Have you asked yourself what should happen on a second date? Lets take a look at these 15 second date ideas.

As sure as your first date have gone right, I cannot but hope your second date is in the offing but leaving to hope to play almost all the part is rather unmanly and cowardly because there is nothing more intriguing than having to avail the chance created by the streamlining bliss of the first date than taking the initiative on the second date..

There are lots of things you have the discretion to choose from in embarking on a second date and though the first date must have involved restaurant, stroll, must have stemmed from a third person or a blind date, you can only seize the second date and pay better testament to your being quite the chivalrous guy or even seize the chance to up it a little bit to get to draw closer to that person you wish to court and it could be especially memorable if spent well, getting to know them and them getting to know you too.

Second Date Ideas (What Should Happen On A Second Date)

Now because there is not a specific way to doing the right thing when it comes to dating we have added myriad of ways you could chose from from the wildest to the coolest you could ever think to consider as there also are rather short date ideas as well as long ones, all you need do is rather combine if it does you well as backups too.

It rather is flawed if you need to let them know of the plans before they are privy to your acting it but it rather is a cool way and a very plausible thing if you think it won’t lose the essence.

15 Second Date Ideas – Things That Should Happen On A Second Date

1. Find a tourist centre with lots of vista

Most people take this as a spin off from the real date itself and you can actually make it a mainstay of your date especially when your clime has lots of panorama you can actually see with her because new places sparks emotions in what should be an already emotional night having to be with a would-be lover.

2. Go to an open mic night

Open mic nights tend to give the opportunity to people to dare themselves and especially because you can both have a memorable night with the many happenings with noises and the likes and believe me it would leave things to talk about after its all said and done.

3. Go Skating

Now believe me this would depend only the ambience between you two as it depends on that to say how exactly you guys are close that you can propose skating but if you have built a very nice first date, it will serve a very plausible option and a fun filled one.

4. Go to the movies

This to others may seem as a typical first date idea but in all essence there is no really first date idea as any idea depends on host of things especially on how it is played and the ambience exuded.

Try seeing a movie and with an exciting meal that promises to leave a very broad after tale from which you could both pick it up and act upon for further discussion.

5. Take Her Bowing

Now, this may not be the best of ways and could itself be dicey as taking someone to these events will depend on their likeness in the first place to them but it could be lovely nonetheless because going out on dates in the first place is not to test your acumen on certain things but freely enjoy the time.

6. Go touring on a place you enjoyed

You could take the chance at hoping she will enjoy it as you did when you first were privy to go touring in the said place and if you did, there is nothing rather auspicious amount of percentage that she would enjoy it too.

7. Make a difference bucket list of activities 

  • Do spontaneous things
  • Be less than predictable
  • Make her guess your next move

It may seem to forward but what you would have spent ages trying to guess would come clean in less than hours of time together as there things and you could just find that she is the right one you would have hoped for.

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8. Know her pastime and recreate it

This may seem rather desperate but if she’s not worth it then what could be especially because there are not much you would want to the length for but the truth is you could go outside yourself if you are too unsure on what to do to ingratiate with her so that way you could rest assured she will show interest in the fact that she appreciates your desperation or at least even if she’s not privy to the length you went through, it will not go unnoticed that even if you faked it, she will be happy you like the same as she does

9. Visit a local and historical store

Visit a store which is rich in history and culture and especially one you both think will contribute to your knowledge of local tales with some activities included to sweeten the night.

10. Sailboat dinner

Do a sailboat dinner with her one especially which both of you could relax in the peace and serenity the sea breeze will exude and believe me this will add to making both of your night one to remember as it is quite the kind of mood that is romantic enough to get anyone in the mood.

11. Try Comedy 

Nothing says a good time sometimes than going live to see a very nice comedic show with clean jokes which will ease the ambience between you two and believe me you’ll be seeing each other days after and still it will be just as though you can’t get enough of that night as it will be something you both shared.

12. Video Games Bar

Go to a very nice open bar where you could play some real nice arcade games that contains some pretty good moves where you both could add to your list of fun to add to the night.
It doesn’t necessarily have to be the most importantly but one of the things you’ll do that night.

13. Gamble

Not professional just something mild and relaxing that you could try to do, something that could add a bit of adrenaline rush but all the same is not so mind rushing.

14. Go on a Walk

Ambling slowly can help you both relax and create a very suffusing ambience especially in a very gleaming moonlit night that adds romantic aroma to the night. A good walk almost invariably works and this can help you with all you could hope to imbue in words or actions afterwards, just flow with the mood and let things fall in place.

15. Go Visiting New Countries

Now as it was first said, everything depends on how blimey the first date happened and this will also depend on just the amount of money you have but a nice country place will do because of the kind of serenity they are mostly known for or something urban yet quaint.


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