grace sweeten your making you find favor in the presence of your helpers.

Happy Eid


57) Allah in his infinite power, I pray may by his love, flood you with his never ending bliss.


58) Happy Eid to you and may you be endeared to Allah’s grace and love unto perpetuity.


59) That you may never cease in grace, May Allah hand find in you, the requisition for his blessings in a thousand fold.

Happy Eid


60) For you I beseech that Allah be his all- merciful figure that you have no cause to lament.

Happy Eid my friend


61) May you share in Allah bountiful measures as this season of Eid draws.


62) May you in hopes and joy of Allah’s grace never be confounded.

Happy Eid


63) May your life be as your love for Allah, flooded with beauty and devotion.


64) Well, shall you be, hale, shall you abide and hearty as Allah bids it.

Happy Eid my friend


65) By Allah, I wish you love and joy and happiness in all your searches in life.

Happy Eid


66) May you have cause to smile and brim with all fruitfulness as the servants of Allah that you are.


67) Happy Eid my love, days as this that Allah’s mercy resonates, I pray you see his face in utter brilliance as He possess


68) Dear to my heart are you and dear to Allah’s bosom may you forever be


69) I say and believe I in the spirit of Eid, that for you sake, the days ahead will bring you more blessings than you ever dreamt


70) As long as you live, may the Almighty Allah be the wind beneath your feet as you soar high towards new heights.


71) May all Allah grants you be more than you ever dreamed of.

Happy Eid


72) Happy Eid my beautiful friend, may all that your heart desire be all that Allah grants.


73) When the blessings of Almighty Allah comes, may it not come in trickles but as the downpour of rain to you. Happy Eid my beautiful friend.


74) Happy Eid Ul Adha.

I pray that Allah’s wisdom over you shall see you married to his love and divine mercy all your days.


75) As we share in this happy Eid, I pray by Allah that you shall be better for the days ahead that come.

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