Here are some questions to ask a girl to get to know her, they are short that they can be used over text.

Questions to ask a girl cannot come prepared in ways more important than they can come now this list has all it takes to give you the impetus to a very nice and free flowing conversation with that lady.


questions to ask a girl to get to know her

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Here are fun questions, imperative question and at last germane questions both trifling in tone and solemn also to enable you to make do with all the sublime ideas you don’t just know how to come out with in words as you have your work cut out for you especially when you avail this magical list.

So, here they are, use them as it befits the purpose for which they are written and come back for more as it is sure to have that effect.

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60 Questions To Ask A Girl To Get To Know Her Over Text

  1. Most crazy thing you ever did when you were drunk

  2. What made you your most frustrated ever

  3. What makes you lose interest about the norm

  4. State your best predilection
  5. Have you been lusted over your friend’s boyfriend before
  6. Have you ever been blinded by love to a playboy before
  7. What makes you feel most insecure
  8. Have you ever thought your worst is yet to come
  9. What’s the worst you ever faced during your menstrual ish
  10. Have you ever thought of what you’d look like if you were a guy
  11. When did you first contemplate losing your virginity
  12. Have you ever been drunk before
  13. What’s the most disappointing you faced from your childhood days
  14. Has there ever been a time you wished you were a boy
  15. Have you ever used your sexual status as an opportunity to get what you wanted
  16. At what age did you first consider being a mother in your thoughts
  17. How many times do you have about how much you changed from the dreams you had set from childhood
  18. Have you ever turned your back on religion before
  19. Do you believe in fun
  20. What is your greatest turn off
  21. What makes you you
  22. Name one person who would fit as a villain in your list anytime any day
  23. Would you be able to cope sexually if the opposite sex was wiped off the face of the earth
  24. Have you ever been caught masturbating before
  25. Do you think think there could be any truth in judging the ideals of a doctrine from its practices
  26. How do you think being a mother will change you
  27. Do you think you can sacrifice your flawless figure for as child
  28. What do you think about public feeding of babies by women
  29. Do you think house-wifery is a curse or blessing
  30. What do you think of a female president
  31. How would you feel if you were discriminated solely because you were a lady erg in job seeking
  32. Would you ever consider marrying a transgender?
  33. What’s your take on homosexuality
  34. Do you think everyone wields a facade
  35. What’s the greatest mortification you ever faced
  36. When do you plan on marrying (if ever)
  37. Do you believe in the apocalypse
  38. How well do you believe science to religion
  39. What do you think about Freemasonry
  40. Do you think life has all the answers to the questions people face
  41. How well can you justify yourself if the end of the world comes today
  42. Do you think life has all the answers to the questions you have to ask
  43. What is the most brutal event you ever witnessed
  44. Have you ever needed a surgery before
  45. What makes you a good sibling than your male sibling
  46. Do you think females are truly more empathizing
  47. How well have you understood life from other people’s perspective often
  48. What pushes you towards achieving your dream
  49. Mention those who would make the list of celebrity enemy of five by virtue of your dislike for them
  50. How would you cope if you have to cut out social media for three years
  51. What do you desire the most
  52. Can a one sided love amount to something good in the nearest future
  53. Have you ever kissed on a dare before
  54. Do you think you deserve more from life than you get
  55. How often do you lie?
  56. Would you turn your cheeks if you were slapped on the other
  57. What are your thoughts on modern Fashion
  58. Ever found yourself in a hostage situation
  59. Ever had the wrong notion about a person only to figure out you were wrong all the time
  60. What’s the most interesting dream job that never made it to life
  61. Your most perfect quote ever
  62. Your best evergreen song
  63. When’s the most misunderstood you have ever been

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I hope you enjoyed the questions to ask a girl when trying to get to know her. You could also use these words to describe her if you like her 🙂


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