Falling in love with someone is magical and the feeling of knowing someone cares for you as much as they care for themselves is a chivalrous one indeed.

Making your boyfriend or girlfriend feel how just much they mean in your heart can especially make you score beautifully more point in their heart because it is natural when we are truly shown we are madly in love with someone that they should feel a sense of indebtedness to give back and requite.

Your affection towards your partner may just be the simplest of things like attention to her very pedantic needs, her little whims and what makes her happy especially writing her a lovely piece every once in a while as little a it may seem.

                        Love You Forever Quotes

  1. I often wondered what how a kind as you came to being and while that question may never gift me it’s answer I’ll forever be elated to have been loved you as I now do
  2. If ever I was told years before you I’ll find someone as you I’d have despaired on that because you are finally a reality better than a dream
  3. A thousand angels yet cannot dissuade my love for you
  4. My love for you is as of the heavens, ethereal in nature
  5. I love you in ways that even forever wouldn’t begin to cut how much
  6. Like I was before lost in the doldrums, you came and I never looked back ever since
  7. If only I had met you since my days of youth, I despair to think even the hard times would have been called hard by me
  8. Sweet balmy days of ecstasy riddled in bliss and joy is what you five to me and that I’ll never trade for anything
  9. Days go by without you and it seems likes forever yet a day with you and I have never felt a shorter day before
  10. If there ever was a most sacred altar, your heart is mine where my adulation is centered
  11. You were my every wish and hope when being yours was far fetched, now that I am yours, I have never felt so novel and childish all caused you loved me
  12. Joy! Joy! Joy!
    It’s the words the beats of my heart make each day I see you
  13. If only all of the earth could fall in love with you, they’ll know just how blissful I have been made to be
  14. Seldom did your kind roam this earth and if ever seldom have someone like myself loved someone like you and for that sake, I’ll forever love you
  15. All of the condiments and food that ever touched the stomach cannot be compared to you in delectation and happiness you give
  16. Show me two lovers happiest when together and I’ll show to them us for no love is as ours
  17. You are to me heaven’s gift to a world of happiness
  18. Never understood the word cloud nine till I fell head first in love with you
  19. Oftentimes I sit alone to ponder the very day that led me to you and while I cannot be any happier, I’ll forever be glad I chanced upon you on  the singularly most important day of my life
  20. You to me are like the analogical rainbow in the rain, thanks my love
  21. Forever with you is heaven to my soul and nirvana to my spirit
  22. If true love ever truly roamed this earth then ours should be forever told because you and I are the greatest twain that ever loved
  23. Your face is like an imprint on my mind never to depart even till the sum of infinitely number of days
  24. I love you and that’s a fact as true as gravity is real
  25. Always thought Romeo and Juliet was a great love story till you came along in my life
  26. The best part of my day is waking up beside you every day
  27. You are the best thing I ever will cherish having
  28. My love for if asked to be represented in depth, has no depth enough to be counted because it transcends reason and time
  29. You are everything good happening to me now and forth that cause, I’ll never tire of loving you
  30. When I say I love you, I say that despite my despair of love because you came and showed me truest of love is successful
  31. Relationships are the most significant factor in any man’s lifesaver and you, my love are at the apex of it
  32. It takes a long time to dream and hope and learn of love but a split second to fall in love
  33. Everyday with you is like the having to relive Saturdays on a daily
  34. If Love is a crime then I’m willing to meet the gavel
  35. In this world, we are all in a separate world of discovery of love and you, the day I found you, I found my greatest discovery
  36. I may have written a thousand lines, said a million words and acted a thousand instance, but the day I found your, words, lines and acts betrayed me because you were too perfect to describe by them
  37. You make it easier when life gets hard
  38. You make me want to just wend back in time for you to have known you earlier so I’ll know how it’s is to never have to sad again
  39. Your smile has more hue than a thousand rainbow could ever give
  40. Ten years down and in still in love with you as the first day I see this two eyes on you
  41. If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I’d be walking on a garden right now.
  42. True lovers when found is known when you finally prefer your reality than your dreams
  43. I know you don’t know how much these beats in my heart depend on you but I Love you and so long as you know that I couldn’t be happier
  44. Every day with you starts and ends with ecstasy makes me doubt my reality sometimes if all this is even real
  45. Although I would have not known, but if you were not made, I wouldn’t want to see this earth too
  46. On a scale of ten, you in my heart are ten times over
  47. You surround me with joy more than you give yourself credit for and forever by God, I’ll live to do just the same
  48. I once thought my life would be better off without another, fast forward into the future now there’s no more stupid thing I’ve ever said before
  49. My heart is yours, as my body and my soul, I’m love with you
  50. I love that I Love you as much as I love you because your love overrides every hate in this hateful world there is


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