We are living in the world of advancement where latest gadgets has played a great role in making our lives comfortable. Gadgets does not mean that you must be having advanced smartphones, tablets or other technological equipment.

You cannot overlook the importance of mathematics in this scientific world, so it means that use of calculator also becomes a compulsion to perform accurately in your working field; or even if you are a student. Basically, the first electronic calculator was first invented in the 1960s.

A Complete Comparison Of Scientific And Graphing Calculator

It was the time, when pocket-sized versions were first introduced and become popular among people in 1970s. The calculators were developed with the advent of microprocessor, however; in the mid of 1970s, calculators became smaller and the integrated circuit allowed for the mass production.

The main purpose behind electronic devices manufactured to perform different activities like arithmetic operations. No doubt, the use of calculator is quite common in the fields of finance and science. The latest calculators were developed to make the arithmetic functions turned into scientific and mathematical computations.

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This is the time when graphic calculators also get popularity in the market. It would not be wrong to say that electronic calculators have taken the place of basic calculators because of advanced functions. Well, coming towards the comparison that which one is perfect to prefer, let’s discuss it in the detail.

Scientific Calculators

Scientific Calculators

Scientific calculators are usually used to calculate different types of equations in the fields of engineering, mathematics and science. If we talk about in the detail, scientific calculators have a single line display in comparison to a basic calculator.

The scientific calculator and graphic calculator, both have the large screen, capability to store programs, ability to graph data and perform functions such as, scientific notation, exponential, arithmetic use, trigonometric and logarithms.

It is safe to say that these calculators have made our life much easier and fastest. Instead of wasting time in calculating things on the paper, you can easily conclude the result within few minutes by using scientific calculator. Rumors are that in the future, graphic calculators will not be allowed to students. However, scientific calculators will be considered as the top priority. Also check our article on finding antilog on scientific calculators.

Graphic Calculators

Scientific Calculator vs Graphing Calculator - A Complete Comparison

If we talk about the graphic calculators then they come with the high resolution screen. A graphic calculator has been manufactured in a way that they have the capacity to plot coordinates and perform graph functions. In universities and other educational institutes, teachers expect from student to use such type of calculators that can specify the kind of calculator needed to perform their advanced calculations.

However, it does not mean to use calculators all the time. A human being must prefer his/her mind first rather than rely on advanced machines. This is true the inventions of latest calculators have made our life easier and advanced, but still don’t forget that you have your intelligence as well.


Choice is yours, but make sure to purchase the one that helps you to get your mathematical and scientific activities done in a better way, but don’t forget your own intelligence too.


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