You just cant ignore these Amazing Quotes about love for Him & Her, They are the Best Quotes On Love That You’ll EVER Find.

It’s hard to find the perfect person but the truth is no one is perfect in the sense of it because we’ve all make mistakes and it’s especially what makes relationship tick.

When you find him or her, you’ll want to tell him how much you love him even with his or her imperfections, there could be no greater love professing better to beat these or in general you are looking for those quotes on love, popular or not to use for the most germane time.

Quotes About Love For Him - Best Quotes On Love

Here are assortment of quotes for everything and anything;

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Quotes About Love For Him – Best Quotes On Love

  1. The best part of loving someone is making that someone, the one
  2. There was and is a purpose to me and that’s you
  3. You hold me down more than anyone because you alone understand the workings of my heart
  4. You make me high even when I feel low
  5. Whoever thought I was never going to get best of both worlds of beauty and brains cannot be any wrong because you made false that thought
  6. I wake to see the Sun east of my bed, regal in splendour and sublime in beauty, I wake to see you right beside then how possible can my day seem any dark
  7. Some things are just impossible and that’s seeing you and not smiling
  8. I may have wronged all of my life time and in more numbers than I can sum but the day I met you I knew I had also done something right worthy of laud to be given this gift
  9. All hell breaks loose when your are to me far and heaven is not far away when you are near
  10. I love you so much more than even the poverty of language darns me to not be able to say exactly how
  11. Like scented candles your skin snacks of ecstasy when I get to lie next to you
  12. You are to me everything a man could ever pray for
  13. The thought of you alone has more promise than heaven ever told
  14. Love is the air neath your feet, the sway in the wind, the touch of Gold in your heart and if you get lucky enough, heaven on earth
  15. Not all men is worthy of love but all men should have love because Love is the only thing capable to change even the most hideous man at heart
  16. The true character of a lover is seen when he is starved of his lover
  17. Lovers are the ones who gets the greatest deal of life because they know that in life’s fleetingness, it’s the one thing that matters
  18. However fleeting this life may be, do this one thing. Love and be loved
  19. That falls head first and not heart is the wisest of lover Micah
  20. Show me a lover and I’ll tell you the happiest person on earth
  21. If you’ve learnt to love, learn also to trust, with trust comes the others
  22. You can only love completely if you have seen the obverse of a love halved
  23. I may not know all that pertains to life but that I have loved, I am halfway there Hacim
  24. Who says absence makes fonder the heart may not lie but it is true that “find a friend in a wife or end up finding a friend after a wife”
  25. Lovers makes the world go round
  26. You are a reminder that despite all of the hate in the world, Love is still the choicest
  27. Nothing compares to waking up beside the one you never wished to do away from before the end of the previous night
  28. If Love were to be palpable, it would be as though the perfectly blossoming flower
  29. The reason I love you as much as I do is not that I’ll not see someone your better, but it’s that I’ll not see someone again like you and that’s too me the best
  30. I guess it’s true what they say, at the touch of love, butterflies soars the air because I felt so when I fell for you
  31. Loving you is to me they best thing I’ve ever done
  32. Thanks to God that I’m me because if I were some one else and you loved this me this much, I would know the first thing about joy in my life again
  33. It cannot but suck to be anybody else if I am the wielder of your love
  34. You are everything good in this world to me, my soul’s joy and my heaven and the earth
  35. Few things beat the Saturday games, few things beats Friday night with the guys and even very few the weekend lazy Saturday but everyone of them have one constant which is YOU. YOU beat them all…Micah
  36. Even if the world would change and the globe would turn head first, You will never be forgotten by me
  37. You are the last thought I’d chose to part with if I had a choice to let go of everything in hold dear
  38. I had and have you that would be my happiest when I pass into oblivion and the grave alas calls for me
  39. Love is a cause I’m willing to die for so long as you are the reason
  40. If I was a memory by some demiurge created then I’d wish for a love interest and that’d be you
  41. Everything I had ever thought until you turned out not to because because you came into my life and gave me a new religion that is called LOVE
  42. One thought of you and idle reveries spread in my heart like wildfire…Micah
  43. A look into the future and I can finally see a happy one because you came along…Micah
  44. Though the night surges fast when I’m with you by day yet each second with you is an haven comparable to none
  45. I have seldom believed in anything intangible but when you came I believed I was fated to be by your side
  46. If ever there was a perfect story to be told, posterity will tell that there was a guy who loved a girl so much he’d lay down the heavens if it meant they’ll be together
  47. You to me are more than everything
  48. When a lover in heart writes from the heart even Shakespeare will be schooled
  49. The racism you said yes to me, it was the most beautiful sound I had ever heard from a voice
  50. The memories of is are in my mind like indelible tattoos, how can they be removed when you are there only right in my world of wrong
  51. I’m still in love with my past albeit dark because that brought the need for you, an angel tool shine her light…Micah
  52. Love of you in me holds me sway as drink to the drunken

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